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Are you looking for a fun - and functional last minute Christmas gift? Why not make your favorite ladies a spa shower set? PIJ1120-2 This pattern offers so many options. First we have the traditional banded towel, which uses a traditional size bath towel. PIJ1120-5T Or, if that looks too flat, why not try the ruffled version? 8137W One of my favorite pieces in this pattern is the towel turban. This is perfect for me, as I can never keep a towel wrapped on my head. And, it's super easy to make! PIJ1120-4T The Spa Shower Set also includes a towel band that is perfect for travel. This velcro band will "belt" your towel on, so you are safe from slippage. PIJ1120-6TPIJ1120-7T Gift your loved on, or yourself a Spa Shower Set this holiday season! Take 20% off your pattern at checkout with this code: BG20

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Indygo Junction Staff on

Hi Tracy Ann, you can find the pattern here:


TracyAnn on

how do I order spa shower set IJ1120?

Mara on

So cute!

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