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I ran across this great tutorial for sewing sleeves, which I want to share with you. Check it out over on The Sewing Directory. The tutorial is an excerpt from Merchant and Mills' new book Elementary Sewing Skills.


We work a lot with raglan sleeves - as you can see in our Retro Raglan Jacket.


A shirt sleeve hangs off the shoulder. We used this style sleeve in our Chinois Coat.


A set-in sleeve is the classic style that sits on the top of your shoulder. We used this style in our Bell Sleeve Blouse.


What is your favorite style of sleeve to use? I find the raglan style to be the easiest to sew. I remember the first time I put in a sleeve. I worked very slowly and carefully on the first side and it went in without a hitch. Or so I thought. I had a lot of trouble with the second sleeve for some reason but finally got it in. When I looked at the garment with both sleeves in I expected to see the second sleeve looking a little wonky - however it looked great! The first sleeve however, was on completely upside down. Sigh.

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