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Let's face it - most moms spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Breakfast, lunch, dinners - think of the hours they have spent in that one room, making sure that you are well fed. How do you repay that? Well, I can think of two ways; 1. Sit your mom on the couch with a good book while you clean that kitchen for her! Or, better yet, take her out to lunch and hire a maid to do it. 2. Make that kitchen cheerful and fun by making her some embroidered dish towels from our new Kitchen Stitches line!

200-112 Lemonade Stand-1

Yep, once that stove is sparkling,  you can give her some gorgeous embroidered towels to hang on the handle. It's like the grown-up version of your paintings on the refrigerator! We have teamed up with Dunroven to make these kits which incorporate vintage embroidery patterns with 100% cotton dish towels.

200-100 Daisy Love

We have 7 different styles of kits; each contain two dish towels and two vintage inspired embroidery patterns. This is a great craft for a gift. It is small, functional and it shows that you took a little time out to make something special. Or, if your mom is an embroidery fan, make it easy on yourself and just give her the kits!

200-110 Two Roosters

Find Kitchen Stitches online, or, better yet, check your favorite local craft store! If they don't have them, be sure to tell them you need some Kitchen Stitches. And quick! Mother's Day is right around the corner!

200-112 Lemonade Stand

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