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Welcome to Mini-Me March! This month we are going to highlight the patterns that were so cute as adult styles that we had to make them for kids as well!

Pint-Sized Pinafore

The Pint-Sized Pinafore design was inspired by the pinafores that children used to wear to protect their clothes. A pinafore was originally a piece of fabric pinned to the front of a garment to protect it. Eventually that idea morphed into the pinafore apron that we know today.

Pint Sized PinaforeWe loved the look of the pinafore for children, and realized that this same style is perfect for adults. The Easy-On Apron was one of our favorite patterns from last year. This simple apron is perfect for use in the kitchen or garden, but could also be worn as a tunic over leggings or jeans.

Use the simple shape of the apron to feature large print fabrics, or keep it simple with a solid or classic gingham. You can even sew up the back of the dress to create a cool dress perfect for a hot summer day.

Easy-On ApronEasy-On ApronEasy-On Apron


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mercedes on

these aprons (adult) are supoer cute for work over jeanshow can i order??

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