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Perk up your presents with extra charm... literally! When you adorn a package with a sweet and stylish addition, like a handmade ornament or piece of jewelry, your generous gesture becomes even more personal and enticing. A thoughtfully darling detail adds instant wow factor to your wrapping, making your gift the standout of handouts. Take inspiration from our ideas below. We're jealous of your friends already. Swap your bows for brooches. A beautiful bloom from our My Garden Zips (IJ894) collection serves as a stellar stand-in for a store bought bow. Tie a lovely ornament to the ribbon for a simple yet oh-so-special upgrade. Our Hearth & Home Holidays (IJ914) wool ornaments fit a folksier style, while My Christmas Zips (IJ915) - featured on the gifts above - suit a more modern taste. For a wee recipient, a petite plush pal from our Miniature Menagerie (IJ902) set makes one showstopper topper. These sweet creatures are delightful decorations on a plain package. Ditch the paper gift bag for a handmade tote, such as the festive St. Nick sack from our Holiday Purseonalities (IJ743) collection, and hide a gift inside. Double your treasures!

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