It's time to enter the Kitchen Pattern & Fabric Giveaway! One lucky winner will receive 28 apron and kitchen accessory patterns, 1 yard each of 4 different Riley Blake ginghams, along with coordinating Crossroads Denim! Here are a few of the fun "kitchen couture" patterns you can win...

kitchenset ging2


Aprons are some of the most fun projects to make - either for yourself or as a gift. Kitchen Shirt Tales is a classic apron style made out of a recycled man's shirt - so cute! This pattern offers both adult and child's sizes.


The Easy-On Apron is simple pinafore shape that can be worn in the kitchen, garden, or even as a topper with leggings or jeans. A similar apron style is available in children's sizes in the Pint-size Pinafore.


The Dressed Alike Apron gets everyone cooking: mom, daughter and doll. There is fun to be had in the kitchen when the family gets together.


Casserole Carriers

Parties, potlucks and picnics all mean one thing: transporting food. To protect your pies and cradle your casseroles, we designed the Casserole Carry-All to use for rectangular or square dishes. No need to worry about bringing spoons -  you use them as the handles! The Potluck Party Set keeps your round dishes and bowls secure. Create the carrier in a  simple solid version, or jazz it up with a pieced style. This pattern also includes a roll-up serving ware carrier.


The Quilted Cook and Carry fits any dish. The version below shown is made in our Cactus Flower Pink Crossroads Denim fabric - perfect for a spring picnic. This carrier is easy as 1, 2, 3 to make and carry!


Hot Holders

Micro-Safe Hot Holders are definitely a kitchen staple. Don't burn your hands getting your dishes out of the microwave - keep them safe with hot holders. Pretty pot holders are a must for any well stocked kitchen. The Quilted Kitchen offers a round, square, long rectangle and pot handle saver.


These are just a few of the kitchen and apron patterns that you can win by entering to win our Kitchen Pattern & Fabric Giveaway!  Giveaway runs until midnight, Tuesday, April 1st. Good luck!

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Geni Pickens on

Trivets are my favorite accessory and I make them using the inseams of recycled jeans!!

Shelly Rhodes on

My favorite accessory in the kitchen is a nice set of hot pads and also, embellished flour sack t-towels. They are so absorbent and soft, and last a long time.

Laura M on

My favorite kitchen accessory by far is the apron. Can never have too many and they are so practical.

Nancy Angerer on

I use an apron whenever I am in the kitchen, and although I have made many for. Gifts, I have not made any for myself since I was in junior high. I am now 72:)

Miss Sam Nicholson on

Love to make APRONS!!! They are great!! I collect as many vintage ones as I can and love to make them for my daughter and my friends!!

Stacie Powell on

Hot pads are so handy. Probably one of the most used kitchen accessories for me. I have not made any yet, but i have a bunch of patterns, so they are on my (long) list!! :)

Beverly on

I love helping the 4-Hers sew potholders and aprons! They are great projects for kids just learning to sew. I’d love to share your patterns and fabrics with the Norris Neighbors 4-H Club!

Mary Dowell on

I love aprons, pot holders and fancy kitchen towels, I make them all.

Linda Thomas on

Keep those gr4eat ideas coming. We will use them in the coming months.

Anne Bettencourt on

Thank you for all the inspiration that you deliver again and again!


HI, it’s my oven mitts ! Can’t work without them! Thanks for sharing a great giveaway!

Rachel B on

I like kitchen patterns so you can theme your kitch.

mel on

My favorite kitchen accessory is my hand carved wooden ladle. My husband made it for me.

Ellon on

I love all your patterns and fabrics. This is an awesome opportunity. Thank you very much for doing this!

Patricia jeong on

Love all these patterns. If I win, I can just spend time sewing things for the kitchen and not cook!

Kathy on

i love these patterns. We are getting ready to move and every new kitchen needs new aprons and accessories.

Kirsten on

Gingham is my favorite fabric ever.

Peggy Lipinski on

Love the patterns, great gifts for those special people in your life

Patti Levine on

I just love the bowl “holders”. they are so useful and no more burned fingers. Your patterns are wonderful and thanks for a chance to win!

Lori Chvojka on

I love aprons. I made all my grandkids aprons on Christmas to wear while doing cookies!,

Sharon Harmon on

Pot holders and yes I make them

Lori M. on

I love my lid bag for storage…Made it myself for those plastic lids that end up everywhere, but now on the door and in the same place…..

Linda Chaffee on

My favorite kitchen accessories are covers for my small appliances.

Anna Ziegler on

Love this giveaway!!

Cathy on

Love pot holders in bright colors!

Pam S on

My favorite kitchen accessory is my table runner. It adds a nice splash of color. Thanks for the chance to win!

Marguerite Namdar on

My Ninja Chopper

Cheri Hage on

I’m always looking for a new apron and potholders :) Thanks for the chance~

Marie Davis on

Not your run of the mill aprons! I love them. Cute and practical, it doesn’t get any better!

Mary Jo on

My favorite kitchen accessory is my cast-iron skillet.

Marya on

Favorite kitchen accessories are my coffee-themed tea towels!

Sherry M on

Love the hot pads & bowl holders!

Randi Schmechel on

I try to avoid the kitchen, but I would like to make an apron for my sister. :)

Susan K on

My favorite jus an apron made by my sister.

Annie Dee on

Love Indygo Junction patterns. I make embellished dish towels as house warming gifts.

lori nelson on

Love your patterns. I like pot holders. Practical and cute.

Donna B on

very cute patterns for the kitchen. I just made the casserole carrier this weekend. It came out great. Thanks for the good directions and pictures.

Dawn Vereeke on

Making aprons has been in my bucket list, and your patterns are wonderful! Would be oh so excited to win!

Pam K on

Love your patterns. I’m making next the Store & Go Zipper Case.

Rene Bolton on

My favorite kitchen accessory is my juicer!

Cathy Gillette on

these are such fun patterns and fabric! would use them to make holiday gifts to the people at work and church!

Ronda Halvorsen-Ferns on

Thanks so much Amy for all you do! Love your episodes on Sewing with Nancy!

michelle on

Micro safe hot holders, a great idea!

Melly Glass on

I’m sorry but I think I gave you guys the wrong email address. The right one is on this comment. Sorry.

Betty on

Always in need of more mitts or carriers, in my kitchen. Your patterns are always appreciated.

Lori on

My favorite kitchen accessory is my long Pampered Chef oven mitt. I didn’t make it but would love to be able to make some like it.

Cheryl Rahkonen on

My favorite kitchen accessory is an apron that I made about 12 years ago. I love it but it is worn out.

Kelly Tadlock on

Potholders that are seasonal and quilted are my favorite kitchen accessories.

Joy Purvis on

Love the apron patterns! Such fun!

D'Ann on

I love anything that makes my kitchen cheery or more efficient! Aprons, hot pads, towels, curtains. I love it all! Linens are my greatest love!

Jan G on

I make aprons and I use a pattern I made, I embroider them with my machines and sell them or give them as gifts!! I love your pattern and all of your wonderful Denim!!! Thank you sew much for the chance to win this fab giveaway!!

JamieS on

Can’t get enough gingham. It will work great for every single pattern. Nice giveaway.

Mary Sue Wysocki on

My favorite kitchen accessory are my aprons. I have made several including gifts.

Janet Brown on

When I go to the Indygo Junction website it makes me smile every time!

Darla E on

Love the patterns. The fabric options are wonderful. Thank you for the giveaway!

Hillary on

I have several vintage embroidered tea towels that are my favorite thing to have hanging off cupboard handles.

Hillary on

That men’s shirt apron in ingenious!

Ruth on

I’m a sucker for all aprons!!!!

Jan Sutter on

My favorite kitchen accessories are potholders my sister made me. With your patterns I could return the favor!

Jennifer Kaplan on

My favorite kitchen accessory is the apron I got at a local cooking school.

Grace on

I like potholders. I need to make some aprons, too.

Tracy Snyder on

Amy, Love all your patterns for aprons, have a couple already. Thanks for this chance to win more!

Francis Connor on

My favorite kitchen accessory is our wine opener from an Italian villa. It always works without being difficult. I wish we would have bought a few more!

Dorothy Bushman on

Love it!!!! Love Indigo Junction!!!!!

Carrie P. on

I love all the pot holders different friends have made me. Thanks for the giveaway. I sure could use some of those casserole carriers.

Susan Gray on

I’m always, always inspired by these great patterns and fabrics. Thanks for sponsoring such a great giveaway!

Karlene on

Such beautiful work, I love them all.

Alesha K on

I love potholders! Thank you for the chance to win. I look forward to future patterns.

Lisa on

I love aprons! My favorite one is one I did not make, but bought in a fabulous little kitchen linens shop in Fredericksburg, Texas last summer.

Rhonda on

I hope I win…love that fabric!

Crystal Guyer on

My potholders! I’ve made some of them – you can never have too many!

Judy M on

I love the Indygo junction patterns they are so unique.

Jeanne on

I love my micro- wave hot pad bowls. have made dozenns and dozens.

Sandra Gray on

I love these patterns! How do I sign up for the giveaway?

Jennifer Essad on

I’d be lost w/o my paring knife

Denise Johnson on

I Love the fabric, so pretty, my daughter is a collector of aprons, these would make nice gifts

Julie Agler on

My favorite kitchen accessory is my hotpad that my son made!

Barbara on

Love the patterns!

T Hays on

I like to make hanging towels and pot holders.

Marina Guard Whigham on

What wonderful kitchen patterns!! Would love to win these.

Christina Gonzalez on

I would love to make an apron and pot holders.

Jan N. on

Potholders and hot mitts.

Barb on

I think the aprons would be fun to make from my stash!

Adeline Brill on

I love all of your patterns and I have been sewing with them for years!

Tanya Wersinger on

I love aprons, I love cooking too and they are the perfect, always in style cover-up.

Mary on

Love the casserole carriers and the hot holders. They would make great bridal shower gifts.

Mara on

My wooden spoons and no I didn’t make them

Chris on

I like the microwave bowls I made with your pattern. I keep the stack by the microwave but my favorite is the drawer full of potholders. You have to have a lot of these.

Debbie Miller on

My favorite kitchen accessory is the microwave bowl potholder! I have made them for myself and all of my family members-everyone loves them. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!

Judi Cushing on

I made a custom cover for my Tassimo coffeee maker, it wouuld have been much easier with a patern ;o)

Lillian on

I was gifted a couple of the hot holders and want to make some for Christmas gifts. They’re great. But all the patterns are great.

Keri Lyn on

My new favorite kitchen accessory is a bowl hot pad for the microwave that I recently made. Love the patterns.

Linda Triplett on

I love to make kitchen accessories and I love to give them as gifts. These would all be a wonderful start for Christmas 2015!

Patricia Vajda on

I use old bath towels (cut into 4 pieces, then serge the cut edges) and make dishtowels. They are very absorbent. I also use hand towels to wipe up messes or for dusting cloths. Yes, I add a cute hanger/handle out of a cute print cotton to give it some color.

Dianne on

I give your potluck party casserole carriers as gifts when we are asked to a picnic or dinner.

Jacklynn Grimm on

My favorite kitchen accessory is my coffee maker! Thanks for the chance to win…my kitchen needs something homemade.

Michelle Owens on

Love the patterns! Fingers crossed!

Rhonda Desgranges on

My favorite kitchen accessory is an apron, and I love to make them!

Rebecca on

I have to say that I have a lot of potholders! You always have such great giveaways!

Vicky H on

I love the Quilted Cook and Carry. And Amy’s denim is so amazing, great colors.

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