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They say that it is an important bonding experience to cook with your child. Not only does it teach them basic skills,(their future 18 year-old selves will thank you when they are on their own for the first time trying to make dinner!) they will also learn an interest in where their food comes from and how to make healthy choices. And you can teach them those secret family recipes that have been passed through generations.


However, anyone who has pulled the blender out of the cookie dough before they turned it off knows that cooking can be a mess. (Sorry Grandma, who knew that dough would hit the top of the cabinets!)


To help keep you and your helper clean, you might consider making a few aprons. Luckily we have a perfect pair for you, the Gathered to Fit and Grow with Me Aprons!


The Gathered to Fit Apron is sized for adults and features a continuous, adjustable neck and waist tie making a personalized fit simple! The sweet ruffle adds a feminine touch and the double patch pocket is a useful design detail. Simple to make and fun to wear.


The Grow with Me Apron is the same style as Gathered to Fit, but for kids. Won't they feel special wearing the same style apron as you do? And you can make it in one or two coordinating fabrics. There is even an apron size for a 12" doll! Although, I don't know how much help she'll be in the kitchen...


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