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In honor of National Sewing Month, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite national sewing organizations. Part of the fun of sewing is sharing your projects and techniques with other like-minded people. What you might not know, is that there are groups dedicated to that all over the country!


The American Sewing Guild (the ASG) got it's start in the 1970's as sewing education was being dropped from school curriculum. The American Home Sewing Association wanted to come up with a way to keep the interest in home sewing alive, and came up with the idea of the Guild. The ASG is made up of territory chapters and neighborhood groups. For instance there is a Kansas City chapter, which has a number of smaller neighborhood groups. The smaller groups meet more frequently to discuss their projects, anything from fashion sewing to home dec to quilting. There are also many chapter wide events like classes and field trips where everyone can mingle. Check out the ASG site to see if there is a chapter near you!


If you are a diehard quilter, you are in luck, because there are a ton of quilt guilds, probably in your own backyard! The National Quilting Association was founded in 1970 in hopes to create, stimulate, maintain and record an interest in all matters pertaining to making, collecting and preserving quilts. This national organization has many local chapters across the country. Find yours here! There is also a great site featuring quilt guilds worldwide here.


A new national quilting organization has recently popped up, The Modern Quilt Guild. These quilters use bright fabrics and unexpected quilting techniques to further the art of quilting. Although the first guild chapter was founded just in 2009, there are now over 150 guilds across the country! With that many, surely there is one near you? Find out here... Local and national sewing organizations are so important these days when education of sewing is rarely found in school, and fabric stores are becoming few and far between. If you've never joined a guild, try it out...most groups let you come to a few meetings before you have to sign up. It's so inspiring to see what other sewists are up to, what techniques they are using and where they got that fabric or pattern! In honor of National Sewing Month, take a minute to see what is available in your are, and go check out a meeting!  

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Marcia on

wonderful prizes, hope I win

Kathy Kratoska on

It was fun learning about MQG!

Rosie on

The American Sewing Guild and the National Quilting Assoc. are certainly very well respected names in sewing. I have never heard of the Modern Quilt Guild, but it sounds like they are doing some amazing things with quilting too. Wonderful organizations.

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