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Have you seen Sarah Watson's Arcadia fabric line for Cloud9 Fabrics? It is lovely. It makes me think of summer, the outdoors and little girls dresses. Although not officially a dress, I thought Arcadia would be a perfect match for our Pint-Size Pinafore pattern. This sweet apron can be worn over leggings and a t-shirt, or sewn up the back for a classic dress. IJ959-2T First I paired Arcadia's Flutterflies print in Coral with Michael Miller's Cotton Couture Sun solid. I love how it turned out! flutterfly   My favorite print from the line is Mushroom March in Coral, which I paired with Michael Miller's Cotton Couture in Shell. So cute! Did I mention the best part of this fabric line? It's organic! So no flutterflies or mushrooms were harmed in it's creation. mushroomWhat do you think, would you use Arcadia for clothing for girls, or would you rather use it for yourself? I can think of a few things I might like, but would love to hear your ideas as well!  

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