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Congratulations to Keri L. who is the winner of the Sixties Smock pattern! This Sixties Smock was inspired by an apron one of our IJ team members, Betsy, found in a vintage store. The first time she wore it to work Amy said, we have to recreate it as a pattern! 8141W Amy loved it because it's very flattering and can be worn as both a "functional" apron-esque top, or as a fashion top.  The smock details include an outside facing around the square neckline (which would be nice to feature in a contrasting fabric), a pocket and the ties in the back. sixties-smock Here is a close up of the outside facing. Notice how the ends are pointed. Although it is hard to see here, there is top-stitching around all the edges. DSC_8623 Here you can see the top made out of our new Vintage Made Modern fabric collection. This is the dressmaker print. This fabric is coming out in September through RJR fabrics. See more about our new fabric Vintage Made Modern fabric collection! dressmakerThis Contest is Over.  

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Mary Sue Wysocki on

This looks very cute. If I don’t win I’ll buy this be buying this pattern. .

karen on

I would love to see a modest blouse with maybe a peter pan style collar or an interchangeable collar.. something that a size xl granma could wear without feeling like she was bearing her chest for all to see and didn’t look like a tent

Janis on

I love this smock pattern. I vaguely remember that I had a dearly loved painting smock for school when I was a little girl of 5-6 that my mother had made. It had my handprints all over it and two cute pockets. This smock reminds me of it. My mother made ALL my clothes, and did so beautifully. She even made my wedding dress. I am probably not as talented as she, but I have followed in her footsteps sewing something most days. I am lucky enough to have wonderful machines and tools to help me that she probably didn’t have. Miss her.

Janis on

Not so vintage, but Lisette’s Portfolio original dress pattern is impossible to find for under a small fortune. I love the way the front is put together with a little gathering and seams that head toward the side in a curve, but I refuse to pay $80 for a $15 pattern. There is a similar pattern with a V-neck, but it isn’t close enough.

Toni Leli on

I’d love to sew up a “shift” dress in a modern fabric!

Anne Bettencourt on

I’d make this apron/top more than once … One for me and more for gifts!

Kathy M. on

The comfortable housedresses that my mother always made herself would be a nice pattern to have remade. Much cooler for our hot Texas summers. Love this new smock pattern – looks like one to have!

sybil williams on

would love to see a lose fitting dress made with the same pattern as the top. Something that is not cling-y.

Indygo Junction Staff on

Mary Sue, that is lovely to hear!

sandy on

Really cute, but a real back would be better.

savedbyhim on

My favorite blouse was an early 1950s cap-sleeved one of my mother’s: the two sides of the collar actually overlapped under a decorative button at the throat to look like somewhat like they were ‘tied’. It had clean lines from vertical seams and was made in an adorable printed fabric.

Cindy Sutton on

The smock is very cute and versatile! The vintage top I would love to see made into a pattern is the hippie straight tunic with long pointed sleeves. from the 60’s :)

Cynthia Lanahan on

a mid length top with 3/4 sleeves

Beth L. on

I agree with above poster that I would like it with a solid back…. that way you would not have to wear a t-shirt underneath. If I make it I will probably make it so there is still a tie in the back but with a back seam up until about 8 to 10 inches before the top. In hot summer weather this would be nice except for that.
I would like to see a pattern for a simple blouse.

Nancy Canter on

I loved the simple shift dress with large geometric shapes such as large circles or squares. I had a brown linen dress then with a large blue circle applique at the side waist.

JW on

How fun! I was having flashbacks to the sixties and then saw the back. I am thinking of using buttons instead of ties or maybe thin ties.

thatcleverclementine on

I’m glad to see this kappogi-style smock; have wanted one for awhile. I very much like what you’ve done with the sleeve shape/width. “Too fluttery” is not as wearable, imho.

I’m always looking at variations on a-line dresses/shifts/tunics … perhaps something else along those lines?

Janet on

How about a modern dress shift pattern. would love to see this again.

Judy on

Very cute pattern. I would love to see a vintage car coat pattern!

Grace on

I used to have a favorite blouse that had a Peter Pan collar, and a longer sleeve (not exactly a 3/4 sleeve, but just above the elbow length.

Kay Martin on

Best pattern for versatility, makes great gifts too. Would love to win it.

My mother always made smocks for us to use at school. We kept them for years and then passed them on to the school when we left.

Laurie on

I would love to see the bib overalls modernized, yet keeping its vintage flair and comfort.

Dianna Kelly on

Love this definitely would like to make

Joyce Fike on

I could really use this pattern

Gayle Gammage on

I would like to see bell shaped sleeves come back.

Cheryl M on

Cute pattern!

Beth on

I’d love to see a vintage-y pattern of a flowy caftan!

Sandy on

I would like to see more basic tunic patterns, as well as an updated “barracuda jacket” …I guess I am revealing my age with this comment!

Cathryn H on

I would love to see some of the slimmer line skirts made in a modern fabric. I tend to wearing skirts that have hems below the knee and I’m finding it harder and harder to find skirts that I like.

Colette Wilson on

I’d love to see a great A line skirt pattern in a wide variety of sizes to include larger sizes.

ChrisK on

Remember this from before the sixties, very popular in L.A. if you grew up with Japanese neighbors, whose grans and moms wore them. I love them and would love to win a pattern but just might buy it.

Cynthia Allen on

I’d love to see you guys take a look at a simple empire waist “peasant” dress from the 60’s. I had one that had wide-ish elastic under the bust and had a mid-upper arm, slightly poofy elastic edged sleeve. It probably looked like a nightgown, but it was so comfy and I wore it to bits!!

Donna on

Thanks, Indygo, for this classic pattern that’s updated with great new fabric. What to make for my 4 sisters for this holiday?—-solved!

Carolyn on

Love the pattern only problem I could see is for my older customers getting it tied in back, I would love to see what they say about it.

Pattie on

Would like to see an updated version of the shift dress as well. This pattern had allot kg versatility to it, cute as a dress with cowboy boots!

Jan E. on

Like a few other commenters, I’d love to see this made into a loose-fitting top. As another Texan, this sort of thing for summer is de rigeur around the house! It’s hard to find patterns for ‘housedresses’ that are loose but still marginally flattering.

Indygo Junction Staff on

Hi Beth! If you are looking for a simple blouse, you might check out our Gathered Back Top & Tunic pattern, which we just released. It is a simple, but very flattering blouse offered in two lengths!

mel on

I’d like to see the classic shirtwaist dress of the 1940s.

Betsy on

My mom made all us kids ponchos in the late sixty’s, would love to see a pattern remake for these. I think I still have mine somewhere, it had wonderful trim on it, need to search.

Jeannette Tobin on

I have always loved the full skirted shirtwaist dresses of the 50’s! Thanks you.

Elizabeth Harris on

I would like to see a simple and vintage, one – piece clothing patterns.

Elizabeth Harris on

Nice smock! I would like to see some simple, vintage one – piece clothing patterns.

Karenn Juhnke on

I would love to win this pattern as I need a simple top to wear in size 3X & I’ve not been able to find one yet. And I love the 2 new fabrics mentioned.

Jessie on

Cute top.

Laura Whipple on

I wore one like this in the eighties. Perfect for a mother with babies. I love full aprons and would like to see more.

Wendi Unrein on

Hmmm…..that’s a good one. I would love to see an old version of a farmers overall. Maybe in the 1800s. I’ve been looking for years.

I also love this smock pattern as I have been looking for weeks. This is close. I think the back needs something a little more stylish than ties. Buttttt I love the samples you have shown, especially the hot pink one. Thanks!!!!

Kathy on

I would love to see a modern, sleeveless shift pattern!

Kathy Ryzewski on

I would love to see a modern shift pattern!

Vanessa on

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pattern!!!

Karen on

Love the top! Please remember that those of us who are “plus size” usually have larger arms, also. I’ve had a mastectomy and lymph edema, so it’s really hard to find a pattern without the tight sleeves.

Jean R JONES on

I certainly would like to own this pattern. Since having abdominal surgery I need to wear clothes that cover that area, but so many are either too floppy or too tight.

Dawn on

I’d like to see more fashionable tunic style dresses and shirts available in plus sizes, and especially with sizing for a fuller bust. I’m having a hard time finding appropriate patterns that don’t look like my grandma’s muumuu.

melboe on

Thanks for the giveaway! I would like to see a simple A-line skirt – something that could go together in a couple of hours.

Annie Dee on

Adorable! Love the pattern. Love the fabric.

Indygo Junction Staff on

Hi Carolyn,
The nice thing about the smock is that it is roomy enough that if it isn’t tied tight, it could probably slip over a head, but that depends on the wearer. We would love to hear any feedback from your customers!

Indygo Junction Staff on

Hi Betsy,

You should check out our Pullover Poncho pattern for kids – it would be super cute with a little pom pom fringe!

Pam K on

I have loved this pattern for many years, but didn’t see it to purchase. And Yeah here it is!

Lisa Bowden on

I had a hippy style top that was made of gauze and had the pointed sleeves. It even had small mirror sequins sewn on it. Loved that top.

Melinda on

Love this smock! I wish I could still wear the styles of the 50’s and 60’s. I was a child and teen during those decades. My body now won’t accommodate most of those styles. This smock will work. I would like to see more maxi skirts that are not revealing and would be slimming.

Cheri Hage on

I adore this pattern offered ! Would love to see a version of this with gathering at the front bodice/neckline. I also would like to see more raglan sleeve tops. They are such a free-movement fit !

HIlary on

Love the new smock pattern. Would love to see a 60s “sandwich board” style apron-the kind that that has a front and back and ties at the side. Possibly reversible? My mother had a few, that she made, of course.

Charlotte on

I’d like a back wrap style apron pattern!

Mary Dowell on

I would like to see a pattern for Little girls shirt waist dresses that where popular in the fifties.

Pat on

I would love to have a pattern for a front zipped smock not too full that I could wear for a number of my projects, including painting. NO long sleeves.

Susan Jung on

OMG, does this pattern bring back memories. So glad you are offering it!

Alesha K on

I really like the smock and wish I could manage to get the loose house dress back in for the modern girl. I would love to make this pattern in different colors.Very nice, thank you for sharing this giveaway!

Grace aka katmom on

I still have a silly side for those cute mid-century Hostess aprons,,, that were not for cooking but rather ‘serving platters of Hor’rederves (sp) or cocktails… after all, it’s fun to be silly while hostessing… :>)

Linda Weidner on

I would love to see a sixties “woodstock” type top. Gauzey with pointed 3/4 sleeves would be groovey! LOL Maybe even a matching headband would be cool

Jaimn on

I am glad that tunics are in style, as they are simple yet personal and creative. My favorite styles are prairie dresses though! I would like to see that come back, then I would be in style! :)

Lori M. on

I lived the 60’s as a child and my mom always wore her slip around the house,,,as she was always hot, and when she went to cook dinner she would put on her smock….looks just like this….

LadyD on

Love the smock, tiered maxi skirts, tunics, etc. any of these suit my personal style.

Karen on

I’d like to see the classic flowing shirtdress

Betty Fisher on

What a joy to see the smocks making a comeback and in such a sweet pattern. Using the full one can replace the aprons I have to adjust the tops to use, that won’t cover my full front from splatter. Thank you

Jennifer Essad on

this smock is perfect for the times, I made a smock back in the 70’s in sewing class in high school. I think what I’d like to see is the long maxi remade. I know they’re in style now but they are so skimpy

Willow on

Love this smock, would like to see 60s smock type blouse, it was like a short dress to wear with jeans. Also maybe a dress pattern like this. I agree with others on the house dress for plus size and some breezy cool blouses with out the cleavage showing!

Monica L Munguia on

I love this smock pattern – a blast from the past! I love the vintage, classy “day” dresses from the ’40s, would love to do one in a lightweight cotton.

Shelley on

LOVE IT!!! It comes in my size- yipppeeee!

Judith Martinez on

I’d love to have a pattern for the full skirted vintage dresses cut more appropriately for plus sized figures.

Judy s on

love the pattern; looks so cool and comfy!

Lonnie on

This looks like a fun & cute smock. I’d love a cute swing dress that is updated enough to not look like a costume.

Donna L. Gary on

I really like this pattern so much so that I
have entered the contest to try and win one.
I graduated in 1965 and am very much so a
girl from the sixties, it makes me smile. thank you for the opportunity to let me tell
you my feelings, and as we once said FAR OUT. hahahahaha

kimberlee on

I would like to see vintage outerwear! Raingear would be really cute.

Jo Ann Zavala on

I love the tunic style coming back. I remember wearing them. I would love to win the pattern and make it in so many different fabric designs. I love all of the tunics pictured!!

Gloria Russell on

I am 73 and MY mom had several just like this. Her favorite.

Claire Sutherland on

Love this! I would like to see more vintage swimwear in modern patterns x

Karen Jenkins on

When I see these patterns it brings me back to my childhood and young adulthood. I too am a child of the 60’s. I remember cooking with my grandmother and we wore the exact same aprons. Thank you Karen Jenkins

Kristy on

Hooded shawls are great!

KathyCummings on

I would like 60’s bell-bottoms updated!
Thank you.
Love the “smock”!

donna on

ilove this smock pattern

Dyson on

I so wish I could pull off a smock dress. I love how they look on other people but it just looks like I\46#39;m wearing a tent.

Linda DelCastilho on

I love smocks. I had a child’s smock my Mother made for me. I would be thrilled to get one. I also love the garden dresses with full skirts in bright prints.

Terri Bradburn on

This smock would be an easy on and off while I am teaching jewelry/crafting classes! Love the pocket (aka – scissors always on hand)! Would be cute made out of old duck cloth table cover!

Lori Morton on

Ooooh! LOOOOVE this Top!!

I love Maxi"s in modern style…dress or skirts

Kathy E. on

I’d like to see a cuff-less lightweight jacket with bell sleeves. About hip length and wearable with jeans or dressier slacks.

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