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The Tribeca Tote may look familiar to you. Give it a minute, what does it remind you of? Exactly - the Trapezoid Tote! The Tribeca is the little sister to the Trapezoid. It has the same great shape and roomy interior, but with shorter straps and a smaller bag size. PIJ1131-2T

Now, siblings are never exactly the same and the Tribeca is the quirkier younger sister. Instead of the blockier style patchwork option of the Trapezoid, the Tribeca uses Seminole piece to achieve a more detailed look.


Seminole patchwork is a technique of strip cutting and piecing. It originated with the Seminole Indian women, who out of necessity, had to piece fabric to make their clothing. Referred to as strip clothing, these patchwork piece were used mainly in the long skirts of the women and the patchwork shirts for men. Today, these garments are worn for special celebrations.


Of course, if you aren't into quilting, you can make the Tribeca out of a solid fabric. It is a perfect canvas to feature your favorite fabric or pattern. We love how they look in these beautiful batiks from Hoffman Fabrics!


Although it is smaller than the Trapezoid, the Tribeca still has a ton of storage space. It is deceiving to see it closed. Look how roomy it is when open! 6987W

Can't wait to make your own Tribeca Tote? Order the pattern today and get 20% off using code BG31 at checkout!

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Cori on

Love the bag, especially when done in Seminole patchwork.

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