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I remember when I was little how much I looked forward to the annual choosing of the Easter Dress. Even though it was very often too cold on Easter to show it off properly (it would be hidden by coats and sweaters) there was something about knowing that I was wearing a pastel-pretty dress that made it feel like spring had sprung. IJ820-17T Are you planning on making an Easter dress or a new spring wardrobe for your favorite little girl? Then you need to enter our pattern pack giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a variety pack of our children's patterns which will include the Teatime Dress & Coat (seen above)... PIJ942-5TThe ReStyled Halter PIJ955-5TThe Simple Sunbonnet IJ923-2TThe Urban Prairie Dress IJ865-6TFlouncy Tops & Pants and more! Comment below and tell us your favorite memories of a special spring outfit and you will be entered to win. The contest runs through 3/16/15. Good luck!

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Judith Martinez on

When my oldest daughters were little I found a gorgeous lilac satin for $1 a yard. I made them matching dresses for Easter and they were so gorgeous! I loved those dresses and so did they.

Dorothy Baysore on

Easter dresses are magic. When I was 8, I had a dress that was polka dot dotted Swiss that had a hoop in the hem. I had a straw hat with flower trim. I thought that was the prettiest, most wonderful dress. I am sure I also had white gloves and white shoes to complete the outfit.


To be honest I really don’t have any memories of a spring outfit. I would love to win a pattern to make a memory for others; I sew for several charities. Thank you for sharing !

Fran on

The “acceptable” time to begin wearing white shoes :) back in the day. I remember white gloves and those little anklet socks with lace trim as well. And, of course, a new hat each spring. Loved getting a new Easter dress, be it bought or made by my mom.

Nancy Schuldt on

I remember one Easter I made a tiered ruffle dress for our daughter out of pink dotted Swiss fabric!! It had a Peter Pan collar with ties for a bow in the back!! She looked so cute complete with white ruffle socks and black patent Mary Jane shoes!! Great memory……now I have a granddaughter to create new memories!!

Vicki B. on

My younger sister and I always got a new dress and matching bonnet for Easter Sunday and got to wear white shoes for the first time of the year.

Wanda Cocciardi on

I remember as a young child ….my Mother would have matching jumpers made for her and I…you know I do not remember any of my clothing…only those…special….matching jumpers….thank you for offering this giveaway…my 8 year old girlie girl grand daughter would just love these styles….

Karen Callais on

the new feeling of an Easter dress to attend church services made for a wonderful day to celebrate the meaning of Easter.

Annie Dee on

The hats we wore to church! On Easter mornings, we got to watch Mom pull the box from the top of her closet and pick one out.

Cindy G. on

I enjoyed making Easter dresses for my girls. I would enjoy these patterns to make memories with my granddaughter. Thanks for this giveaway.

Jeanette Slaymaker on

Spring of 2014 I made a “butterfly” skirt for my 4 year old granddaughter to wear while visiting a butterfly garden – something neither one of us will forget – sewing and making memories that’s the best.

Denise Stahl on

I now have a new grandaughter to sew for and these patterns would be perfect!

NancyB from Many LA on

I’m old enough to remember the new Easter dress, along with white gloves and patent leather shoes! Lol!

Barb Wilson on

Would love to make some of these for my Grand daughters. 40= years ago I always made my daughters, pretty little dresses.

Peggy Phillips on

My mom used to make us a new dress for Easter and one for Christmas. Once we even got a Valentines Day dress. Easter was special because we also got a new pair if white patent leather shoes, a purse, a new slip and gloves. I have two sisters so Mom had to make three dresses.

LisaY on

I was blessed- my Mom and Grammy both sewed for us. My favorite outfit memory is a beautiful little blue suede suit my Grammy made for me for Easter one year. Soft, comfy and stylish- I loved it!

Cindy Kennedy on

I love sewing!! Started before I was 12—-learned from my Grandmother! I made all of my girl’s clothes when they were little—-they were 16 1/2 months apart so almost everything matched! Most Easter’s, I made both of my girl’s outfits plus, I made myself a coordinating outfit! I would have people always wanting to buy the outfits as soon as my girls outgrew them! My girls are now 35 and 33 1/2!!! No little granddaughters however, I make little girls outfits for friends, etc. I sell them as fast as I can make them!!!

pamm on

I remember the sweet anticipation of going into “town” to purchase our Easter dresses! Always pastel, frilly and “crunchy” with lace or some other frilly detail. There was also hats and patent leather shoes and sometimes white gloves! My mother made our dresses but the Easter dress was always store bought…such precious memories these are.

Margaret Graczyk on

Of course! New dresses in pastels with lots of flounce and petticoats! Then, with Grandmother, we would put on our white gloves and go to church dressed in our finest. The year I turned 12, Grandmother convinced Mom to allow me to wear NYLONS!! I was so proud of my stockings and Princess heels until Sherry brought out her new jump rope and I took off my shoes for better balance and jumped rope in those nylons!! Mom just shook her head and muttered, “Maybe next year!”

Helen on

I loved the Easter dresses I made for myself and 2 daughters with “chicken scratch” embroidery on a pale green gingham

Tammy on

I always got a new dress and occasionally it was handmade by my Mom. Making my daughter’s Easter dresses is something I really enjoy. This year’s dress is already done.

Jenny Brooks on

I always loved getting a pretty new Easter dress and hat, but I especially loved the little white purse with pretty flowers attached to it. Must be where my purse obsession comes from! I have a granddaughter and some little nieces who would I would love to make these patterns for!

Jenny in Florida

Cindy on

I remember my mom sewing Easter dresses every spring for me and my sisters.

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