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Fabriflair® is a great project for everyone to enjoy! It’s easy to make AND the perfect handmade gift since you can customize it with fabric to fit a friend or family member. We want to share our favorite tools to make your Fabriflair® experience more enjoyable.

Our Five Favorite Tools for Fabriflair

 Needle Threaders

Rethreading a needle is something that can be frustrating and annoying. Our favorite threaders are the Clover Needle Threader and the Dritz® Hummingbird needle threader.

The Clover threader is great for sewing at home as it does all the work for you, just follow the numbers for a perfectly threaded needle. This product is also big enough to easily keep track of in a fully stocked sewing room. 

For days when you are on the go, the Dritz® Hummingbird Threader is a lifesaver. It is so small you can easily fit it in the pocket of your Fabriflair Navette Needlecase.

Small Irons

Irons are the most important tool for our Fabriflair patterns as you must wrap and fuse fabric to the Fabriflair Stabilizer. Small irons make it easy to fuse the small shapes, like those in the photo for the Faceted Sphere and Bowl pattern. Our favorites are again from Dritz and Clover.

The Mighty Travel Iron from Dritz® and The Wedge Iron from Clover are small handheld irons that look more like your traditional iron but are lighter and more mobile. They are great for crafting on the go, or when you want to craft while watching Netflix in your living room.

The Mini Iron from Clover and the Mini Iron from Dritz® (pictured below with ironing surfaces) are another small, portable option. The sharp and small tips allow for precision and make fusing a breeze.

Glue Sticks

For the original Fabriflair® Kits, you need a glue stick. There are many great options to choose from. We like the glue sticks from Dritz®, Fons and Porter, Sewline, and Extra Strength Elmers glue sticks.

The glue sticks from Dritz® and Sewline are our favorites because they are thin, making gluing a breeze.  Pictured with the glue sticks is a  Trilliant Ornament. This kit includes mat board templates to make three ornaments.

Ironing Surfaces

Getting out a full ironing board takes time and can be a hassle for such a small project. A small ironing surface can make the fusing process much more enjoyable. 

We recommend the Omnigrid® Fold Away, as it has a rotary mat and an ironing surface combined. It's the perfect solution for both cutting and pressing Fabriflair®. It is available in 3 sizes: 7x7, 8.5x11, and 12x18.

The star in the photo is the Tree Topper and Ornament pattern!

 Rotary Cutters

Rotary cutters are a great tool to have when making Fabriflair® projects. All of our patterns are cut with straight lines and multiple similar shapes. With a rotary cutter, you can safely and accurately cut multiple layers of fabric at once. This saves time and energy for making even more fun Fabriflair projects! We use rotary cutters from Dritz®, Clover, The Grace Company, Fiskars and more. 


Don’t forget!

For our Faceted Sphere & Bowl and our Centerpiece Star, we have cutting templates. These make it easy to cut out stabilizer and fabric and speed up the cutting tremendously. These are essential if you are doing lots of fussy cutting for your Fabriflair®.

Watch and Learn!

Our Indygo Junction Youtube Channel has great videos on Fabriflair®, Patterns, Books and more! Watch our Fabriflair video series to learn more!

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