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We just came back from a fun weekend in Hamilton, Missouri at the Missouri Star Birthday Bash! Look what I brought home from the farmer's wagon at the corner of town! Keep reading to learn more about our giveaway!

giveaway pumpkin pattern

This pumpkin was quite a dandy! I had fun styling with our fabric pumpkins from our Pumpkin Trio Pattern on my kitchen table! It's even got my daughter asking me to make my annual batch of pumpkin bars.

pumpkins on kitchen table

Fabric pumpkin stems can be made from a rugged branch or actual dried pumpkin stems, like one from last year. If you don't have the right piece on hand, make one from brown fabric! Our pattern includes the instructions for a fabric stem (see flannel and orange pumpkins) as well as a vine and leaf pattern.

pumpkins on kitchen table

Psst... also check out our I Love My Mummy Doll & Pillow set. He loves hanging out in a patch of pumpkins.

Keep in mind the 3 sizes are included in the pattern so a stacked set is possible and there are 2 options for seaming—a more dimensional exterior seam as well as a traditional seam option (see cream pumpkin seams above).

Approximate size of pumpkins are large (10.5” D), medium (8.5” D) or small (6.5” D). We suggest using a heavier fabric such as wool, denim, canvas or flannel for your pumpkins. Pictured above: Cotton Flannels by Marcus Brothers.


Guess the pumpkin poundage for a chance to win the Pumpkin Trio Pattern and a bundle of our fall favorites! Comment below before October 15th for your entry.


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Marguerite Namdar on

I’m guessing 52.3 pounds

Iris Johnson on

52 lbs.

clare on

35.5 lbs

Clare on

28 lbs.

Kathy on

My guess is 22.2 pounds.

Cynthia Shong on

I am going to guess 52 lbs

Martha on

38 pounds

Judy on

My best guestimate is 22.75 #

Kathy on

I love your stuff! 23.75 lbs

Judy on

Makes me want those pumpkin bars! 33.3 lbs

Kay on

47.2 pounds would be my guess

Carole Buerman on

43.05 lbs

Connie Rowe on

My guess is 21 lbs 2 oz, just a beautiful pumpkin. Thanks for the opportunity.

Donna E. Wynn on

I love your video tutorials!
I think the pumpkin weighs 82 lbs.

Paula Butler on

Going to say 10 lb 14 oz (today’s date!). Love the patterns.

Ellen Marie on

My guess is 27 pounds.

Joan Carolyn Gilliland on

My guess is 35 lbs.

Stephanie L. on

28 lbs! Thanks for the giveaway!

Judith Tanner on

Sure is a beauty of a pumpkin, I’ll guess it’s weight at 45&1/2 pounds.

Sandy Hebert on

I am going to have to say 27 pounds 9 ounces. Tthose sure are cute pumpkins, love them.

Jane Lorentzen on

I love Indygo Junction patterns! How about 40.2 pounds?

Sheila Buchanan on

I say this beautiful pumpkin weighs in at 42.6 pounds!

Jackie on


Denise amburn on


Ann Galletta on

13.75 lbs

Ann Galletta on

13.75 lbs

barbara on

47.7 pounds.

Love the sewn pumpkins!

Melanie Jackson on

I’ll say 38.6 lbs.

alice minx on

I’m going with 38.6

Jeanne muckey on

28 lbs., 8 oz.

Joyce Golemon on

14.60 lbs

Linda Gagliano on


Marcie Higgins on

53 lbs

June-Marie on

Very cute pumpkins. I’m guessing 29#

Ellen on

22.25 pounds

Lydia Henning on


sam on


Ms Sam Nicholson on

I would have to say 13.8 pounds.

Jodie Hanzelka on

I am hoping it weighs 32.2 lbs

K. Rand on

17.25 lbs

Terrie on

I’m guessing 37 pounds

Julie B on

My guess is 10 lbs. 31 ounces.

Dona Lewis on

My guess is 18.2 lbs.

LaRue on

52 lbs.

Joy Richard on

25#, 9 ounces

Joan Kubes on


MB on

Let’s guess 22.34 lbs. ?
Varies with the variety of pumpkin, believe it or not.

Trish on

12# 12oz

Cheryl L. on

I’m guessing 26 pounds.

gloria on

I’d guess 14.8, love those pumpkins.

Judy G on

My guess 18.5 lbs

Barbara Delarwelle on

I’m terrible at guessing weights but I’ll say 42.5 pounds. Have a wonderful day!

Linda Zufelt on

I’m going for 31.2 pounds

Stephanie Gallagher on

39lbs. 4oz.?

Stephanie Gallagher on

39lbs. 4oz.?

Janet Yamamoto on

I think I’m going to have to make some of those cute little pumpkins. I guess the weight of Amy’s pumpkin to be 25.2 lbs.

Amy on

I think it is 16 pounds.

Annie Dee on

I’ll guess 33 lbs

Theresa on

I think this yummy looking pumpkin weighs…..57.7pounds. Would love to make me some home made pumpkin pies. So yummmmmm.
Makes me hungry for Thanksgiving dinner.

Mary Anne Drury on

25 pounds :)

Lynn on

18.6 pounds.

Sally on

27 pounds

Kimberly R on

My guess is 45 pounds. ?

Tricia k on

27.3 lbs

Barbara Field on

I think this sweet pumpkin weighs 30.3 pounds.

Barbara on

17 pounds 7 ounces

Denise Burns-North Carolina on

25.8 lbs

Daniela M. on

17.8 lbs

Laura R on

I will guess 32 pounds and 4 ounces!

Jim J on

31.3 pounds!!

Patricia Sanchez on

I guess 34 pounds!! Good luck to all!!

Joyce Anglin Miller on

I’m guessing 31.2 pounds.

Connie Bursaw on

27.8 pounds

Verna on

Wild guess—15.5 pounds!

connie gereffi on

68.6 pounds !


I’m think’n 32.2 oz.

Mary Sheire on

My guess is 25 lbs

Mary Kastner on

40 lbs

Mary R. on

My guess is 48 pounds since my daughter will be 48 on October 31st. Thank you for the giveaway.

Janette Walker on

11 pounds 2 ounces

Annette F. on

I’m thinking 12 pounds, 11 oz.

Susan Lapierre-Jones on

My guess is 31.2 lbs.

Julie DeBower on

My guess is 23.5 lbs!

Elizabeth laboda on

42.8 lbs. my favorite season to sew is fall.

Carolyn R on

15 beautiful pounds

Paul Erickson on

I am guessing that big one weighs 33 pounds!

Betsy Albertson on

Guessing 19 1/2 pounds.

Rise Briggs on

26 pounds, 7 ounces

Kathleen Williams on

Since I will be 61 on October 12, I will guess 61 pounds

Ellis Williams on

75 pounds

Kathleen Williams on

Since I will be 61 on October 12, I will say 61 pounds

Ellen T on

34.5 lbs….can’t wait to see how much it really weighs!!!!

Delia on

I think it is 36 pounds. About the same weight as my toddler.

Barb Blincow on

Pretty pumpkins, I’ll say 22.5 pounds

Claudia on

9 lbs. 14 ounces

Kathy Gorman on

My guess is 37 lbs. 7 oz. !

Debbie M on

27.4 pounds

Pam Reim on

I would guesstimate 36 lbs

Teri Stich on

18.45 is my guess at the pumpkins weight but we all win in any case as these patterns are adorable!

May-Lynn on

27lbs and a lot of pies

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