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Happy New Year! Today marks our annual tradition of committing to goals of self improvement, whether it's shrinking your bottom or your bottom line. Every January 1, we have the chance to claim the coming year as a year of change for the better. One key to sticking with a resolution is having the proper tools and support. Looking for ideas and inspiration? At Indygo Junction, we have a number of items that can help you on your journey to success. Here's to new beginnings! Resolution: Lose weight. Can the crash diet and commit to a liveable plan of balanced nutrition and exercise. Sure, it's tough -- but it's the tried-and-true method for dropping pounds for good. Pack a gym bag, like our Ideal Duffle (IJ900), with your workout gear the night before and leave it by the door. You'll be kissing your excuses -- and love handles -- goodbye! Another strategy is using a food journal. Tracking each forkful will keep you accountable -- and keep extra weight at bay. Fashion a Composition Cover (IJ882) for your nosh notebook. If it's personal and special, you'll be more inclined to use it. Resolution: Save money. Little lifestyle changes here and there can add up to big savings. For starters, bring your lunch to work instead of shelling out for an overpriced meal each day. Tote your snacks in reusable sleeves and bags, like our Lunch Bunch (IJ897), to save money on disposable containers. You can also save on clothing if you embellish what you have rather than splurging on new outfits. A needle-felted or embroidered detail adds high fashion to a basic garment. Scan our books and patterns for instant upgrades to closet staples. Another solution: Toss out your credit cards in favor of cash only. You'll be more mindful of your purchases whenever you whip out your wallet. And speaking of wallets, our stylish Grommet Wallet (IJ880) will keep your bills crisp and organized. Resolution: Recycle. Preserve the planet by reusing castoffs for your craft projects. A throwaway pair of jeans or a stack of forgotten menswear can be transformed into a chic handbag, such as our Cinched Patchwork Satchel (IJ909) or Patchwork Purse (IJ798), while neckties can be refashioned into adorable accessories like our Turn-A-Tie Flowers (IJ879) or the Tie Pocket Pouch (IJ881). Find more recycling books and patterns on our site. Resolution: Read more. The Digital Age has made cracking a book more convenient with e-readers. Swathe your lit in style with a sleek sleeve, like our Tech Pocket and Portfolio (IJ904), to protect your device on the go. You can also start a book club with a small group of friends to enhance your habit. Check out our book club guide to Vintage Notions for discussion questions and activities for your gathering. Remember this inspiring passage from Mary Brooks Picken, an entrepreneur and pioneer of sewing and fashion, featured in Vintage Notions: "So let's make a new start, filled with joy and anticipation of the year ahead, determined to face those stepping stones and stumbling blocks that come our way, and to try to do our best."

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