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We are so excited that it's time, once again, for National Sewing Month! In 1982 President Ronald Reagan declared that September will forever be National Sewing Month "In recognition to the importance of home sewing to our Nation." header_left_650a We couldn't have said it better ourselves! Sewing has enriched all of our lives here at Indygo Junction. Not only does it give us a creative outlet, but it also introduces us to amazing people who have similar interests. We will forever hold the banner for home sewing, and try to encourage new sewers to get involved in such a great craft. Around the country fabric stores and sewing organizations will be holding special National Sewing Month activities, and so are we. We will be dedicating the posts this month to the holiday, and are holding two special events, a blog tour highlighting our fabric line SoHo Bandana, and....are you ready for this? An amazing National Sewing Month Giveaway! Yes, we have 13 generous companies who are celebrating National Sewing Month with us by donating some really fantastic items. Keep an eye on the blog all month & be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay informed as we discuss the giveaway, the blog tour, and the effect home sewing has had on all of us. You do not want to miss this!!! The prizes & fun are going to be everywhere! Stay tuned!! GIVEAWAY SoHo 158x180  

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Joan Hanson on

Thanks for the opportunity to win the giveaway.

Glenda on

Give away…can’t wait. I would be very happy to win anything relating to sewing. Especially in the month of September when my creative juices are gearing up for fall and the holidays.

Loretta Heard on

Would love to win! Thanks!!

Debbie Kaste on

Let the FUN begin! Can’t wait to see the projects!

Cindy Craddock on

Celebrating sewing and those who have encouraged me and all fellow sewers in our sewing! Remembering my sweet grandmother “Miss Speedy” who borrowed a machine to help me learn to sew!

Linda Nelson on

Great giveaway!

Debra Neiman on

Love that denim bag

Teresa on

Denim projects are the best!

Susan on

This month marks my BIG birthday so what a present this WILL be! Thanks~

Kathy on

Can’t wait to join the blog tour! Fresh inspiration and giveaways! What could be better?

delnita Foust on

Hooray! Perfect timing for creative inspiration and a new sewing machine can certainly help that process!

Debbie Kaste on

Let the fun begin! Can’t wait to see the projects:)

Margaret Courtney on

What a great idea. Have had the sewing bug and would like something new to get me going for the holidays.

Miriam Knoy on

Sounds great!

Audrey Jacobi on

WOW! Wouldn’t that be exciting to win. Fall is upon us and sewing is such a comfort for me. Like a good bowl of soup on a cold day. Warms the soul.

darlene on

love to sew , hope to win

Darla Ambroz on

Can’t wait to sew with the new fabrics. Time to “nest” in Minnesota and create! Thanks for the chance to win.

Patricia Conner on

Wow someone will get to stretch one sewing month into forever. Thank you

Bettina Groh on

As someone who sews everyday I appreciate the attention given to this “art”! Thanks for the opportunity to win this giveaway!!

rosemarie garone on

Thank you for the opportunity to win some wonderful prizes. I have not been quilting very long, so chance to win something would be welcomed. I am using a 1968 jc penneys machine. works fine. but an upgrade would be wonderful. and i don’t have a stash as many sewers do. i still don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. but thank you to your sponsors.

Joyce Stewart on


Mary Jasminski on

I have National Sewing Month! It Should be every month! I sew every month!!!

shirleyj on

As my great grand baby would say, " I want it! I want it." Thanks for such a great give away.

Josephine Herbert on

Wow That’s wonderful for give away! Good luck for everyone. I love Give Away. Good Stuffs. God Bless you to all!

Mary Ryan on

I would love to be a part of this. My sewing machine is getting up there in age (darn, as is me) so it would be fabulous having something updated.

wendy sigel on

What an amazing contest!

Janey on

Always an adventure to be found in quilting projects—so much to learn, so little time! Being part of a winning team would make my September stupendous!!!

Rebecca on

Generation after generation, we share in the blessing of home sewing.

Iris Soscia on

What a great giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win.

Sandra Kellner on

Looking forward to new ideas and projects. I love everything sewing and quilting. I am so greatful to have a hobby that I am passionate about.

Shirl Klabunde on

Thanks for the chance to win.
Love to sew, (one of the fruits of spirit with love, joy & peace)

Jeri Lively on

I would love to win your sweepstakes. Can’t wait to see the projects from National Sewing Month.

Diane Martin on

I must to make sure to follow every day.

Kris B on

What wonderful prizes! I would want to share with my quilting friends.

sherry on

Thanks for this opportunity. I would love to win this prize.

Virginia Krause on

Love to find new patterns and projects.

Sandra H. on

Love to sew and run my hand across a new bolt of fabric. So many things to make!

Wendi on

National Sewing Month – another reason I loved Ronald Reagan.

Patricia Vajda on

What a wonderful Giveaway!

Jo Ann on

I enjoyed sewing for the past 48 years and I would love to win! i need a new sewing machine :)

Peg G. on

Sounds like Christmas is coming early for someone; hope it is me!

Kathy on

Would love to win, this great giveaway

sherry on


MS Barb on

How exciting! Sounds like a nice Giveaway!

Patty Swatzell on

I can’t imagine my life without sewing and so happy to have this month dedicated to it.

Jane on

Every month should be sewing month. I have started my Christmas sewing now, onward and upward!

jean massey on

I would love to win this , my machine is getting OLD and I cannot afford to buy new What I wouldn’t do with all this loot

Diane on

Love Indygo Junction…always something interesting. Give aways make it even better.

Betty Fisher on

I learned to sew when I was 5 yrs. old, 60 years of sewing or altering my own cloths and that of others. It is the most relaxing time for me, as I was also a working wife/Mother and have two active sons. Now it is gift making and baby blankets. Sewing is the best gift for many of us.

Have a sew-Happy day !


Nancy Jones on

I’m always up for new ideas and contests too! Thanks to all your sponsors and you too for always providing good sewing information. Looking forward to seeing all the blogs

Pattie on

Oh…something to look forward too!

Thanks so much.

Lynda on

I love sewing with a daughter in law!

Michele Bean on

I have been sewing since I was 12 years old by my Mom, I took every type sewing class I could. I love to sew crafts, home décor, bridal wear as well as clothing. Its my passion and (so called therapy). I REALLY ENJOY SEWING !!!

Ellon Quillen on

Wow, I would love to win! Nothing is better than sewing, except children or grandchildren. Giving a sewing gifts is a great feeling for everyone. I love the Soho fabrics and the color denim is awesome.

Nancy Gardner on

Love to win!!!!!

Pegg on

I have always enjoyed Indygo Junction patterns. I would love to win.

Nikki Pacheco-Theard on

Wow, goodness, what a generous month of National Sewing blogging and prizes. Stitch by stitch we put together our shared dreams thru sewing creatively.

Noeline on

Would love to win!!!!

Anne Kasten on

Sewing is a wonderful skill to have, and a whole bunch of fun too!

Kim on

Two new sewers that I know could use a new machine. That would be exciting!

Suzy on

Just learning to sew, and am excited for the opportunity!

Patricia on

Awesome giveaway! Wish me luck!

Marie Pell on

On my list – renew the love of sewing I had growing up with a sewing machine!! Thank you for igniting the spark!

shawn on

Your website is so great, and I would love to win.
smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

Dee on

Awesome give away – would be so happy to win. Love the bag:)

Mary Schmidt on

Sewing is so relaxing and I would love to win,

Marguerite Guinn on

What fun! Thanks for the giveaway!

Mary Jo on

How exciting! Your are so generous to have such wonderful giveaways!!

Margaret on

What a great giveaway,, just in time for the sewing season.. But that’s anytime in my house.. Thanks

Gayle Tiburzio on

Thank-you for continued support to keep our sewing and crafting heritage alive and thriving.

diane on

fabulous prizes I am all in for this!!! gets me creative again and a look at stuff I have never seen before! Thanks!

connie from St. Louis on

What a wonderful give away.

Debra Neiman on

Wonderful, thank you so much for your blog and the giveaway

Denise fox on

I love sewing, I taught my daughters to sew. And my mother taught me.

Janet on

I would love to win a prize!

Becca S. on

would love to win so i can make christmas items for my family

Hazel Dickinson on

sewing prizes, yeah can’t wait

Cindy Cockburn on

I would love to win one of the prizes.

Julie B on

Thank you for celebrating National Sewing Month with a give away. With the rising cost of fabrics, it would be nice to win something and save me money.

Debbie Mahlberg on

Oooh, would love to win. Another giveaway which is so much fun, especially in the month of September, sewing month.

Debbie Mahlberg on

Oooh, a giveaway. They are so fun to enter. I hope I can win, especially in the month of September, Sewing Month. WHOOT!!!

Diane Rivera on

Sewing is my favorite S word! Its great to have a month devoted to this wonderful craft.

Debbie on

It sounds wonderful!! What fun!! It would be a thrill to win something!

Pat Enterkin on

Sewing is part of my family history and I am afraid that it will end with my generation. None of the younger ones are interested in learning and it truly bothers me that sewing has been so much a part of our lives. I too would love to win a prize. I need a good thing to happen to me.

Judi on

Oh, I need a new sewing machine. I’m going to be sewing multiple projects this fall.

Daniela C. on

I love to win !! Thank’s for this opportunity !!

Susan Sterlingg on

I would just love a chance to win some of these great prizes. This is a wonderful website.

Marianne H on

I would love to win this give-a-way. I love to sew. TY for such a great prize.

Marianne H on

I never win anything and this would be the best I have ever tried for. I ador sewing. Thank you for such a great give-a-way.

Lorraine E. Slauson on

winning is always especially when connected to my sewing passion!

Cheryl Gunderson on

I have purchased several Indygo Junction patterns in the past, and I am a big fan. I also love giveaways, and this one is a real blowout. Thanks for a bunch of chances to win.

Yolanda Caban on

I love it! Happy National Sewing Month! Thanks for the opportunity to join!!

Eleanor on

This would be wonderful! Thank you for the chance to win this!

Sally on

Such fun prints and colors – thanks for the chance.

Dawn Kincaid on

Make Quilts for Quilts for Kids and Quilts of Valor also doll Quilts from the scraps. Would love to win anything that could help with these projects

sue feely on

Love it; thanks so much for the fun chance!

Marcie Hixson on

Whoo HOO …..hoping for a chance

Marcia Bergstrom on

Thinking of the many possibilities to be creative. So many ideas, so little time!!!!

Lisa Orensky on

Great stuff! How wouldn’t want to win any one of these prizes?!

Myra Gutzwiler on

It is always fun to win something that supports my habit!!! Thanks!

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