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How many projects have you made with laminate fabric? 1, 10, or none? Some people love sewing with it, creating gorgeous shiny, waterproof projects, while others shy away knowing it's "tricky" reputation. If you fall into that category, here is a great tutorial on sewing with laminate. See some of our favorite laminate projects after the jump! how-to-sew-with-laminated-fabric We have used laminate in all sorts of projects, but some of my favorite applications are for garments. Have a cute coat pattern? Make it a raincoat simply by using laminate. How easy is that? We did just that below with our Midtown Trench. IJ866-5T Our Partly Cloudy Poncho is meant to be made out of laminate - and makes a cute coverup from rain! IJ870-7T IJ870-4T Bags can also be made out of laminate - this is a great way to create a bag that can be easily cleaned and will stand up to a lot of wear. Below you can see our Trapezoid Tote made out of some Tula Pink laminate fabric. PIJ965-9T Laminate is great for kitchen products as well. We used it in our Quilted Cook and Carry pattern to make an easily washable casserole carrier. PIJ993-21T  

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anita on

lovley coats! Can you sew a raincoat for me?

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