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Since it is September now, it seems a perfect time to introduce you to our new autumnal pattern, The Pumpkin Trio. PIJ997CR-2T These are the perfect pumpkins: you can create them in 3 different sizes and leave them out as long as you wish - without having to worry about the dreaded pumpkin rot! PIJ997CR-5T I love seeing them stacked - they would be so cute in an urn by a front door, don't you think?PIJ997CR-6T The pumpkins not only come in three sizes, but they also have two different finishing techniques. Above you can see the outer seam option, and below the classic seam finish. PIJ997CR-7T The pumpkins also come with leaf and vine instructions. As for the stems, either make your own stem to match, or save the dried stems off of your old pumpkins and glue them on! PIJ997CR-9T Don't just feel like you have to stick with a classic orange solid (we used all Crossroads for our solids - Sweet Potato Orange, French Vanilla, and Midtown Moss Green)- mix it up with some fun plaids and prints (these plaids came from Marcus Bros.)! What do you think about the Pumpkin Trio? Which is your favorite finish? Where will you display your pumpkins? We would love to know!

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