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This contest is closed. Congratulations to Karen C. the lucky winner! The Gathered Back Top & Tunic pattern is the first of our new pattern collection to be released and we are so excited about it! This pattern was our most popular pattern at market. 9350W It's easy to see why this top has been so popular, it is incredibly flattering and super simple to make. This is also the first garment pattern of ours that goes up to size 3X! 9611W The secret to it's flattering shape is the gathered back. This design element is created with a unique technique that manipulates the two back pattern pieces. Top stitching along the gathered edge keeps the back neat and professional looking. 9535W We have made the top in a number of fabrics. The teal version shown at the top of the post was created in a cotton batik. The yellow version above is a rayon. You can see how the rayon gives the top a much looser drape. The cotton creates a more structured look. 9574W This is such a great top to use with different garment fabric substrates. Aside from the rayon, we also worked with double gauze, knit, and cotton lawn (shown below). This style could also be dressed up by using a silk or linen fabric. Gathered Back Blouse The pattern offers the top in two lengths, a blouse length and a mid-thigh tunic length, which you can see above. Either design offers multiple styling options. How do you style your gathered back? Send us a picture or post on Instagram with hashtags #howdoyoustyle and #IndygoJunction.

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Jeanette Slaymaker on

For the Gathered Back Tunic I would use batik rayon.

Marjory W on

Right now I am on a cotton seersucker kick, but I also love Joanna Figueroa’s fabrics for Moda Fig Tree.

Judy on

I LOVE THE RAYON!!! Not only is the pattern beautiful but I really like the way it flows. It presents a more youthful and contemporary look!!!

Jean Johnson on

I love cotton.

Norma Fowler on

I’m a big fan of rayon – and I love the version you show in rayon. (And even better – it’s in yellow!)

Kari on

i love good soft breathable cotton…

Suzanne D on

I love a rayon cotton combo for a fashion fabric. It would be perfect for this top!

Laura Genovario on

My favorite fashion fabric is cotton.

Laura Barnes on

I love sewing with Rayon and Rayon/Linen blends.

Shannon Minica on

Favorite fashion fabric is Batik.

Shelly Sandy on

Super cute new pattern! I am 5’8", so I really appreciate the inclusion of the longer length.

debbie katz on

I think I’d make it in a cotton lawn or batik!

Jeannie on

I would make this top in a rayon batik I’ve had my eyes on for a bit — I just never saw a pattern I really liked until this one!

Julie Rush on

I like cotton/polyester best because it breathes and wears Well.

Alison on

This top is totally MY style! I love the opportunity for embellishments! I WILL be making this out of voile and lawn even though I love a great high quality quilting cotton!

Nancy S. Brandt on

This is a beautiful pattern. I love cotton, especially some of the lovely high quality quilting cottons.

Cindy Burris on

I like sewing garments with wool knits.

Candace Blanton on

There was one thing above I tried to do an entry on, but I could not get the cursor to click.
Additionally, this pattern is cool as is the denim jacket one.

mandy on

I love Cotton and Linen

Patricia J.Conner on

The top is an exceptional design that is very flattering to all figure types. The gathering at the back also offers a chance for further design of a decorative tab being added. I like the choice of fabrics with the batik being my favorite.

Leslie R. on

Such a cute pattern!

Leigh K. on

I am into rayon batiks right now.

Diane Wespiser on

I love the top in rayon. The drape and flow are very flattering for all women. Thanks for the chance to win.

Arlene on

Love the pattern, it would look great in a orange batik for summer, thigh length to wear with capris.

penny on

Love this tunic. Would like to make the longer version. I would make it in linen.

Carla Ball on

For a soft top such as this one, I would use a soft fabric such as linen or a silky type of fabric.

Ellen M. Ingram on

I like the shape, I have more of me behind than in front (after a bilateral mastectomy) and this pattern would be very flattering for my figure.

I would make it in a permanent press light cotton.

Claudia Horner on

I’d love to make this pretty gathered back top in a Liberty of London print — yum!

Nancy Madrick on

Cotton continues to be my all time favorite

Cheri Hage on

For the Summer, I’m loving fresh and fun batiks ! There are patterns and shades for all styles :)

LadyD on

I love the soft feel of rayon, in the winter. In the summer can’t stand the heat, so must resort to cotton-based fabrics, which can be a blend but must contain a minimum 60% cotton for comfort.

Mary Ellen White on

My favorite fabrics are the Casa Collection from Joann’s Crafts and Fabrics. I also llike Cranston Print Works fabrics for my quilt projects.

Jane on

My favorite fabric for top is cotton knit. So easy to sew and fit.

Mary Wippold on

Cotton is my all time favorite fabric. For fashion sewing I have lately been using knits. I can see using a lot of different fabrics for this top-a cotton print for casual wear, a batik for something dressier.

Donna D. on

Favorite fabric is cotton. Love to sew o it, it is useful for so many things and has so much variety

Donna D. on

Love this pattern!!! Can’t wait to make it for myself!!

Linda Nelson on

I just discovered double gauze and I love it!

LynnMarie on

For this pattern I like rayon the best. I like it with the drape. I would have to say that my favorite fashion fabric depends on the pattern and what I am making.

Jill Satterwhite on

Love the cottons. Bright colors. Paisley, batticks, mock mosaics that’s for me!

Ginger on

My favorite fabric is a heavy weight cotton knit or a twill.

Kristen on

I love this pattern! My favorite fashion fabric is cotton sateen. It has a nice weight, is easy to work with and holds a nice shape.

BM Roland on

My favorite material; to sew with is Cotton.

Joni Weed on

This looks like a pattern that would be great on various body types (mine is large and heavy). Super!

Tonya Yarbrough on

I love this top! I make quilts and normally don’t sew clothing, but I think this top is wonderful and would look good on me.


if you are the designer/maker of these patterns would it take that much effort to produce the pattern up to a 4X or a 5X to accommodate everyone? There ARE some of us out there who sew our own clothes but do not fit the standard mold.

Diana Burris on

This type blouse flows better in the cottn blend fabric. The 100%cotton gives it a stiff appearances but as time and wear goes by, it too will lay better. I am full figure so I use cotton blend to flow easy the first time.

Kathleen Forgione on

I love to work with all the cotton fabrics. I make aprons to sell and I have purchased some of your great apron patterns.

Keep up the good work.


Laura Major on

My fabric faves are cottons….since I’m a newbie, 20 years now, lol and really can only sew straight lines…I don’t have a brand favorite I just love any fabric with lots of colors and neat designs!!

Karen L Walker on

Lightweight linen is my favorite fabric to sew and to wear.

Brenda Thomas on

I have some of your patterns and like them . would like to have this one

Cathryn H on

My favorite fabric is cotton – it breathes in the summer months when it’s hot.

Linda on

Cotton and steel makes great clothing.

Teresa Scragg on

This is the first shirt/top pattern I have seen & liked in years! I have been looking at tartan plaid ideas for the holidays this year and would love to try this pattern in a plaid.

Debra Bopp on

I would use a lightweight cotton.

Nancy on

I love rayon.

Mary Mowery on

I like 50/50 blends for comfort tops. The travel well.

Vivian Lazich on

I think this top would look great in anything!… But, gotta love a beautiful rayon batik. Cant’ wait to make it!

Jenny Brooks on

There are so many fabrics I love I don’t think I can pick one!

Jenny in Florida

stephanie dyke on

I recently began sewing with double gauze – LOVE it! :)

Alice on

any fabric with lots of color, like Amy Butler

Cheryl M on

Love the pattern! I think I might try the cotton lawn fabric.

K Witt on

Lotta Jansdotter’s fabric…especially the Follie collection

K Witt on

I especially like Lotta Jansdotter’s fabric…especially the Follie collection.

Linda Horton on

Since I live in central Florida, anything light weight and easy wear works best.

Lee Ann Bailey on

During the summer, my favorite fashion fabric is pique—light, soft, comfy!

Donna Moore on

My favorite fashion fabric is one that does not cling to my body to show my lumps and bumps.

Janine R on

My favorite fabric is linen. I can see this top in a nice, well washed natural colored linen.

Janis on

I love cotton lawn.

jane d on

I prefer sewing with cottons or cotton blends.

Deborah Adams on


Audrey on

I love rayon for drape, patterns, colors, and ease of care.

Renee Melius on

Stretchy cottons

Anita Olson on

When I tell people I live in MN, they automatically think “COLD”! But Minnesota has a wide range of temperatures, as well as some uncomfortable humidity in the summer. In order to be as comfy as possible, I try to buy 100% cotton. The weather might not cooperate, but I am always as comfortable as possible.
LOVE this top, great design!!

Wendi Unrein on

That’s too hard! My newest venture is vintage tablecloths which I would love to use to make this top!! I prefer a good strong 100% cotton

Mary Santora on

Love cottons and flannels

Karen Hogue on

My favorite fashion fabric is linen.

Karen Hogue on

I’ve already bought this pattern, it was the pattern type I’ve been searching for all year and I can’t wait to sew it up!

Arlene Coleman on

Wow! A top with fullness in the back. I’ve been looking for something like this. A little fullness in the back may help cover an ample derrière!

Chris Ziegler on

I entered the contest but somehow could not put in my favorite fabric. Hope I can still be entered. Would love to win this! Nice light soft cotten blend for me. Great top for any age and size!

Vicki Gianniny on

I love all three fabrics featured for the gathered back tunic pattern, but if I were to choose the one fabric for me, I would go with the yellow rayon. It has a beautiful drape to it and shows off the lines and details of this pattern very nicely!

Toni on

I like cotton.

Debbie Miller on

Beautiful top for the summer and beyond! I have some wonderful “stash” fabrics for this!

Shelly Reiten on

This top would be fabulous in Rose Garden Glam by Melissa Ybarra, pattern No. 35503!!!
The pattern seems to be out of stock when I tried to purchase it. Will it be available again?
I love this pattern!!!!

Sivje Parish on

I love this look! I want to make several of these tips and I have just the fabric to do it!! Thank him for the chance!

Judith Clauss on

I was recently given a lot of vintage fabrics and there are a number of lovely cotton Seersuckers in the group. So at the moment I am loving cotton Seersucker. But I also love cottons, rayons, microfibers. It really depends on the project.

Tracy Fitzwater on

Great top – cotton or rayon would be my choices.

Monika Goebel on

My favorite fashion fabric is rayon.

Deena Shepard on

I love cotton knits!

Deena Shepard on

I love cotton knits.

Linda WICKETT on

I would love this in batik!

Lynn on

I love cotton batiks for sewing clothing and quilting!

Lori M. on

My favorite fashion fabric? Hmmm. that would be anything that is comfy…cute…and not clingy….Love that this pattern goes to 3xl..Thank you for making this top so us “fluffy ladies” have something to make besides a phesant top…..

Cathy McClellan on

I love LOTS of fabrics, but as I am currently living on a Caribbean island and will be for at least another year, I am in love with good basic cotton for everyday tops, capris, dresses…. and would love to win this pattern!

geni barnes on

My favorite fabric has to be a natural fiber. My favorite is cotton. This top would be so cute in a variety of season spanning fabrics. It looks easy to wear as well as very comfortable!

Cynthia Allen on

My!favorite fashion fabric is a lightweight linen. I live in Arizona, and it’s really more comfortable than cotton in the summer!!

Teresa on

In the summer it’s rayon for its draping quality and coolness

Charlotte Spiss on

Lihtweight linen.

Ina on

My favourite fashion fabric for this top is linen.

Lynn L on

I have to pick one!? ;) Rayon for it’s drape would win with me I think – both woven and knit.

Lynn on

I love the cotton batiks.

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