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This contest has ended. Congratulations to Stacey S. who is our lucky winner! I don't know about you, but as a sewist, I need a lot of pincushions - one for every room would be ideal. As functional as a magnetic pincushion or tomato is, sometimes I want something prettier. I think the Patchwork Pincushion pattern is perfect to add some whimsy to my notions! IJ1119-2T
These pincushions were inspired by vintage fruit pincushions that Amy has collected over the years. However, we did have to give them a twist. The originals were solid, but we thought that adding a patchwork element would spice up their style. 8594i copy   This is a great project to use up your scraps or “Layer Cakes” or “Mini Charm Pack”. A “Mini Charm Pack” is perfect for the large strawberry. No pincushion is complete without a tiny emery strawberry, and we included instructions to make the smallest strawberry an emery sharpener. 8582insta copy This contest has ended. Thanks for entering!

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Toni Leli on

I don’t know why, but chicken pin cushions just make me smile!

Toni Leli on

I don’t know why, but chicken pin cushioms just make me smile!

Roni Hunt on

I am so in love with my pin cushions, but a favorite is my chicken made years ago.

Debra Bopp on

I have a solid wool pincushion I made from roving, it is one of my favorites.

Georgie Cortisse on

Actually use the most a magnetic one. But… they are not cute. Must’ve missed this darling pattern.

sandy miner on

MSQ chicken. so much fun I made a bunch next
favorite pears

Judith Martinez on

I love my “Dona” My husband bought her in a market when we were first married.

Janie on

My favorite pincushion is a hen. It is also a patchwork one. Thank you for the giveaway.

Colleen on

My favorite pin cushion is one that was made in a little tart tin, I have two of them, one large and one mini. They are so cute and I do use them both.

Nancy on

My favorite is a ouse with a long flipped up tail that I can put a spool of thread on. The fabric is made of selvedges with funny sewing words like’ Don’t run with scissors". I laugh every time

Carlotta on

I love and enjoy Dolly pin cushions. a small emery one would be Great!!!

Linda H. on

I love whimsical pincushions which end up being part of a collection. I usually use a magnetic one while working on my projects.

sam morris on

My favorite pincushion is a cube I made in a class. whenever I see it I recall the fun and laughter we shared in that class.

Joy on

My grandmothers red tomato.

Marlene Clausen on

One I made that is divided to show sewing machine needle sizes, so I don’t have to try to guess what size the needle is! I also fill with crushed walnut shells to keep them sharp and shiny.

Pattie on

Have always loved pin cushions made with fun fabrics! Something extra to brighten my sewing time!

Lee Starr on

Favorite—A larger octagon pincushion-One sits on the end of the ironing board, one at the cutting station & one at the sewing machine. They are heavy and don’t shift when you poke a pin in them.

Connie on

My favorite pincushions is my grandmothers hat pincushion that is crocheted and a chair pincushion from my mother. I use one at the sewing machine and the other when cutting out.

Stacey Smith on

My favorite pincushion is my good old fashioned tomato, it is still nice and strong and sturdy.

kathie L on

I mostly use my magnetic one, but something a bit more stylish would be great for outside the sewing room.

Bonnie Schissler on

I really like having s different variety of pin cushions to display in my sewing room. I love them all from traditional to whimsical !

Carolyn Johnson on

I have a patchwork chicken pin cushion. After seeing the patchwork pears I knew I had to make one. I love the gingham.

Christi on

My favorite is a folded star pincushion I made a few years ago.

Judy on

Sentimental, the one my mother gave me
Is in a woven basket when I started sewing.
But have made some for gifts and love your strawberry !

Donna Moore on

I love the sewing machine pin cushions and the real frilly one are precious.

Debbie on

My one and only functional favorite, thus far, is the tomato pincushion my sister gave me in the 70s.

YEAH 70s! ; )

Nancy Reynolds on

I have many vintage and newer pincushions. My favorite one is a small Humpty Dumpty head in which I keep hat pins on my sewing desk/ table.

Lin on

My favourite that I use to pop my needle into is a shell with a filled pad closing the entrance and decorated with lace and a bow. So pretty.

BM Roland on

My favorite pincushion is one I made from small quilt block. Love the patchwork.

Judy M on

There are so many cute pincushions these days. The ones I like the most are the owl pincushions that also have storage for scissors, thimbles, needle threader, etc. everything you need all in one place.

Betsy Haman on

My favorite pin cushion is a turtle. I bought him at Joann’s Fabrics

Tina Rainer on

Love pincushions. Chickens are my favorite. I have lots of different kinds.

Terry on

My favorite pincushion to use is a little patchwork one I made when I first started sewing.

Norma Soulet on

Oh those are so lovely. I really like the way you made them using different fabrics.
I have a fabric donkey that I bought in Mexico and use that as a Pin Cushion.
Would love to win your pattern. :)
Thanks for the giveaway.

Betsy on

I still have an old tomato one, think it was my grandma’s. I love the veggie and fruit ones, adorable!

Terri Wilhelm on

I have a felt patchwork pincushion that I made. Unfortunately I spilled coffee on it but now it smells really good.

Julie Hunter on

My favourite is a large round pin cushion which has a special “old” doylie sewn over the top.

Corrine Gusloff on

I still use an old “tomato” pin cushion that I have had for a long time. Also have a velvet apple one that I use.

Jan Vig on

A chicken pin cushion that my sister in law (now deceased) made for me

Donna H on

Just have a plain old tomato – would love one of these patchwork ones.

Connie Cain on

All I have are the boring tomatoes. Would love something fun! :)

Bobbie Bradshaw on

Found some really adorable pincushion on Pinterest, so I made one using crushed walnut shells like it suggested…. LOVE IT!

Judi A on

I have an old red tomato pincushion that I have used forever. It’s like an old friend sitting by my machine and offering me pins and needles.

Shirl on

my favorite pin cushion is a small velvet filled with scraps of quilt batting. thanks for pattern.

Jane Callaghan on

My favorite pin cushion is magnetic. I enjoy making pin cushions. A drapery fabric sample was used to make a large chicken, and that is another favorite. I recently finished crocheting a hedgehog pincushion. That is also very special.

Jane Callaghan on

My favorite pin cushion is magnetic. I enjoy making pin cushions. A drapery fabric sample was used to make a large chicken, and that is another favorite. I recentyly finished crocheting a hedgehog pincushion. That is also very special.

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