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Let’s talk ticking. Known for its sturdiness and signature stripes, this tightly woven textile is traditionally found in home furnishings. Ticking was once used as upholstery for straw mattresses and feather pillows because its durability and close weave prevented fragments from poking out. These days, you’ll find ticking on table and bed linens, curtains and slipcovers. With its classic look and stiff texture, ticking is also a top choice for totes and handbags, like our Crossover Carry-All (IJ890).  We used it as a lining in our recycled denim Ideal Duffle (IJ900), too. Watch our new purses video on our How-To page for a closer look. Good ticking doesn’t drape easily, so it’s a fine fit for stiff and heavy garments, such as our Placket Jacket (IJ782). Plus, it’s surprisingly soft and fun to wear. It's ticking time!

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