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We are so excited to share our new Pattern Review video! Amy and Betsy got together to discuss the merits of one of our best-selling patterns, the Banded Baskets. This pattern has enormous potential for customization as well as being a fantastic organization tool.

Choosing fabric to use for the Banded Baskets is fun - you can combine them in so many ways! They are a perfect canvas for showing off your favorite prints, whether small or large. Of course when we received Amy's new Vintage Made Modern fabric, we had to use it for a Banded Basket. We combined it with our Crossroads Denim to create a fun sewing organization basket.


This giveaway has ended. **Congratulations to Kristy S. who is the winner of the Banded Baskets giveaway!

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Alice Bailey on

Love the Denim.

Judy Brehmer on

I LOVE THE SEWING print. It would be so great for the largest bag. I enjoyed seeing how you combined the fabrics. Judy

Carolyn on

I love the pattern fabric!

Jennie Kaderabek on

Great baskets! I’d love to make some of these lines with a heavy satin for spinning fiber.
My favorite fabric was the Vintage Made Modern line!

Gayle Bender on

I love the dressmaker print with the plaid lining. I make clothes, aprons, and handbags. This print is perfect for carrying projects.

MaryJo on

Hi. I liked the bracket at the end of the video. Reusing denim seems perfect for these baskets. I also have a similar red fabric in my stash that looks great.

Raina DelRio on

I love ALL the vintage modern fabrics used in the video. They are all so pretty, it is hard to chose just one fave.

Kathy on

I love the vintage pink with printed patterns

Darla E on

I love the Vintage Made Modern fabric line. I can see the baskets being used in the sewing area using the fabric.

Katy M on

I liked the Vintage Made Modern fabrics. If I had to pick one it would be the Fashion Dictionary.

karin mullins on

Hi, I loved the fabric with the patterns on it.

Patricia on

I Love the red bandana/denim bag, second choice is the Crossroads downtown Pink Plaid.

MaryAnn B on

I love the vintage made modern tools of the trade and text book definition how cute is that.

Sharon Schmidt on

Nice Clever Bags

D. Melancon on

I love the bags made from Denyse Schmidt’s Shelburne Falls Collection! Awesome nesting bags! Can’t wait to make some!

donna dennis on

I love the colorful denim used in the project

Denise Swanson on

I loved the colorful denims and the notions print.

Vivian on

I like all the fabric chose. Look like it would fun to make!

Tracy Snyder on

Really enjoyed the video for the baskets! Love the line of Vintage Made Modern fabrics and also thought reusing the denim was a great idea! Thank you!

Kellie Warren on

I have this Vintage made Modern fabric, have not used it yet. I liked it with the embroidery and I would have to say my favorite was the SOHO Bandana Collection fabric. You got me. Now i need some. So its for sure my favorite. But, i am going to need some of the denim, that is way too useful and since I had purchased the Vintage Made Modern fabric for my new sewing studio that we just built, i think the Crossroads denim would be perfect for using as decor and some of the appliqué detail. Thank you for the video! Super cute!

Nancy on

I love the modern dress making print! It’s that print that caught my attention to watch the video.

Karen Simons on

I love the Crossroads Denim!

Karen A on

I like the floral fabric from the Shelburne Falls collection.

Verena Jones on

The banded basket with the red bandana fabric with the blue fabric was my favorite! So cute!!!!

Mary Jo Gibbs on

Thanks for the video. I love the Vintage Made Modern fabrics, especially the pattern fabric. I can see a magazine basket for my sewing room.

Laurie E on

I love the baskets. So many uses and quick construction. I love the vintage fabric baskets Thanks

Denise/Folsom,Calif. on

Vintage Made Modern love this fabric!

Donna M on

Love the Fashion Dictionary fabric mentioned. The Vintage Made Modern fabrics are all great.

Kristy on

I love plaid, so the DS plaid with the lovely floral is my favorite! Thanks! Great baskets! Love the nesting feature too!

Kaholly on

I just love the Vintage Made Modern fabrics!

Cindy Pilkington on

I really like the sewing themed fabrics with dress patterns and tossed notions, which pair beautifully with the lovely denims. Plus, the pink plaid is adorable too!

Roberta Scott on

Love the dressmaker fabric

Peggy on

I think the vintage fabric would make these Banded Baskets great gifts, I can’t wait to make a set for mysef, thanks!

QuiltShopGal on

While all the fabrics shown are beautiful, I was drawn to the Vintage made modern print.


Carolyn N. on

Love the use of denim with these baskets!

Mary Farley on

Love the recycled denim design.

Vanessa on

Thank you for a chance to win!!

marcia mcnamara on

I like the Eggplant denim from the Crossroads denim collection. But the idea of putting names on the band is great – sounds like a good Christmas gift idea.

Verna on

I like the plaids and the denim.

Susan Spiers on

Luv the Vintage Made Modern! Pink Plaid Crossroads Denim lining!

marcia mcnamara on

I like the Eggplant denim from the Crossroads denim line. And the idea of personalizing the bands – sounds like a great Christmas gift.

Kari Gallagher on

I love the dressmaker fabric and the fashion dictionary print.

Deborah Andrews on

I love the vintage sewing prints. I purchased your book when it was first released, as I too collect vintage fashion magazines. The illustrations from the 20’s are lovely.

AbbyK on

I really like the simplicity of the crossroads denim. Ty for the giveaway!

Charlyn Trussell on

The Vintage Made Modern pattern is my favorite fabric, especially the sewing dictionary and the notions patterns.

Judy Danz on

Love the nesting bags and the fabric just makes it. Great idea!

Ellen on

I love the Vintage Made Modern fabric! The text from the periodical and the plaid are fabulous!

Virginia Pflum on

I loved the denim on the top and handles of the basket. I hope to make one soon and will embroidery my name of it. Hope I win the pattern.

Judy Martirano on

Absolutely stunning. Would love to make these.

Marti Morgan on

I really like the notions material – and plaid is my thing – so all the plaids are on my want list.

Anna Lutz-Brown on

Love the vintage made modern….so love that fabric line……but to be truthful there all very nice..ty for video…..happyness04431@yahoo.com

Carol Gearey on

I really liked the colored denim especially combined with the embroidery.

Elaine Thurston on

I love the vintage dressmaking print…!

Annie Dee on

The Vintage Made Modern fabric was lovely – I especially love the print with the dictionary entries.

rrjane011749 on

Love he demin chosen!

Brenda Ackerman on

My choice would be Denyse Schmidt with her Shelburne Falls collection. Thank you for sharing and the opportunity to win this great prize! Have a wonderful creative day! brend_ack@yahoo.com

Frances on

Vintage Made Modern fabrics is calling me……Sew Love it…..Thank you for the video.

Donna King on

What a difficult choice, but I think I’d come back to the very first set of fabrics you showed which is what caught my eye in the first place with these baskets. I can also envision seasonal fabrics with these baskets… seashore fabrics for taking to the beach, fall or Christmas fabrics to hold gift projects in the making, children’s fabrics to hold small toys —so many options for so many uses.

Frances on

Vintage Made Modern fabrics is calling me….sew Love it….Thank you for the video.

Bev Passwaters on

Love the Denim. These are wonderful baskets. Made a similar basket w/o a pattern using leftover pieces of two towels that I used for curtains in my bathroom. Put some loops on the baskets and hung them on my Philippine Ratan Bathroom shelf unit that stands over the toilet. They are very handy to store my brushes and extra wash cloths

Mary Farus on

I love the Vintage Made Modern and have used it in a small wall quilt I gave to my secret sister in my quilt guild.

Diane on

Great baskets! I like the Vintage Made Modern Textbook as well as the Crossroads Denim.

carolyn montgomery on

i like the textbook fabric from the Vintage Made Modern fabric line, thanks for the chance to win, i love making fabric baskets.

rrjane011749 on

Love the denim chosen!

Natasha on

I really like the Vintage Made Modern plaid

Rebecca on

I love all the vintage fabrics, the ones with like the sewing pattern on it etc

Denise on

I like the dressmaker print with the plaid lining

Sharon Harmon on

My favorite is the gray with eggplant lining and the embroidery on it. But I love them all.

Teresa Phillips on

What a versitle bag! And the choices in fabirics are awesome! I especially love the Text and the Tailor Made fabric, super cute! I can see those fabrics in so many applications. Thanks for the review!

Lisa Clark on

I love the crossroads denim and the pink plaid

KathyCummings on

I love the design and the denims in all those colors.
Thank you for the giveaway.

Vickie on

I love the vintage made modern fabric

Joyce on

I loved the crossroad denim in eggplant. Beautiful color.

Linda Peevy on

I love the Crossroads Denim. The colors are so pretty.

Susan on

I like the denim baskets.

Lois Van Haaften on

I love the pattern with the pink plaid inside and also the baskets using the blue denim.

Pamela Hane on

I love the vintage made modern fabric!

lauriejo on

The basket pattern is great, but I really love the Vintage Made Modern line!

Rachel B on

I love the Crossroads Denim too.

Vickie on

I like the crossroad denim and the vintage made modern fabrics

Mrs.T on

I like all of the nifty colors in the Crossroads Denim. I also like the Vintage Made Modern line.

Lisa Crawford on

I like the Sherbert falls collection but also the bandanna fabric with the denim

Kris Kaiser on

I love the baskets and can’t wait to try the Crossroad Denim in a fun color!

Stacy on

I love the Vintage Made Modern fabric!

Kimberly on

I love these baskets! My fave fabric was the vintage sewing dictionary.

Cecilia on

I liked all of the fabrics, but the Vintage dressmaking fabric and the coordinating pink plaid were my favorites. I love how versatile your basket pattern is.

Lisa Marie on

Loved the tossed notions fabric and also the pink plaid used as a lining.

Sandy K on

The Shelburne Falls fabric is one of my favorites.

Vicki H on

I like the many colors of Crossroads Denim.

Robin Snyder on

I love the basket. I loved the Teal and yellow fabric.

Lynn Clark on

The Denyse Schmidt Shelburne Falls collection is tasty, but I just can’t get away from your Vintage Made Modern group for decorating my sewing room. A group of the baskets lined up in my barrister’s bookcase would be perfect for corralling the fabric scraps in an organized fashion and would be a beautiful accent through the glass doors. The turquoise fabrics would be a great accent to the yellows that primarily decorate my sewing studio.

Sue on

I love the green leafy fabric on the basket with the machine embroidery motif on the band. I am a green girl!,

Jeannie on

Oh my! I love the Vintage Made Modern fabric line.

Susan Schwartz on

What a cute basket and project.

Diane Hovis on

The video was awesome, I love the Vintage Made Modern fabric!

mel on

I like the Vintage Made Modern fabric, especially the Dressmaking Print.

Lynn on

I really like the denim and bandana fabrics. They were a really cute combination for a fabric basket.

Pattie on

Thank you for sharing your ideas! Favorite fabric…can I say all the above…it would depend upon where I would display the bags and the purpose. I like the vintage sewing items fabric but I am partial to cool colors of blue and green.

Jacklynn Grimm on

My favorite baskets were made with the red bandana fabric and the blue denim. Thanks!

Pamela Murray on

Denim was my favorite!

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