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We are so excited to share with you Amy's new video tutorial - Create A Zipper Pull Necklace!


Amy has always loved using sewing notions in unique ways. We have many different patterns that use zippers, snaps, hooks & eyes and buttons to make brooches, necklaces, bracelets and even earrings!


Our Mixed Metal Zips pattern features jewelry using brass, silver and copper colored zipper yardage, snaps and more. My Garden Zips, Woodland Zips and Springtime Zips tell you how to make whimsical brooches (and necklaces!) out of zippers. Zipper Jewels features spiral and wave motif necklaces, brooches and bracelets with a modern twist. And don't forget to check out our zipper Christmas ornament patterns! Now, Amy shares how to make a necklace using a zipper fastener!

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 1.52.15 PM

We are so excited to share this quick and easy project with you, along with a little bit of the history of the zipper. In fact, she has even more information about zippers - originally called slide fasteners- in this post on her blog!


Want to make your own notion jewelry - have you ever tried making it before? Leave a comment below and ENTER TO WIN notion jewelry patterns, zipper yardage and a variety of Dritz notions. Also, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss a video!

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Stacey Smith on

Great ideas with zippers!!

Belinda on

Any color of fabric – just admire many designs so hard to pick a favorite.

TerriK on

My favorite color is cerulean blue!!

This is something I have been dying to learn! Pick me! Pick me!

Carmen N on

I love working with blues

Bonnijean Marley on

My favorite color is blue.

Shellie Fontana on

Thank you, Amy, for the informative, INSPIRATIONAL zipper video! I had never thought to remove and use the zip-pulls as ‘charms’ before, and I love the edgy and ‘mechanical’ look—it calls for matching earrings, too! Earlier this year, I stayed with my sister who has many notions and scraps from our grandmother’s sewing stash, and I found a scrappy dusty-pink zipper among the items. I recalled your zipper-jewelry, and fashioned a heart-shaped brooch. I really ought to embellish it with some of Grandma Alice’s ribbon scraps, as well. Since I will soon be with my mom during her knee surgery, I am inspired to pack a little sewing kit, watch your tutorials that I have now subscribed to, and use the time to create something special with zippers. If I am lucky enough to win something I will be making an AUTHENTIC Amy Barickman design, which I would love. THANK YOU for sharing your creativity—it makes the world more beautiful!

carrie on

Great ideas! Now, I don’t have to throw away broken zippers!

D. White on

I love turquoise!

Betsy on

I don’t believe I have ever tried making jewelry with notions, I love the braided zipper one in the video, would love to give that one a try!

Diane B on

I had no idea zippers were so flexible. No I’ve never made jewelry or any accessory w/a zipper…how cool!
Favorite color is Orange.

Hilary Neumann on

Always wanted to do this!…love the look of metal zippers!

Brenda Melahn on

I absolutely love neon pink — the brighter, the better!

rhonda grallnick on

love the zippers

Kathy E. on

My favorite color to work with is purple! I love it in all shades!

Kathleen Caldwell on

interesting use of zippers! On a whim, I bought a large number and variety of zippers at a garage sale for under $5.00. I will have to try some of your creative ideas!

Marla on

Have some old zippers of my moms this would be a cool way to use them.

Dawn Hollingsworth on

My favorite color is yellow, but since I make things for other people, I use a lot of blues :) Thanks for a fun tutorial and terrific giveaway :)

Lynn on

The color I work with most is black.

mel on

My favorite color is blue.

Carlotta on

Never tried Zippers!
Sounds very interesting!

Ellen on

I haven’t tried making jewelry with zips or notions, but love the big flowers made with metal zips that would be great on hats or bags.

Marilyn Collins on

My all time favorite color is pastel pink.

Chris on

I love all these creative ideas!

allison on


Rachel B on

I keep loving these but haven’t tried it.

Becky PS on

I haven’t tried making zipper thingys yet either. Have a box full of vintage zippers. This is gonna be fun!

Mara on

I love zippers, but have never thought of using them for anything other than well zipping up things :) Would be kind of fun to make jewelry out of them.

Patty Sack on

I’ve never tried this but have seen the flowers and thought they were great! I would make mine in red!

Melissa G. on

How very clever! I have never made zipper jewelry before, but I would love to give it a try. Looks like fun.


This is on my bucket list of things I must do! It has been there ever since I first saw what you were doing with the zippers. However, it hasn’t happened yet. I haven’t given up. Thanks for all of the great ideas.

Karen on

I like sewing with black these days … although my favorite project of the year was a watercolor quilt in every color!

Sandra Chavez on

My favorite color is turquoise. My favorite color combo is turquoise and rust. Wouldn’t a copper color zipper on turquoise make a gorgeous zipper jewels necklaces? Thank you for the wonderful giveaway opportunity and Merry Christmas.

Cindy on

i have tried making zipper jewelry – but I’d like to give it a try!

Betty F. on

Great ideas, I have so many zippers stored that I can make gifts from

Shirley Clark on

I love a lot of color,and really prefer mixed colors depending on the project. The lime green, black, and white combinations really jump out at me, but I’ve never used them all together.

Peggy Looby on

I love to learn new things. I will try anything, but have never tried to make new pieces out of zippers! I can’t wait to give it a try, Thanks Amy.

janie on

I love your zipper ideas!
I love royal blue!

Nancy Wichtendahl on

I love working with oranges.

Darlene on

I love pink and purple. I like making unique and unusual things in new ways :)


Pat Jacobs on

Now a great idea for all those zippers I have been saving and collecting! Thanks for all the videos!

Marijean on

Tried a flower from leftover zipper— cute and easy

Linda F. on

I love shades of aqua and turquoise.

Lisa Cowell on

Purple and all its variations!

Arlene A on

greens, browns, other Earthy-looking colors

jane d on


Gwen Niemisto on

A hue of blue. Have not tried to make anything as yet.

Tonya Lawson on

I’ve never made anything but a closure with zippers.

Sharon Owens on

My very favorite color is purple. I enjoy combining it with turquoise or teal or – if I really want it to pop – orange!

Helen on

I never tried using zippers

Monika Goebel on

My favorite color to work with is red!

Monika Goebel on

Such intriguing zipper ideas! I love the braided zipper bracelet and the flowers with the wrapped center.

Flavia Gaspar on

Favorite color is blue, light shades!

Gayle on

Besides being functional, I love that zippers can be a fun design element!

Debbie Miller on

Love the zipper bracelets the best! My favorite color is blue.

Judys on

Lately I find myself working with blues, greens and purples (my granddaughter’s favorites)!

Beth T. on

I love to add a little bit of red to my quilts.

Claudia on

Oooh, my GRdaughters would love for me to make some of these ideas!

Judith Martinez on

My favorite color is blue!

Elaine S on

I love all colors! Love the flowers!

Brenda Amyx on

I love working with aqua!

Rhonda Desgranges on

I love all reds, grey & pinks. Thanks for the chance to win!

tina holbrook on

I love fabric! All things sewing are good!

Linda Thomas on

I love working with blue fabric and notions. I often do things in red, white, and blue and donate to Veteran causes.

Lana on

I love working with aqua, robin’s egg blue, turquoise… and creams, vintage greens, coral, creamy yellow…. I love color!

Nicki on

I love any shade of blue.

Claudia on

Great ideas!

Suzanne Tharp on

Indygo Junction rocks! Love them zippers & patterns!!!…..I see myself creating some kitty cats too ^"^meow, wow :)

Lyn B on

My favorite colors are blues! :)

Lyn B on

My favorite colors to work with are blues!

Valerie on

Right now, I’m really enjoying a deep royal blue.

Nancy Angerer on

I think I have worked with all colors because I love scrap quilts. I really don’t think I have a favorite color although I do have a redwork UFO.

Delaine on

I love using blue – any shade! Thanks!

joanne roberts on

blue will always be my go-to color

Terry on

I love working with shades of blue.

Betsy on

I love working with orange

Judith Clauss on

Cool zipper ideas. I love working with turquioses, warm browns and burnt oranges as seen in the southwestern deserts in the USA.

Judy H on

Been wanting to make some zipper jewelry. Thought it would be cute to wear to guild meetings. This one looks easy enough, I think I will try it.

Kathy on

Red is my favorite color. I tend to work with shades of pink and bright blues.

Cy Swendsen on

I picked up quite a few zippers at a yard sale recently. I will now look at them in a different way!

Marcia on

I would love to make some jewelry using pinks and purple colors. Looks like great projects. Love to win.

Betty Box on

I love zipper projects they all are so cool. My favorite color is blue

Nancy on

Love the variety of items that can be made with zippers! Good video. I’ve not tried makiing jewelry with notions, but do like the look.

Annette Crain on

Love, love, love anything made with those cute zippers!
Thanks for the ideas & tutorial.

Karen on

I like green mostly pastels.

Jennifer Essad on

Grey, any shade

Barbara on

Will have to work on some zipper bracelets – how clever!

milly on

Thank you. Love the idea. Nothing goes to waste. This is my next project.

Susan Spiers on

Very different-have lots of vintage zippers!

Jodi on

The zipper bracelets are adorable!

Susan Miller on

I have never made zipper jewelry, but I would love to. I don’t have a favorite color. I love them all!

Pam VanAustin on

I tried to make a zipper heart pin, but it didn’t turn out too well. Hoping to try again!

Ruth Ann Jones on

This is such a fantastic idea to make embellishments and jewelry, I can’t believe someone didn’t think of them way before now!

Karen P on

Lots of fun creative ways to use zippers, great ideas.

carolyn montgomery on

very creative. my favorite color is aqua, thanks for the giveaway.

Lori B on

I have made flower brooches with zuppers before. Was lucky enough to find pins for the back that also worked as pendant clasps so they could also be worn as necklaces. So fun to work with.

Lynne on

Blue is my favorite, but I love all colors.
These are great ideas for zipper tapes. A little blue bird would be super cute pin.

Vanessa on

What a great way to use up zipers!!
Thank you for a chance to win the pattern!!

Beth B on

I have never made zipper jewelry before, but I like the designs shown. Thanks for the chance to win!

Dawn Jones on

I have never made zipper jewelry, but I would like to try.

Ruth Vogt on

Love your jewelry. Have never made any. Would love to try. Thank you for chance to win.

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