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If you are like me, the pressure has started to mount...not just general holiday pressure, but more specifically, the need to have the best ornament at the annual ornament exchange. Do you have this same desire? At our ornament exchange there is a lot of stealing of the best ornament, and it is pretty obvious which is the most popular and just to up the ante, whoever brings the most stolen ornament wins a prize. I think this year I have it covered, I am going to make one of these fabulous ornaments. I haven't decided which one, but I'm leaning towards the pig from The Circus Collection. Although, I am a big fan of the Alice In Wonderland Collection as well. You can make fabulous ornaments too, because for the next week they are on sale! Use the code ORN13 to save 20% off on all ornament and book patterns! Simply enter the code during checkout and be sure to click update cart to receive your discount. I highly recommend them as gifts, package toppers, projects to share with kids and, of course, the most envied ornament at the exchange.

IJ781 folk art jingle IJ914 hearth and home holidays IJ916 alice in wonderland collection 1 IJ919 circus collection 1 IJ921 Circus Collection 3

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