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We've all been there - it's feeding time, you've got jars of strained carrots and peas at the ready, but no clean bibs! Well, you can't just let your little one make his shirt into a veggie paste. You need a Tiny Tot Bib. The Tiny Tot Bibs are easy to make and, more importantly, to clean. The smock style bib, which is created with bias tape to make the armholes and ties, can be made with a layer of clear vinyl over your favorite fabric. This way, when dinner is finished, a quick wipe will have you ready for snacktime. If you don't want to mess with the layers of fabric and vinyl, why not make one out of oilcloth? 8934 6769 You know how you get a lap-full of crumbs after eating a crusty roll or Triscuits? (Or is that just me? Am I a messy eater?), well, kids get lap-fulls of everything. Crumbs, food bits, Cheerios; if they are eating it, it will somehow end up in their lap. That is why our second Tiny Tot Bib style has a catch-all pocket! This way you can save their pants (and your floor) from needing a major cleaning after your meal. All you need to do is shake out the pocket. 8924 6772 This bib is quilted for extra absorption, and it is reversible. So, if you aren't in need of a pocket catch-all, or you just want to flip to a clean side, simply turn it around. The velcro closure, which lands on the side of the neck, is extra secure for those little Houdinis who like to pull off their bibs. 6781   Would you like to make a Tiny Tot Bib for a little one in your life? Use the code BG30 at checkout for 20% off. bib  

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