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As I looked back on our Fabric Fridays recently I noticed that most of the fabrics that I've chosen are very, well, girly. I started to feel bad for ignoring all the crafty men out there, or all those sons and grandsons who want sewn gifts too. So when I ran across Peter Jorhus' new line Doglandia with Blend Fabrics, I knew I had to show it to you. Of course, this line isn't boys only, but I think I have a few nephews who would be all over it.

  This line has some really great small prints that would be perfect for little man button down tops, or comfy elastic waist pants. Or how about some PJ's made from our Jack and Jill Jammies pattern?


  Or if you know someone just learning their ABC's, wouldn't our A to Z quilt pattern look so fresh and fun in these fabrics?


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