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It's the New Year and everyone is talking about cleaning and reorganizing their sewing rooms. But what about your machine? Don't forget about the him (or her, my machine is named Edith, after costume designer Edith Head). Keeping your machine cleaned and oiled will ensure that it will keep working hard for you. Our friend Heather at The Sewing Loft, shares a great tutorial on how to clean those machines.


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Indygo Junction Staff on

Hi Carole,
We are so glad you enjoy reading our blog! Thanks for mentioning that you use a cotton swab for cleaning. That is perfect, it’s the right size and everything. I’m sure our other readers will appreciate that tip.

carole on

Enjoyed the little lesson on cleaning your sewing machine.The one ‘tool’ I use is a cotton swab.. works like a little dustmop. One thing she said where we differ ‘never oil your machine’. I do oil my machines (wiping off excess oil). I think they run more smoothly. .. just my opinion. I enjoy reading Indigo Junction . Carole

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