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Our new embroidery book, Land that I Love, is made to celebrate our state pride and the locations our stories are written, while carrying on the tradition of handmade home decor. This book perfectly embodies vintage made modern--a classic way to celebrate our modern homes.


These patterns are perfect for lots of different types of projects like stitching on ready-made blanks. Stitching on items such as dish towels, aprons, tablecloths, napkins, or pillowcases make a rewarding quick project, and are perfect for gifts too. Any kind of blank household items can be stitched up to show state pride. You can find some of our favorite blanks at Colonial Patterns

Or keep it simple and just display your design in an embroidery hoop!

ltil-six-towels     ltil-utah-hoop

Not to mention quilts and throw pillows-the options are endless! Did we mention that the book comes with two pillow projects included?


Each state template is ready to be personalized! You can make them as simple or as complex as you want. Options for customizing include: two state outlines (one is pre-sized to place on a dish towel), state bird and flower as well as options for stitching in things that are special about each state--schools, cities and iconic landmarks. Add in your own routes hearts and stars to mark important places to you.

The book includes three sizes of alphabet (in addition to the provided cities list for each state) so you can customize your design even more. In this stitched up sample, Torch Lake is marked with a heart since it's Amy's favorite place in Michigan where she vacations each summer.


If you only want to stitch up one state, they are each sold separately in digital format only Indygo Junction's Etsy shop.


If you're looking for some supplies to get started, click here to visit Sulky's website - they sell dish towel blanks, transfer product and the thread!

ltil-sulky-thread     ltil-towkit-001_towel_kit 


Want to learn the basics of hand embroidery or need a refresher course? Be sure to visit our YouTube channel to watch our Crossroads Embroidery Series. We cover the basics of hand embroidery, transfer methods and stitch tutorials. Subscribe to our channel so we can let you know when we have new videos in this series. What state do you love? And what Land that I Love projects will you be stitching up? Use the hashtag #landthatiloveembroidery to share them with our community! We can't wait to see! You can read more about the vintage inspiration for this book at Amy Barickman's Studio.

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