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sewing-basket003 Sewing is an ongoing learning experience. There is always a new tip and trick to make each project a little easier, and your work a little better. The internet is amazing because the sewing community can easily get together to share and learn. Recently, online sewing classes have really taken off on sites such as Craftsy and Creativebug. These two sites are teaming up with designers to bring their knowledge right into your own living room. Although most of the classes have a fee, there are some great free sewing resources on both of these sites. For instance, on Craftsy, Bernina and Sunni Standing have brought you a free lesson on Mastering Zipper Techniques, which teaches about the basic types of zippers and their uses, different feet, and lots of tricks for application and stabilization of zippers. Another really helpful Craftsy class is Steffani Lincecum's Sewing Machine Feet from A t0 Z, which tells you about 11 of the most common sewing feet and how they can help you. Creativebug is another great site offering some free classes. Quilting guru Liza Lucy teaches you how to Find Warp, Weft and Bias in your fabrics, and how to cut basic quilting squares. Liesl Gibson has some great classes for the new sewer, including Sewing Maching Basics, and Pressing and Finishing Seams. We here at Indygo Junction have some great sewing instruction tools for you as well! Check out our page of How-to pdf's and videos here. We have everything from making bias binding, to creating a zipper flower and installing grommets. Do you have any resources you'd like to share? We would love to hear them!  

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