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Add character to your next project. Three, to be exact. We're mad about monograms lately. With so many possibilities, this letter-perfect technique lends personal flair to handmade or store bought fabric gifts. Think garments, pillowcases, cloth napkins, tea towels, and tote bags.

Whether embroidered, cross stitched, appliqued, stenciled, cursive, serif, sans-serif, capitalized or lower-cased, there's a motif for every motive. The creative machine embroidered lettering on the above tote bag was featured in Hankie Style.

Monogram mania dates back decades. In Amy Barickman's Vintage Notions, you can find timeless tips for topping a table linen with a dainty initial. In a 1926 article featured in the book, Mary Brooks Picken wrote: "So many attractive and dignified styles of letters are offered for your selection that you should have no difficulty in finding a type that will express your own individuality and still be in keeping with the linen on which it is used."

Make your mark on a personal sewing project or readymade item. Here's a monogram alphabet to get you started. Note the PDF includes the traditional lettering style (for tracing) and mirrored lettering (for use with some iron-on transfers) so you can use your preferred method of transfer of the letters to your project. We can't wait to see the project you create with the alphabet. Be sure to post your images on Facebook!

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Kay Honeycutt on

My favorite is log cabin. It is easy to construct and can be used in many different configurations for versatility.

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