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Oh, the possibilities of yo-yos. Take a spin with these fabric discs on your next sewing project. Here's a wonderful way to salvage scraps from your favorite fabrics.

A yo-yo or two, topped with a vintage button, adds a pinch of playfulness to a cardigan or T-shirt, a pair of shoes, a headband or a handbag. You can also sew yo-yos end to end to create a quilt or scarf or adorn a decorative pillow.

Stitch and stuff a yo-yo to make adorable jewelry, like our Yo-Yo Blooms (IJ893), or string a stack of flat yo-yos together to form the body of a ragdoll.

Want more inspiration? Check out our book Yo-Yo Fashions for ideas, or peruse our yo-yo patterns, ranging from pincushions to plush puppies. Look under the tools tab on our site to find yo-yo makers in various sizes and shapes, including hearts and shamrocks. You'll be a yo-yo pro in no time!

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