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We are very excited to announce that along with the release of our hand embroidery designs in Stitched Style, we also have a machine embroidery collection available! (by the way, have you entered our Stitched Style Pinterest challenge yet?) The SoHo Bandana collection from OESD uses the same vintage bandana inspired designs as Stitched Style, and not only offers embroidery designs but also applique and reverse applique designs. Check your local store for the collection, it is also available here. Here is the Crossroads Trench made in Downtown Teal Crossroads Denim using a reverse applique design from the collection. I love how you can see the Eggplant Crossroads peaking out in the leaves.

Crossroads Trench

Here is our bestselling jacket, the Cutting Edge Jacket made in Periwinkle Crossroads Denim. Another reverse applique design was used and this time our Fire Red denim is highlighted. Cutting Edge Jacket

Here are a few of the designs in the collection...OESD SoHo Bandana 3 OESD SoHo Bandana 6 OESD SoHo Bandana 2OESD SoHo BandanaOESD SoHo Bandana 4 OESD SoHo Bandana 5 OESD SoHo Bandana 7 80041-27 And don't forget to get the SoHo Bandana thread kit! OESD SoHo Bandana Thread Kit    

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