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We are so excited to tell you about our three new pattern releases! These new patterns are part of our Crossroads patterns series that were designed to work well with our Crossroads Denim. So, without further ado... The Pieced Stool & Table


This is a really cool pattern. It offers so many options! Solid and pieced versions, large and small, optional zippers, dresden plates, courthouse steps designs. Whew! We originally designed it to work with Bosal's foam hassocks, but have also provided instructions to build your own cylindrical form insert. However, if you can get one of Bosal's we highly recommend it, because they are really solid! Look at the girl sitting below, she hasn't put a dent in it. (Yes, she is tiny, but we have had all shapes, sizes and multiple people on them...they have stood up to the task)

Pieced Stool and table

The Laurel Canyon Purse


Many of you have probably recognized this purse from the cover of Stitched Style. We used the purse in that book just to show off the embroidery, but ended up liking the purse so much that we gave it it's own pattern. The purse is a great size. Not too big, not too small and sits nicely on your shoulder. It's fully lined, gusseted and comes with directions to do the fun raw edge strap and embroidery design. And, you even can use some fun hardware on the straps! Patriotic Pillows


Jazz up  your sofa or bed with some Patriotic Pillows! The pillows feature applique and reverse applique techniques, raw edges and the pattern includes a recycled denim version of the American flag. The pillows are large, they fit a bed pillow - that also makes them fun to use as floor pillows! Or, as you can see, a puppy pillow..

Patriotic Pillows

Now for the fun part - want a chance to win all three patterns PLUS as a bonus we are throwing in our new Indygo Junction's Stitched Style book! Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below for multiple chances to enter. Giveaway ends on December 16th at noon! Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Gill Watson on

I love the Patriotic patterns – especially the union jack!!

Margaret Schindler on

I love them all but that purse really caught my eye. Nice patterns. Would love to own this book

Mary Michael on

Vintage Notions is definitely a book I have enjoyed over and over. Your patterns are beautiful and fun to sew. I have several and would love to win a new one. I love Indigo Junction!

Sherry Fram on

Love the book!


Love the creative uses of color mixed with denim. Hope I am a.winner…cause I have a lot of jeans to upcycle…not mention I am seriously broke!!!

Ellee on

The patterns are all so cute and clever. The Laurel Canyon Purse is my 1st choice because I’ve been searching for a good purse pattern and this one looks like it might fit the bill.

Isabel A. on

I love the The Laurel Canyon Purse. I’m adicted to purses and bags.

Cora on

For contest

Glynn Martin on

I LOVE the Patriotic Pillows!

Shelly Sandy on

Love the patriotic pillows!!!

sue c on

beautiful patterns. i’d be happy to win any one of them

Joan April Blazich on

I am intrigued by the pillows and that ottoman. My litle rv could use some soft furnishings!

Thunder on

Love the pillows. Thanks for a chance to win :)

Ann on

Thanks for the giveaway. I love the hassock! I could use about 4 of these for my house. :)

Joni Weed on

I LOVE the puppy pillow! Looks like the sizes are really useful (not just small decorative) and they look comfy!

bonnie on

I like the purse pattern, I have been wanting to start making purses for the girls and this would be perfect

Mickie Ross on

Those patriotic pillows are awesome!

Mickie Ross on

Love all the new patterns! Never even thought I would ever want to make a foot stool before – now I can’t wait!

Lee on

I love the Patriotic Pillows – I am a collect of flags which is why I love them!! thank you!

JudyB. on

All are very cool. I am always drawn to purse patterns. Since it features embroidery, a new craft I’m learning, this purse would be my first choice. The stool and table would be an interesting challenge.

patti on

I love patterns

Susan B on

My favorite pattern is the patriotic pillow, perfect for my mom.

Terri Francisco on

I’ve been a fan of your company for years, and love everything you put out!! Purses are my favorite!

Jen K on

Cool projects !

Liz Irvine on

Love the patterns and books!!

Liz Irvine on

I love all your patterns and have made several.

Lena Almodamqa on

Love those pillows!

cathy gillette on

Love the pillow!! stylish, quick, will love experimenting with different fabric patterns and textures!!

Monya Duvall on

Hope I win!!

Betty Fisher on

Great site

KarenH on

I love your patterns. I would really like to make the dog bed for my two sweeties!

Elizabeth Greenup on


karen on the pillows…

Marlene Parkis on

Love the new patterns! Been looking for patriotic themes, just what I needed!

Janis hopper on

I love the pillow patterns! But that Laurel Canyon purse is my favorite.

Wendy Padgett on

love the stool pattern. Very inspired by the stitched style pattern as well. Good job! Amy always love your stuff! -Wendy

cathy gillette on

Love the versatility of the flag pillow! looking forward to experimenting with different fabrics textures and patterns!

Judy on

The purse pattern is the right size!

Robin on

I like the purse pattern very much. I could see myself carrying it around town. I also like the footstools and I would definitely make a couple of them. But being able to use them is another story. Our cat would claim them as hers and use them as her personal sleeping spot.

Laura on

The purse!

Chris on

I like the Pieced Stools. They are different and look like they would be fun to make.

DonnaRae on

The stool really caught my eye. I have never sewed one up so think ti would be a fun project. And stylish too!

Bebe on

Looks like some fun patterns to me! Love the RWB American and British flag pillows!

Michele Van Epps on

These all look like fun patterns — I can picture making each of them!

Lady_D on

I love all the new patterns, especially the purse and pillows. I’ll probably have to make them all, sooner or later. The purse is just about the perfect size, but I’d have to adjust the length of the strap, and I can’t say I’m too fond of the raw edged look…

Tricia Nolen on

Love the Laura Canyon purse. I log-on to the website daily. Thank you for all the great stuff & inspiration.

Lisa Marie on

I like the purse pattern but I would make a more polished looking strap — not really a fan of raw edges.

Vanessa on


Irene Martinez on

This giveaway is super for inspiration in 2014…thank you.

Judy S on

My granddaughter will love the ‘stool’ and I would love to make the purse – great size!

Jan on

I love the Patriotic Pillows because I love red, white and blue and I think they would be fun to display together … revolutionary and all that stuff! ;)

Fiamma di Gioia on

I’m confused! I left a comment above!! It said: I especially like the pieced jean stool/table cover…..the pocket makes it extra useful and clever!!!! And who doesn’t have old jeans to use up!! What a nice gift idea, too -

Fiamma di Gioia on

I especially like the pieced jean stool/table cover…..the pocket makes it extra useful and clever!!!! And who doesn’t have old jeans to use up!! What a nice gift idea, too!

Ellen M. on

I like the Laurel Canyon purse – I like the combination of fabric and embroidery.


Really like the stool.



Patti Jones on

Love the new patterns. Hope I win.

Carin Aschan on

They look awesome!

Bernadette Webre on

Don’t have a favorite. All are great.

Sandy A in St. Louis on

Love the purse. It looks like something I could make for my nieces for Christmas that they actually would use!

Ginger on

Love the stool. My kids would have fun playing on it. :-)

CA Miller on

Fun, I’d love to try them

Cynthia m on

I love the new patriotic pillows pattern . They look so new and different. Can’t wait to stitch one up

Kathleen on

Love the patterns especially the patriotic pillows.

carolee c. on

I love the pieced stool and table pattern!

Gwendolyn Clark on

Can always use new patterns and books.

Debra Neiman on

I like the patriotic American Flag pillow best. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

Cecilia on

I love the purse pattern because it is the perfect size and shape.

Pat Jones on

I really love the Laurel Canyon purse! It’s so shabby chic with a classy look!

Lindy on

I haven’t heard the term “hassock” in forever! :D I love the stool pattern and especially love the purse pattern – that distressed strap is genius!

Elizabeth on

Love the patriotic pillows as I love to decorate for patriotic days.

Christi on

I love the pieced ottoman!

Jacklynn Grimm on

I really like the patriotic pillow patterns – especially that they are standard bed pillow sized. Thanks for the give away!

Julianne Mason on

Looks interesting

Gina S. on

Like table and stool. Those would be really cute for kids.

Carolyn on

The Laurel Canyon Purse because I am always on the look out for new bag pattersn.

Fran on

The Crossroads denim colors are nifty. Thanks for the inspiration!

Amy Sapio on

I love love, love the purse! I love handmade purses and especially the color purple! I would love to win this!



Darla Elsken on

Love the Pieced Stool & Table pattern. That would be fun to make.

Jean Kutz on

Love these designs!

Lynn Douglass on

The vest is adorable!

Lynn Douglass on

Love the stool and table! What a great and modern way to add unique pieces to your decor!

Sandi Mitchell on

I got very excited when I saw the Pieced Stool & Table pattern. I have a stool that desperately needs a makeover and this pattern would be perfect! I love all your yo-yo patterns too. Great projects for kids to help with.

Jeanie Lambert on

Love the purse!

Marilyn S on

I love the cute purse and also the American flag pillow! I can’t decide which I like more. Thanks for the chance to win!!

heather morris on

Just got to make the flags

irene martinez on

great patterns

irene martinez on

These patterns make great gifts…thanks

Darla Elsken on

Love the piece stool & table pattern. I can see that as being fun & creative.

Irene on

I love the. Xmas elves and the patriotic cushions

Anne Gilmore on

I love the patriotic pillows! The flag patterns are so cool.

Kathleen on

Cute puppy! I love the pillows especially the Union Jack—would love to make a couple.

Kathleen on

Cute puppy! I love the pillows, especially the Union Jack.

Laurene on

W O W – when can I move into your shop and live there? Your denim is both practical and beautiful.

Peggy on

The purse.

Peggy on

Love the purse.

Kathleen on

Love the purse!

Linda in Maryville on

I love all these patterns! However, the purse is my favorite. I like the size of it. Perfect for quick trips to town.

Connie Fuller on

I live the flag pillow pattern

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