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We are so excited to share our new Pattern Review video! Amy and Betsy got together to discuss the merits of one of our best-selling patterns, the Banded Baskets. This pattern has enormous potential for customization as well as being a fantastic organization tool.

Choosing fabric to use for the Banded Baskets is fun - you can combine them in so many ways! They are a perfect canvas for showing off your favorite prints, whether small or large. Of course when we received Amy's new Vintage Made Modern fabric, we had to use it for a Banded Basket. We combined it with our Crossroads Denim to create a fun sewing organization basket.


This giveaway has ended. **Congratulations to Kristy S. who is the winner of the Banded Baskets giveaway!

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Annette Deardurff on

I love the Vintage Made Modern collection, paired with Crossroads Denim. Great basket pattern!

Sandra wisemiller on

I love the Shelbourne Falls collection.

Suzie Tate on

I love the way you coordinate fabrics. A must try project!

Marcey Halterman on

I love the denim bag-especially using recycled denim

Pamela on

Loved the chartreuse base with the purple/eggplant top with machine embroidery!

tac on

I like the floral with aqua top band.

Susan Samuel on

Love the basket and really love the crossroads denim fabric.

Kathie L on

I loved the green with the purple interior.

Dawn Hollingsworth on

I love, love, love the Shelburne Falls collection!! And the Crossroads Denim!! The baskets are just adorable! Great video!

Sylvia N. Boyden on

Have had this pattern for sometime. Looking for the right fabric(s). Just love the denims, and info on the inter-facings. Suggestions for fabrics and uses of the bags are helpful.

Tina Holbrook on

Love the vintage look fabrics! What a cute idea! Also, love the basket for reusing old fabric, I have so many that I just can’t get rid of the fabric cause its so cute!

Suzanne on

I like the aqua range of the Shelburne Falls fabric combined with the aqua Crossroads Denim – I pretty much like anything with aqua/turquoise.

Diana Roberson on

The denim and red bandana print is my favorite for this really nice basket.

Nancy McCaig on

I liked the fabric with the printed patterns on it — in pink. I wonder if I could pair that up with denim.

Anita Goodman on

I need several of the baskets. I love so many of the patterns.

EG on

I love the grey/gray bag with the eggplant inside. Great color combo.

Marty on

Vintage Made Modern fabrics will be fun to make large baskets.

auschick in va on

I love the vintage made modern dress making print!

Marjorie Brannan on

Love the Crossroads Demin & Vintage Made notions

jamie fisher on

love the denim

Debbie Miller on

Great pattern and video-love the nesting baskets I loved the Denyse Schmidt Shelburne Fabrics combined with the Crossroads Denim Aqua and then WHAM-you showed me the red bandana print with the recycled denim-that one is definitely my favorite as I recycle and sew with all my jean denim!

Sandi Tietje on

loved the recycled demin baskets

Jane Bonfoey on

Always looking for great jean recycle ideas.
My favorite fabric is vintage made especially notions. So cute

Ruby T on

I like the illustrations of sewing notions and terminology from the Women’s Institute. The tunic looks lovely. I think i will have to try that out first and then banded baskets later.

Arlene Aughey on

Just had my foot pedal die – woe is me! Off to look for another one ~~~~ since I will die without the ability to sew ~~~

Denise Lamy on

I love the pink plaid from the vintage line.

Roxann on

I thought the recycled denim with the red floral and the tossed notion navy blue was very pretty. All the fabric baskets were great and hard to chose a favourite!

LeAnne Osburne on

They are all so beautiful—I love the bright colors.

Martha Hood on

Love the baskets- so many uses- so may design to choose from- vintage modern is greatly inspiring have great day

Martha Hood on

Love the baskets- so many uses- so may design to choose from- the denim adds much to baskets- the vintage made modern line is quite inspiring – great ideas given- thanks for chance to own these = have a great day

Ruthi Hoadley on

I would love to make a basket out of the Crossroads denim and bandana fabric!

Linda Slusar on

What a creative idea to use hand or machine embroidery on the basket band! I’ve made the baskets and really enjoy using them. Plus, I enjoy all the compliments I get when I carry around my seeing things n the baskets !

Lolita on

I love the Crossroads Denim, and recycled denim. Okay denim.

Renee on

My favorite fabric is the Dress Making Print from the Vintage Made Modern line. The baskets look like a great set for organizing a sewing room.

Georg on

I love the Vintage Made Modern fabrics. The colors are great and I love vintage.

Tonya Lawson on

I like the dark blue dressmaker’s fabric!

Renee on

I love the vintage made modern, specifically the pinks and the turquoise color with the actual descriptions on it from the old printed book. Super cute basket design!

Demaree on

I loved the Dictionary in teal. Those banded baskets have so many uses. I want to make a dozen!

Jan G on

I love Crossroads Denim and the new line of Vintage Modern Fabrics.. I bought your book Vintage Notions when it first came out, and I enjoy reading it on a regular basis!! It is so much fun!! Thank you sew much, Jan

Renee on

Love the vintage made modern fabric, specifically the two interior prints that were shown in the video.

judys on

The denim is awesome! Love the use of recycled denim in the bags as well.

EllenB on

I’ve liked the Vintage plaids since I first saw them, but the embroidered Crossroads denim is a very classy touch to the bags.

Nicole Sender on

I liked the recycled denim and bandana fabric basket fabric choices the best.

Suizou on

I love the Dressmaker fabric design. Great video, very well presented, excellent pattern and fabric choices!

Gilda (McStamper) on

Love the vintage made modern. Perfect for the great baskets.

Carol on

I love the Vintage Made Modern, especially the one with the pattern pieces. The colors would go well in my new sewing room.

Betty on

Wonderful pattern

Kim on

I loved the Vintage Made Fabric!

Cori on

It would be perfect for a knitting basket to hold my yarn projects.Thank you for a great video and I love the fabric.

Donna H on

Loving the colors in the Denyse Schmidt Shelburne fabrics. Great Baskets!

Kathy M Boice on

I had a hard time hearing the name of the fabric but I loved the one with the plaid as demonstrated in the video! It looks like an easy pattern to do and so functional! I would love to win!!

Helen on

I like the dressmaking fabric

Kelly Aubert on

I loved the vintage fabric! Especially if you are making those baskets to store sewing or craft items! So cute!!

Doris McCarty on

I liked the blue fabric with the sewing notions on it.

Janie on

I like the shelburn falls fabric.

Gwendolyn Clark on

Shelburne Falls collection was my favorite fabrics.

Betty on

Dressmaker’s print says it all, love it

Lorna DeSantis on

My favorite-the dressmaker’s print

Chris Victorsen on

I liked the Vintage Made Modern fabric!! I love the style of these baskets!!

Karen Seitz on

I love the navy Notions Toss!

Nancy Myers on

All the fabrics were great, but I like recycling, so I want to say the denim.

Debbie Rogowski on

I love the pink plaid and the Notions Toss

PattyS on

I love the Vintage Made Modern collection, paired with Crossroads Denim. Loved the pocket inside.

Debbie Unelli on

Love the different sizes! And the fabric choices, and the other fabrics shown..

Michelle Myers on

Can’t wait to make this!

Wendy on

I like the Denim with the embroidered bands! Thanks for more inspiration!

LadyD on

Love the Vintage Made Modern line of fabric, especially the dictionary definition motif. However, the Crossroads Denim fabric also comes in many beautiful colors…

Elizabeth on

Vintage Made Modern!

Donna on

Loved the Vintage Modern fabric with the Crossroads Denim accent!

Linda Kay on

I loved the cross denim.

Cori on

I forget to say I love the recycled jeans especially the pocket. One of my favorite fabric is the Notion Tossed

Patty Clevenger on

Very cute baskets! I love the denim fabric!

Martha Patrick on

I absolutely love the vintage made modern fabric. It would make some fantastic curtains for a sewing room!!!

Lori Morton on

Love the “Vintage Made Modern” collection!! But the recycled Denim one’s turned my head for sure…and I am smitten!! Have a bin of jeans, etc…would looove to make one with the bandana fabric just like you did..grrrreat for my sewing & yarn projects! Thanks for the inspiration!!! :D

Joanne Roberts on

Loving the vintage made modern fabric. Thanks for the giveaway

Rinda on

I think Shelburne Falls fabric collection would be my favorite.

Carolyn on

I liked the crossroads denim and bandana fabric.

Maryann Smith on

I like the vintage print fabrics.

Lee on

Shelburne fabric was my favorite!

Jodi on

I love the Vintage Made Modern Fabric! What adorable baskets! I enjoyed all the color combos!

Judith Martinez on

My favorite fabric is the dictionary print.

Kathy E. on

These baskets are awesome and I want several of each for my sewing room! My favorite fabric used was the Vintage Made Modern – Tools of the Trade.

Amy on

I love the Crossroads Denim so I could wear it and make things for the home too!

sandy on

Love em

Lydia Reading on

Shelburne Falls fabric is lovely. But The Vintage Made Modern line is really fun. I like the color choices in all the bags. Probably my favorites ones are the hand and machine embroidered bags.

Margaret Higgins on

Love the denim

Amy Caldwell (@See_Amy_Sew) on

Love the Crossroads denim and Vintage Modern collections. Esp the ones where you added embroidery.

Ellen M. on

I like the blue fabric that was described as “notions toss”. Great basket pattern!

Suzanne Tharp on

Recently I’ve become attracted to purple and green fabric. The banded basket made with the purple and green is my favorite. Isn’t amazing how well those colors go together? It is so attractive.

Barbara on

Loved the red, white and denim bags.

Barb Gustafson on

I love the baskets and the New Vintage Modern fabric line. These will be perfect to hold my sewing projects and keep me organized. Great video review.

Anita Profitt on

I love the Vintage Made Modern fabrics .

Jeannette sroka on

It is so nice to have tips, and see several versions of this bag. I may try to embellish with my embroidery machine!

Vicki on

Love this pattern. I liked all of the fabric but I do like the idea of recycling the denim.

Rhonda Desgranges on

Love the Vintage Made Modern Fabric.

Rebecca on

I really like the denim with the embroidery!

Dawn Reid on

I liked the Vintage Made Modern Fabric.

Rhonda D on

I love the Vintage Made Modern fabrics!

Barbara Martin on

I love the crossroad denim fabric

Sherray on

I LOVE the Vintage Made Modern fabrics! I can think of so many uses for these banded baskets. I will definitely be making some for myself and friends.

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