VMM 378x335 GIVEAWAY Today is the day we have been waiting for - the kick off to our National Sewing Month Giveaway! 
Are you ready for the big giveaway? Do you have your entering trigger fingers warmed up? Ok, so here is how it goes. How to Enter:
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Grab your lucky rabbit's foot and get entering! [caption id="attachment_7185" align="aligncenter" width="400"]coppedindygo-0454x Books by Amy Barickman including; Vintage Notions, The Magic Pattern Book, Alphabet Applique, Dimensional Denim, Stitched Style, Fabric Flowers, Buttonware and Denim Redesign[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_7186" align="aligncenter" width="400"]ijpatterns A selection of Indygo Junction patterns including all the 2015 releases and Crossroads Denim brand![/caption] [caption id="attachment_7174" align="aligncenter" width="400"]nsmIMG_0066 One yard of each print from the Vintage Made Modern Centennial Celebration by Amy Barickman collection from RJR Fabrics![/caption] [caption id="attachment_7162" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Crossroadsfabriclogo One yard of each color of Crossroads Denim by Amy Barickman from James Thompson and Co.![/caption] [caption id="attachment_7161" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Arrow Sewing Cabinets One Florie sewing cabinet from Arrow Sewing Cabinets![/caption] [caption id="attachment_7538" align="aligncenter" width="400"]IndygoJunction-Giveaway A variety of amazing Pellon products![/caption] [caption id="attachment_7163" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Deco-Foil-Fabric-HnB A gift pack of Therm-O-Web products![/caption] [caption id="attachment_7172" align="aligncenter" width="400"]nsmIMG_6322 A pack of Riley Blake fabric, ribbon, buttons and more![/caption] [caption id="attachment_7164" align="aligncenter" width="400"]IJ-NSM-DoorPrize A gift basket of Dritz sewing notions and tools![/caption] [caption id="attachment_7299" align="aligncenter" width="400"]simplicity Bias Tape maker from Simplicity![/caption] [caption id="attachment_7166" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Untitled-1 Two holiday theme fabric packs from Moda![/caption] [caption id="attachment_7168" align="aligncenter" width="400"]batik Beautiful batik fabric from Island Batik![/caption] [caption id="attachment_7165" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Rachel Rachel Sewing Machine from Babylock![/caption] (Love this Rachel Machine? Sign up for more sewing machine info on Babylock's newsletter!)

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Nikki Pacheco-Theard on

I love the National Sewing Month’s many useful prizes. They certainly would enhance my home sewing. The beautiful Arrow Sewing machine cabinet would make sewing much more comfortable. Presently I am using a office desktop to place my sewing machine, honestly it’s just not the correct height for sewing. Enhancing our sewing skills and creativity is what the sewing prizes would do, thanks so much.

Martha on

These would all be nice added to my collection

Richard Albertson on

This would make my wife so happy and put a smile on my face!

Anne on

love your patterns.

Judy on

Exciting Giveaway!

Sharon Hemker on

I purchased the MAGIC PATTERN BOOK two months ago, and what a purchase!! I love this investment. I am a quilter, along with garment and craft sewing. I always say, you can never have enough STUFF! I tell my husband in every book is a new idea you want to try, a new fabric for a bag or garment or quilt, or a gadget you just can’t live without. Winning any of these gifts would be exciting for me or anyone entering this contest. Let the FUN begin.

Kathy Combs on

I would be in H-O-G hog heaven if I were picked to win! WOW-WEE! What a great giveaway!

Paula Vanderbilt on

I love to sew and would love to share with my friends

Susan K on

With all of these tools, fabrics, etc. there is no excuse for not making things. From the books – inspiration and patterns. From the fabrics – materials to make the projects. From the tools – all right at hand so no trips to the store for more.
Thanks for the chance to win an awesome prize package!

Lynn on

New toys?! I’ll find a place for them. :)

Robin in KS on

It would tremendous fun using these marvelous prizes in my sewing room! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Ellen R. on

This is an AMAZING package and to be able to jump start my love of sewing would be unimaginable!

Donna Talley on

National Sewing Month is like celebrating Christmas. All the give aways and coupons that our local fabric shops offer puts me in a sewing frenzy.

Pat mincemoyer on

These are such great prizes (I would love to have some of that denim to sew with!). What a wonderful giveaway for some lucky sewer!

bobbi m on

sewing for local hospitals and birthing centers can be doubled if I had a second machine to sew on. It would also help a local friend (who does not have a machine), because when she comes to sew then we could both sew at the same time.

Lynn P on

Now that I am retired I have time to try all kinds of sewing and needle work

Weida Shurtleff on

Thanks for the chance to win your great prizes.
Weida in Sugar Land, Texas

Jan S. on

I sew clothes, quilts, and crafts – I could use it all!!

Sarah on

A couple of years ago we lost everything, so I’ve started from scratch re-building sewing supplies with an extremely limited budget. Winning some of these would be so wonderful!

Amy Routh on

I could try so many different crafts with these wonderful prizes! And I would share with my other crafty friends when we have a craft party. :)

Joyce Cloud on

this is an awesome prize package… Sure would be an awesome prize to win

Betty Rhoads on

I am really loving this contest. At last…..one with truly usable prizes. I would love to be the winner and be able to work with these wonderful items.

mel on

I would have the right tools for so many different jobs. That would make me more productive.

Janet T on

Other than the obvious, it will definitely get me motivated! I seem to be in a funk right now, and new fabric, machine, tools, would give me a large incentive to get back into things!

Helen Geyer on

My youngest daughter got married 2 years ago and would love to start sewing valances and curtains, as well as baby room decorations for a hopeful successful pregnancy very soon! I would love to help her get started.

Mary Redheffer on

Love this giveaway

Cindy Pilkington on

So many prizes! Very nice! Just more wonderful goodies for our passion of sewing!

Rosalind on

Winning would give me great incentive to update my sewing room

Becky PS on

These sewing products would replenish my sewing room. I could share with friends and get back to crafting/sewing!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Amy Routh on

I could try so many different crafts with these wonderful prizes! And I would share with my other crafty friends when we have a craft party.

Sherry Fram on

I can sew more for the grandkids!

Carolyn on

Would be so exciting to win these wonderful products!

jean on

With another machine, my g’daughter And I could sew together

ms Sam Nicholson on

Would love to win any of these prizes, Wow!! Teaching myself to sew and quilt, continuously learning.

Linda Harris on

I would so love all of this to replace my outdated machine and supplies , Thank you for chance.

Karen Jenkins on

I have been sewing for over 50 yrs. I have used many of these products all of them are terrific. I would love to restock my supply and use some new products. Thank you for this great giveaway.

Marian Aboud on

I’m a sewer and I’m teaching my daughter and niece how to sew, passing on to the fourth generation the love of sewing. I’m also looking to start a sewing group at my church to create items for people in need. So all these items would come in handy.

Colleen Matheny on

I’ve been following Amy Barickman for a number of years. I love everything she creates. My kind of style.

Carolyn on

Would be so exciting to win these wonderful products.

Arlene Aughey on

lovely items – and so much fun!

Stephanie Doda on

I would love to win a new sewing machine. My 1949 Singer could use a rest. Thanks for this fantastic opportunity.

Amy Baker on

I have a brand new niece and nephew to sew for now! This would make me jump for joy! My mom’s old singer that I have had for 25 years is trouble ridden and makes sewing sooooo slow! Those fun fabrics would make terrific new baby quilts! Thanks so much!

Shirley Mangold on

Would love to win of the wonderful prizes you have listed. Pick me, pick me, pick me!

Elizabeth Johnson on

I might just faint if I won but I would have to share some of it with my little community of sewist in our small town! Thank you for such a chance! Love the new book!

Jane Ritz on

Having these great materials would help me further grow in my sewing skills. I make my granddaughter dresses and also quilt. Having all these materials would be a dream come true.

Catherine on

I am in love with Batik fabrics and would be so grateful to win this fabric selection. All of the prizes are wonderful. Thank you for hosting such an amazing contest. Looking forward to learning from your expertise!

Gail Holland on

I would love to win this wonderful selection of sewing gifts. Sewing has brought me much happiness over the past 50 years!

marilyn on

Any sewing goodies will help enhance future sewing endeavors.

Mary White on

Winning these tools would allow me to help teach others to sew, because we would have enough notions to go around.

joni on

What a wonderful giveaway for those of us with the passion for sewing….

Terry on

They would make it so easy to create all kinds of gifts and perhaps a few things for me as well!! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

contessa timmerman on

Sewing is life

Tambra Nicole on

Right now, I’m really into upcycling and refashioning clothes. This is helping me improve my sewing skills and its tremendous fun!
I would love to win! The items would help me in all areas of sewing and crafting.

The prizes are awesome, so thank you to everyone who has donated.

Tonya Lawson on

I am in the process of starting a sewing business. I need to master as many tools and techniques as possible, so these products would help me be successful in this new journey of my life.

Amy Cavanagh on

Yowsers – winning this would be amazing – just think of how many things I could get finished for Christmas presents!!!

Sally Sowle-Taylor on

I am a quilter and a seamstress. I sewed for 7 yrs. for a theater. I’ve worked for many jobs in the sewing area. I’ts been my love since I was a child sitting under my Mom’s sewing machine with my hand turning singer making doll clothes for my Barbie’s and Ginette baby clothes. Thanks, Mom!
50+ years I’ve been sewing and loving every moment.

Dawn Jones on

I do have tools for sewing, but my machine is getting old so I could use a new one. Our budget doesn’t allow me much fabric yardage I have mostly scraps, so having more fabric would be awesome. Let’s face it having new sewing goodies is just fun, I get excited just buying new needles and thread. Have a great day.

Colleen on

Oh, these are wonderful. Finally, a fabric just for me. Thank you so much for this wonderful give-away. Someone is going to be so happy.

Carol Y on

Winning books and fabric will be great inspiration to help me figure out my next projects. The notions, machine, and cabinet will help me finish!

Jocelyn Sirkis on

I am crazy about Indygo Junction patterns and have a wardrobe full of wonderful and creative clothing. Winning this would just be the icing on the cake! I would make more garments for myself and my friends!

Sherri S. on

I love to sew but need a kick in the butt to really get into it—the sewing cabinet is fab, and all of the fabric and notions and patterns are so inspiring! Thanks for the chance to win!

Becky Smith on

Nice giveaway! New tools always inspire me to learn and improve!

Chris Victorsen on

Having new and varried sewing tools will always help me with my sewing as I find better ways of doing various techniques!

EllenB on

I love the colors and plaids in your new collection. This would be a great give away to win!

Lee on

I am thinking of all the lovely items I can make for my sisters!! thanks!

Robyn Conners on

Wow, wow, wow!! I made my first dress from The Magic Pattern book. This prize package would help me to continue working on garment sewing and have the guts to jump into bag sewing. I normally do quilting. And of course you can never have too much stash :-)
Thanks for the giveaway!!!

Kathe G on

I believe theese tools will help me to do my work faster, better and cleaner.

Jeannie on

Winning would help me to continue to make pretty things for family and friends, as well as charity. I love good tools, and I love to have lots of options.

CindyM in Oregon on

I sew clothes, quilt, hand embroider, machine embroidery, sew home decor and other sewing as well. I can use any machine, fabrics, notions and books. Send me some goodies if I win. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.

Asheligh on

If I were to win the giveaway, I would be able to expand my sewing with my stepdaughter.

kimberlee on

I want to sew more clothing and my machine is sitting on a small, old computer desk and it’s pretty cramped, especially when I try to machine quilt.
Thanks for the chance at an uber giveaway!

Peggy Gibbs on

I would love to win any of these prizes. I do a lot of sewing and cross stitching for charity. Thanks!

Margaret Schindler on

This gift would be great because it would help me fininsh some projects and give me incentive to do more.

Becky on

Would love to win a new sewing machine. The one I have now I bought at a garage sale 24 yrs ago for $50. A few years ago I found an original model Bernina Serger that works but needs some repair. Love that sewing machine too!

Rebecca London on

I’m a novice/intermediate sewist. I mostly love making stuffed animals. I have recently moved to making simple bags and i looove sewing in zippers. I do all my stitching by hand, but would love a new machine to learn on.

erica on

This giveaway is amazing. Just looking at the prizes makes me want to sew. right. now.

Patricia Melilli on

What a wonderful giveaway ! My sewing would just get better with good tools and products. Thank You!

Pauline on

Love this fabric line and the hot pink colorway in particular, already bought a little. Thanks

Carla S on

This would really help. I need a new sewing machine. I could use this to make curtains, a new quilt, clothes for my niece, and potholders. These supplies would really last a long time. I want to start making clothes because I have never done that before.

Jennifer Essad on

this amazing prize package would allow me to get back into sewing and creating wonderful things for our family. I haven’t sewn for fun since we moved 7 yrs ago

Cindi C on

Wow! What a wonderful giveaway! Winning would help keep me busy because we all know that quilters don’t have enough to do…lol

Marcia Carlson on

Winning this contest will allow me to use the old machine I have to teach a friend how to sew. I make all my own clothing, including lingerie. I am rather tall, so off the rack items don’t fit. I also quilt and sew home decor items.

Debbie Crawford on

It would be wonderful to win any one of the posted prizes. Thank-you for sharing.

Karen McMahon on

Winning would help my create life by adding inspiration, materials, organization (which I really need), and tools. There is nothing like new materials to infuse excitement into creating new things!

Kris H on

These sewing tools would help me improve the quality of my work. Thank you for the chance to win!

veronica munoz on

All the possibilities to create beautiful things are already dancing around in my mind. Thanks for the amazing giveaway! !!

Judy Allen on

I would use the products to help finish my holiday gifts and for our quilt guild charity items.

Mary Holshouser on

Winning this group would bring my sewing up to modern times. I’m still using the sewing machine my husband bought me in 1960. Love the table for the machine. the materials would be wonderful to use for quilting and making doll clothes.
thanks for the chance

cHaRiTy! on

Love the chance to sit at this table, thanks for the generous gift!

cHaRiTy! on

pinned it!

Beth on

There are so many wonderful things that you are kindly giving away! Since I am a quilter and aspire to become a bag maker, I know a new Baby Lock would certainly be welcome! As would any of the other prizes. My sewing room would be set if I won those notions and tools. I would love receiving Amy Barickman’s new fabríc line. I already have been saving materials that feature vintage fashion and winning her fabríc would really complete the vision I have for that quilt. And that table makes me swoon. Your gifts are all swoon worthy! Thanks for giving us the opportunity!

Betsy on

There are so many wonderful things in this give away. The fabric is easy to use. I sew at a desk right now. I would love a table with the recess for your machine. I would also share some with my family and friends who sew.

LeeW on

So many creative, amazing items to use; thank you for sharing them in your giveaway!

Emily C on

I see tons of inspiration. There is nothing like having new tools and fabrics on hand to boost the creative process. I love handling everything and putting things next to each other to see how they fit into the whole. A new sewing machine would be a great addition to my sewing room, as my current machine doesn’t have many stitches or the ability to do FMQ.

Rose Sabey on

I have been wanting a new machine for a long time, I am sewing on the original machine I learned on and really have had my eye on a new one. I can just imagine the possibilities!! rosesabeyatyahoodotcom

Janet Hartje on

New tools always inspire me to learn new skills!

Allison CB on

New things always encourage me to create more and better handcrafts! Lots of encouragement there!!! Such gorgeous things…love a new sewing machine!!! :)

Ginger on

They will help me sew more efficiently for my family.

D.AnnC on

Oh, WoW! I am always borrowing someone’s sewing machine – it’d be terrific to have my own! And all the supplies to keep me sewing and crafting all kinds of things for myself and to give as gifts – a true dream package! Thanks for the chance!

NancyB from Many LA on

These would help me to become a better crafter

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