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A new trend in quilting is creating a quilt with all or mostly solid fabrics. With all the gorgeous solid colors available these days it's hard not to want to highlight your favorites in a project. I mean, both Kona cotton solids and Bella cotton solids are available in over 250 different colors! That is just two brands of solids and doesn't even count shot cottons, linens or organics. A new crop of quilt designers are coming up with amazing ways to use these solids and combine them with small prints to create some thoroughly modern, bright and fun quilts. You may have noticed that on our website we have expanded (greatly!) our e-pattern download offerings. We have also started featuring guest designers who are creating great new e-patterns! Here are some of the new guest designer e-patterns that we are selling that use solid fabrics to create beautiful quilts. And of course, one of our new quilt patterns that uses solids, our Modern America quilt!

PIJ981-2T Modern America QuiltWe are delighted to be carrying quilt patterns from Zen Chic. I love their use of negative space and solids in their designs.EZC10-2T Zen Chic Open Your WindowEZC07-2T Shine ThroughEZC01-2T The 33We are also carrying quilt patterns from Thimble Blossoms. Their light, bright and cheery quilts would be gorgeous in all or mostly solids.

ETB03-2T SwoonETB01-2T Fireworks ETB04-2T Puddle JumpingWe can't forget this Chasing Rainbows quilt from Lilac Lane, it's perfect for solid fabrics!

ELL01-2T Chasing Rainbows quilt

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