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Indygo Junction HQM 9 For those of you unable to come to fall Quilt Market, we wanted to give you a little window on our week. Market was open Saturday, Sunday and Monday this year, but because we had a booth we flew down on Wednesday. Thursday morning we hopped out of bed and eagerly went to our booth, hoping (like kids on Christmas) to see our crates full of samples. And they were there! [caption id="attachment_4898" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Indygo Junction HQM 10 Hooray, the samples made it![/caption] All day Thursday we were busy unpacking and merchandising the booth. You would not believe the mess we made! However, by Thursday night we pretty much had the booth ready to roll. Friday was spent putting finishing touches on the booth and getting all fliers and handouts ready. [caption id="attachment_4920" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Our finished booth! Our finished booth![/caption]

 Check out our new pattern, the Patriotic Pillows!

Check out our new pattern, the Patriotic Pillows!
[caption id="attachment_4922" align="aligncenter" width="400"]This are showcased our garment patterns, many made in our Crossroads Denim This area showcased our garment patterns, many made in our Crossroads Denim[/caption] On Friday Amy taught two Schoolhouses. A Schoolhouse is a short "class" taught by fabric designers, book authors, gadget manufacturers or whoever else wants to teach store owners about their product. Amy first taught a class called Translate Trends to Sales, and another, Crossroads Denim: A Canvas for Creativity. [caption id="attachment_4896" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Amy teaching her schoolhouse Amy teaching her schoolhouse[/caption] On Saturday morning the show opened for retailers and we were off! It was three whirlwind days of meeting new folks, seeing old friends and sneaking out to look around at the other booths. We saw some amazing new fabric and pattern lines as well as a slew of fun notions and gadgets that we all wanted to try. Indygo Junction HQM1 Here is the team sporting our Indygo Junction ensembles! Cheryl is wearing the Audrey's Afternoon Dress in our SoHo Bandana fabric, Amy is wearing the Cutting Edge Jacket in black Crossroads  Denim, Donna, Amy's mom, looks adorable in the Urban Tunic made from flannel and Betsy is wearing the Over The Top Tunic in Downtown Teal Crossroads Denim. After the show closed Monday night we tore down the booth (which takes no time, compared to putting it together) and fell into bed. Then it was time to go home and start getting ready for 2014!

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The Arbitrage Secret System on

Great delivery. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the great effort.

Indygo Junction Staff on

You are in luck!! Prairie Point in Shawnee is carrying the denim in red & navy for sure! Perhaps if you stop by for a visit you could persuade her to carry more colors!! :-) Tell them IJ sent you!

Glenda on

Terrific booth. I enjoy seeing all the samples. Hopefully a retailer in KC will begin carrying the new fabrics very soon!!!

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