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2016 is Indygo Junction's 20th anniversary in business, and as you can imagine, we have designed a lot of patterns in 20 years! Even though fashion has changed dramatically since we started, some of our older pattern styles are now back. Our Modern Medley Top & Tunic pattern is a perfect example. PIJ1113-2T This classic pattern was released years ago as the Mis-Matched Medley – and has always been a popular pattern, although as years have gone by the cover began to look a little dated. We decided to modernize it with a makeover, creating new samples and updating the instructions for today's seamstress. PIJ1113-6T The original Medley was too boxy for today's standards so we streamlined the shape a little, taking out some of the room in the sleeves. The sleeve is a modified dolman design, narrowing slightly as it falls to bracelet length. PIJ1113-4T We also decided the Medley needed to go green - after all, we try to include a upcycled option with any pattern that we can. We made the short version using upcycled denim, which creates a fun color-blocked look. PIJ1113-3T With all the new beautiful garment fabrics out there, we thought a longer version of the Medley would be lovely made out of rayon or silk - and serve as a dressier option to wear to the office or out on the town. Want to make your own Modern Medley? Take 20% off the pattern using the code BG13 at checkout. Code valid through 2/8/16.  

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