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Have you always wanted to try needlefelting but were too afraid to take that first step? Well now is your chance to get felting! Needle Felting Giveaway Prize Pack from Clover NeedlecraftIndygo Junction has teamed up with Clover Needlecraft to offer you a chance to win all the needlefelting goodies pictured above including: an assortment of needlefelting books & patterns from Indygo Junction, needlefelting tools, needles, mat, molds and roving all from Clover. How to enter? Simply watch the video below on Needlefelting Basics and tell us your thoughts on learning a new technique through our videos. Did this make you want to start working with fiber? What other techniques would you love to learn from our video tutorials? Post your answers in a comment to this post ONLY. You have until Sunday, October 9th at midnight to submit your comment. One person will be selected at random to win the prize pack!! Good luck!

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Kathy Davis on

I love needle felted items. I didn’t realize what went into this process.. I think I could do this. I liked the fabric to fabric process with the cookie cutter. I have a spinning wheel so I already have wool. My friend Mary raises sheep. I have been appliqueing wool to wool, but this looks like more fun. Thanks.

Laura Jackson on

Wow, that needle felting video was pretty fascinating. It looked like the techniques would be easy to learn. I liked seeing all the different options that were shown. The video prompted several questions and makes me wish for more info. Does the needling permanently adhere one material to the other? I have done some wool work where I have used a blanket stitch to adhere one material to another. I really liked the finished wool products.

Willa on

I certainly think the videos would facilitate the process of learning. I like the idea of stencil to control (and remember) the area to be felted.

Have watched my daughter to a bit of needle felting as well as wet-felting.

I need a portable project. This just might be it.

Bonney on

I love being able to see the videos online. They are clear and make me think I’d be able to make something that I’d be very happy with. I’d love to try this!

Patricia Emery on

I’m a “visual learner”, so I certainly think videos are a great idea, but many of us are limited on our download abilities. A couple of videos and I’m done on-line for the DAY. With good instructions, I can usually get by with just a few well-done photos…

Stella berendsen on

I like the video, would love to try the technique

wilma on

Looks like an interesting technique but how does the design stay in if washed? Other questions arise and need to be answered b/4 I would try this.

Elina M. Long on

WOW! After watching the video on felting I am excited to try! Would be great if I won!! I have all sorts of ideas running through my head for great gifts for the holidays!!!

deb fancy on

love it!

Connie Martin on

Wow, Amy, that was a great video. I had no idea how to do wool felting. I saw the felting on jeans, do you felt directly on the jeans? I would love to see a video on tatting.


Kris on

I have been a knitter for several years now, and would like to be able to embellish some of my knits – particularly felted bags – with needlefelted flowers, so this looks like it would be a lot of fun to try!

Millie S on

Videos are a great way to learn new techniques, this one was good about showing the different techniques of needle felting.
Wow! Did not know you could do all that with needle felting. Only have seen little balls & free shapes done.
Video was great, would love to try this. Have a box full of roving ready for dying & to be needle felted.

Anne V. on

Good starter video,well paced, with information on how/where to learn more. Some points were not checking to see if fiber is would we know,what do we look for?The video just showed turning the edge up and looking underneath. Also, how much poking is too much?
I also have heard that you can “brush out” wool yarn to make a substitute for roving…maybe a subject for the next video?

Sivje Parish on

I want to try this!!! I have seen finished things but never knew how it was done. I would so love to win this!! I also was wondering how the felted areas stood up to washing and normal wear and tear. Is this something that works for children’s wear or just adults?
Also, I have seen a type of wool cutting that I would be interested in learning. It is when shapes are cut out of wool and fleece in designs, often along the hem or edge. I have no idea what this is called, but it sometimes looks like big lace.

Barbara G on

Kewl! I really want to try this now. I’d love to make some cute flowers for the bags and hats I plan to make this fall. Maybe a video of how to fit a pattern would be helpful to those who buy patterns from you…?

B J Elder on

The video was great. I’ve been curious about this technique for some time but just have not tried it. I definitely would do it if I won all the great supplies for it!

Maureen on

I never knew that you could do felting with yarn!!!

Nancy C. on

This looks like fun and very easy to do.

Dolly Webb on

Needle felting has been a mystery to me, but this looks like something I could have fun with. Hummmm, my mind is thinking of all those fun things I could do with my old wool jackets that need new life!

Connie Van Emmerik on

This not only looks easy but FUN! Looks like I might be purchasing some new tools/toys soon.

Lynne Wesenberg on

Oooh! I so want to learn how to do this! I can see finished products and love them, but it is not until I see the process of making them that I know whether it is within my capabilities. And this is one that I think I could do for sure! Thanks so much for the great video and for the giveaway. What a wonderful idea to get people excited about a technique that they have not yet tried!

Jean on

For some reason I can’t see the video. :(

jennifer norman on

I would love to win!!!
Love the colors of wool…great video!!!!

Sherri S. on

Great…nice and clear instructions with not too much extraneous detail. Great for beginners.

I love that multi-needle tool. I took a short class on needle felting and we only had to one needle. These supplies look great…thanks for the chance to win.

Donna Elaine on

Loved the felting video! Can’t wait to try a felting project, Would love to win this giveaway of wonderful items!

Jude Curtin on

I never realized how easy it is to felt. I love the felted flowers that would make a wonderful addition to sweaters, hats, and gloves. I have a drawer full of crafting gadgets, but this looks like one that I could get a lot of use out of. Thanks for the video; it has peaked my interest.

Victoria Sturdevant on

I love learning from videos. Needlefelting looks so charming.

nannette anderson on

WOW. Watching the video was way more exciting then trying to read and stitch. Never thought stitching could actually be something I’d like to try. My mom does some stuff like what’s on the video but she make it look way to hard where the video I can learn from.

Nancy Burban on

I love this video. It explains needle felting so well. Looking forward to trying this!

Mary T Salmon on

Last year, I saw a demo at HQF and did not know needle felting could be so easy. However, I did not take the plunge to start a project. Your video has really got me going. What am I waiting for? Those embellishments are so beautiful and add so much character to the piece of clothing.
I really think I am ready to adorn my fabric/clothing with felted designs.
Thanks so much for the informative video!

Diane N on

Great video. Didn’t realize there are so many different uses for felting. Makes me want to give it a try. I do a lot of quilting, sewing, and crafting, and this would potentially add an entirely new dimension to various projects.

Sharon Puckett on

I’ve been wanting to try this..great chance to do it! Thanks for the giveaway.

Lisa Ciaravino on

I love learning new techniques on video !!!! So much easier to fit into my busy schedule. I have been wanting to do felting for a long time.

Glenda on

This is one of those techniques that’s SO different from my current experience that it really helped to see it! Now, when I see the supplies, I know what they are for. Thanks for the video - a great boon that’ll push me over into trying this technique.

Julie M on

The video sure cleared things up. I would love to give this a try. I do all kinds of crafting and this looks like a perfect addition. :) Thanks for the information and the opportunity to try to win!

Jennifer H on

That looks like so much fun. Learning by video is perfect for me because I cannot always attend a class. I am hoping to win so I can give this a try. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

therealfrannie on

I have wanted to learn needle felting for so long! The video was good and helpful. I always thought it would be harder to learn than it looked on the video. Watching a learning from a video is better because you can actually see the process along with the directions. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway and learn needlefelting -

Diana Clark on

I am really interested in needle felting , I have had my hands in everything but that.
After watching the video my creative mind is thinking of all the things I could do with that prize pack!
I would absolutely love to win.
Thanks for the video it was great!

Nancy on

I put flowers on everything! And I just love felted flowers. This video was so helpful in breaking down the basics. I really love how adding small details can personalize an item – especially makes kids feel special when they get to pick embellishments to their clothing. Thanks for inspiring me to really jump into this!

Cheryl on

I have seen at stores all these items and did not think that it was something I wanted to try. I do wool applique on quilts, but never realized how i could embelish them with this wood felting. I am excited to add this to my list of things I want to do now, just don’t tell my husband!!

carolyn on

Would love to learn this. Thanks for the opportunity!!

Brenda Marzullo on

OMGosh…. I just loved the way this felting video shows how easy it is to felt! Watching your video makes it look so easy & exciting! I’ve always loved this felting tecnique but thought it was a hard thing to do. After watching this video I am soooooo ready to start learning more about working with fiber!! It makes me wish I had the tools to get started RIGHT now!! I have wanted to learn more about making YO YO items, is there any chance of doing a video for them? I’d love to learn that technique as well. Thank you so much for taking the time to give us lessons with directions in this manner, it is more than helpful, it’s educational as well. Thank you so much ;)

Mary Gardner on

I have done some needle felting and your video gives a good demonstration on the technique. I would enjoy using the equipment you featured.

sherelyn nichol on

This is a technique I have been wanting to try for some time! Cool vidio gives better explanation.

Debbie St. Germain on

Wonderful video and it gave me ideas and ways I could use felting in different techniques. I use a lot of wool in my projects, and wanted to do wool on wool felting, and was wondering if any type of wool would work, or does it has to be a loose weave? I love the idea of felting and would love to learn more techniques and types of fiber one can use, as well as ways to embellish it.


Cindy Wise on

Good demonstration of techniques! Great way to “upcycle” your old sweaters or jeans (or thrift store/garage sale/hand-me-downs) to make them more fashion forward. Thanks for sharing this!

rhonda grallnick on

I could not believe how easy and simple
to do. Lots of great ideas. Looking forward to trying it.

Iona Heck on

I’d like to try this and have a few items to use. It looks like fun.

Iona Heck on

I think I would try this,and the use of stensils is a great idea. It looks like fun and I have a few items to try.

Cindy Yates on

I would embelissh my jeans with needle felting, as it adds so much, and it looks so easy, and fun.

Twylla Smith on

There is more to do with felting that I had thought. This video explains and shows the techniques clearly. Makes me interested in pursuing mor info on it.

Casey L. Smith on

Its been years since I’ve done needle felting, but I still enjoy the look and find many of the images and finished products to be intriguing enough to think about doing some again!
Thanks for the informative video and inspiration!

Chris in OK on

Love the video. Plan to try it on some moth-eaten wool jackets. Thanks

Carol Nichols on

This was a helpful video. I have been interested in needlefelting, but have never started. This gave me some valuable information. Thank you. I would enjoy winning the supplies

Deni Quay on

I have been wanting to try needle felting for a long time. Your video makes it look very easy and has encouraged me to give it a try. I love working with wool and enjoy wool applique. Needle felting offers another technique for embellishing. Thank you for your video and for the little push toward learning a new technique.

Melody Baker on

Wow, didn’t know how this works but looks fun and easy to do. Thanks for the video!

Deni Quay on

I have been wanting to try needle felting for a long time. Your video makes it look so easy and has encouraged me to try my hand at it. I love working with wool and enjoy wool applique. Needle felting will provide another method of embellishing. I look forward to all the fun in trying this new technique. Thank you for your informative video.

christina balogh on

I had planned to embroider a black boiled wool jacket that I cut the binding border off of because I hated it. Now I think I will try the felting technique and embellish it that way. It could really be stunning and colorful.I am very excited!

margie on

the video was very good. after watching, I would definately give it a try.

Karen Gass on

I have JUST this week started needlefelting. So I’m a complete newbie, but I love how things are turning out and am going to continue on. I hadn’t thought about needlefelting wool fabric to wool fabric, so I’m going to try some of that. I want to try everything!!!! :) Thanks for the video – I can see where those tools you used would save some sore fingers. :)

Laurie on

Lovely tutorial! Doesn’t go too quickly and would love to start felting using some of these techniques! Please enter me in this giveaway.

Kay Honeycutt on

The needlefelting video was very interesting. This appears to be a great way to embellish with many various options. Thanks!!

Debbie Painter on

This is a fascinating technique that I would really love to learn!!! The video makes it look very doable! I can’t think of anything specific I’d like to see in a video, but am always interested in trying new things!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

Gloria Brown on

This video is great. I’ve only seen pictures of
felting but not a video and this is great. It
looks easier than I thought. I’ve already
bought wool but haven’t done anything
with it because I wasn’t sure how to start.
Now I can go for it and if I need help I know
where to get it. And the supplies are right
here. Thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debra Collins on

great video have tried needle felting and enjoy it

Mary on Lake Pulaski on

I all completely new to needle felting and this is a great way to learn. I would think knitting and crocheting would also be great in this format.

katie paxton on

Who knew you could create all tho different designs. I love the idea of putting wool on wool.
Thank you for the video.

annette on

Now I understand a litter better what this is. I think this is something I would like to learn to do.

Sheri on

Needle Felting is one of those things that I have been anxious to try, but unsure if I were talented enough to accomplish successfully. Your video makes it look very easy, and do-able. I am a long time fan of Indygo Junction & online learning. Thanks for the valuable information.

Joan on

I always admire these projects when I see them, but have never been brave enough to try these techniques. Watching the video makes me think I could master the technique and add to my fiber skills! Thank you-maybe Santa could bring me some supplies!

Susie Chapple on

I love needle felting. The video was great- easy to follow. Thanks

Debbie on

Would be fun to try but wonder how it washes.

Margaret Parks on

I love the look of this and want to try it with some cute Christmas tree ornaments. Thanks for showing me how.

Barb Bennett on

I love the result – can’t wait to try it!

Judy Brenzo on

OH My, when I think I have seen everything, you find new ways of doing things. I love the cookie cutter and stencil idea. I had not used the roving for felting, now I will have to find some free time and play. I don’t know anything to tell you I would like to see you show how to do, you seem to be able to come up with things that amaze me. Keep it up. Judy

Deb Allen on

That looks much easier than I imagined it would be. I think even “I” might be able to do it! Thanks so much for this video!

Carole M. Howard on

A friend introduced me to needle felting, this video has shown me other ways to use the process. I like videos as I am a show and tell learner.

Aloma Marker on

Thanks for the video, I am ready to try needle felting.

janice techter on

i’m needle felting while watching this video!! love it, has instant gratification (almost) and you can recycle wool from thrift stores. what’s not to love? need more roving colors in stores.

Hazel Dickinson on

Nice video. I have been interest for some time & it was good to see all the applications in one place. I am inspired to try it soon.

Frances S. Kelley on

This was great. I have just crocheted my first purse and felted it. I needed some ideas on embellishing it and think I have enough to start. Thanks

Stefanie Gott-Dinsmore on

I really enjoyed seeing the yarn felting

Susan on

It’s so easy and yet the finished paterns look so complex! I can’t wait to try it.

Rene Bolton on

I have done a little needle felting. This video has inspired me to try again. Thanks!

Lacy Province on

Wow, I never knew there were so many ways to needle felt. I’d love to use these techniques with my regular knitting.

Heather Henry on

What fun! I would love to try the free form felting and also using old wool sweaters. I think felted purses are SO cute/elegant depending on what design you choose. Thanks!

Donna McDonald on

I really like the felting on the jeans. Reminds me of all the embroidery I did back in the 70’s. I am also interested in the bracelets shown as the last picture in the slide show. I am hoping you have a pattern for that. I am jumping over there right now to see if you do.

Gillian on

As a complete newcomer to needle felting I found this video to be the perfect introduction. The technique (how clever to use stencils!) was very clearly explained and demonstrated and it has certainly cleared away any doubts I had about giving it a go. More video demos please ;)

Marguerite Namdar on

Wow, I found that tutorial really interesting. I am not too familiar with needle felting and did not realize how easy it would be using stencil. Nice show.

Mary Sue Moore on

I have always wanted to learn how to do this felting. After watching I was inspired to try this.It was very pretty and looks so easy.

tj on

…I love this video! I’ve seen it before as I’ve been interested in learning this for some time now but unfortunately just can’t afford to take on another hobby at this time. If I win this will be perfect! :o)

…Wonderful video! Amy speaks clearly and the instructions are perfect.

…Thank you for the chance to win!

…Blessings :o)

Bonnie R. on

Amy, your instructions, are, as usual, clear, concise and easy to follow. I have done some felting but now that I watched your video, my hands are itching to get the supplies out again, especially since the leaves are turning!/

Laurie in NE on

Great video! Makes me want to give felting a whirl. Do I need another hobby (or addiction)? Absolutely not, but NEED has nothing to do with it, lol!

charla on

Videos are a great idea-i can’t wait to start using the materials and techniques.

Pat Thornell on

This video was a great first lesson. I am sure that my kids in sewing class would love doing this to make embellishments for some of their garments.

Karen Snyder on

I have never tried needle felting but have always found it interesting. After watching the video I would love to give it a try. It would be great to win this giveaway.!

caroline resende morais santos on

Desde que começei a assistir os videos não parei de criar,muitas peças com riqueza de detales,a INDYGO JUNCTION,me possibilitou melhorar e conhecer novas maneiras de trabalhar artesanalmente adoro receber as dicas e tento colocar tudo oque vejo aqui em pratica.Neste video e possivel ver que realmente e muito facil,usar cada ferramenta e o melhor tudo oque precisarmos teremos onde adiquirir com segurança,e qualidade.Alem de ensinar o video nos proporciona uma sensação de querer estar ali ,e de ter tudo oque nos foi mostrado tamanha e a facilidade que ele nos mostra.Parabens ,uma equipe de otima qualidae com produtos e serviços nota 10!!

Carol on

Videos certainly make the learning of a new technique a whole lot easier. Clear and precise, if you miss a bit, rewind and have an instant replay. Great Idea

Marcia Hutchings on

It looks like fun. I don’t really understand why non-wool yarn shouldn’t be used. I would like to see a video on creating jewelry with needle felting.

terri swisher on

This would be such a great release of creative energy.

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