#MeMadeMay Monday - My Favorite Dress

For the month of May, I took a pledge along with thousands of other makers, hosted by So, Zo... What Do You Know? with the official hashtag of #mmmay18 My pledge was to wear and share Indygo Junction Patterns every day through the month of May. And I did! Here's some of the highlights!

The Indygo Essentials Shift Dress

One of my personal favorite patterns to wear is our Indygo Essentials Shift Dress. It's one of my go-to patterns. and I love how it's comfortable, but also both casual and elegant, which makes it perfect for almost any occasion.

This is the perfect pattern for the dress every woman should have in her closet, the classic LBD - Little Black Dress. Mine is made in black denim and I love wearing it with great statement jewelry. Statement Jewelry is my favorite kind, and I'm featuring some of my Me Made May favorites over on my Amy Barickman Vintage Made Modern Blog

It's a great one for textured wovens, like this one from Textile Creations. 

The sleeve cuffs and the way the neck is made give opportunity for topstitching to add details. 

One of my favorite things about this pattern is the details. The line drawing shows how the back neck makes a slight V shape, and the unique inset pockets give it a  contemporary accent . The side vents along the topstitched hemline add to the unique detail. Do you like my necklace? Check out my post about the unique jewelry I wore during Me Made May.

And how fun is it in a great statement fabric like this one in Frond Designs I wore to the E.E. Schenck Trends event I spoke at this spring. This is me with June Wildash, who taught sewing classes at my mom's store, Donna's! She's a wonderful teacher! And she's wearing the Indygo Essentials Mandarin Vest here, in On Point Fabric from Maywood Studios. 


 Stay tuned for more #MeMadeMay fun! And don't forget to join our Indygo Junction Sewing Pattern Facebook Group to get  our FREE Everyday Dress Pattern, a group member exclusive!


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Indygo Junction on

Good Afternoon Amy! We did post a correction to the pattern that pattern piece 7 was only to be cut from interfacing, not the fashion fabric – it was shown on the fabric layout in error. If your fabric isn’t too heavy it is fine to cut from the fashion fabric if you are past that point. It was added to the dress pockets to support the edges of the shaped pocket from stretching and to reinforce the inner corner. We have been working on some edits for the pattern and especially the pockets. I’m going to send you an email that I sent to another customer but her question was about the pocket back and pocket front outer edges not matching. I think her problem was created by not matching the large dots and notches of the pockets to the corresponding dots and notches on the front of the dress at the side seams before she tried to sew them together.

I think the question you are asking is that the outer curved edges of the pocket back (piece 6) and pocket front (piece 5) and how and where the pockets are to be stitched together with a 1/2" seam allowance. Am I correct? The outer edges of the pockets are not stitched to the dress front – they are stitched together just around the two pocket outer edges – after stitching they will hang loose inside the dress. Only the side seam edge of piece 5 is stitched to the shift front and back at the side seam and the bottom side straight edge of piece 6.

Amy Olson on

I’m starting this pattern and I’m struggling to understand the pocket instructions. Any advice? Is the half inch line on the pocket or the front of the dress?

Rebecca P Stancill on

I absolutely love this dress. The design looks as if it will flatter most any figure. I need to get busy and make some for myself!
Thanks – as always – for sharing.

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