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The Wall Art Stars Pattern has been our most popular pattern since the release of our Fabriflair® Patterns and Stabilizer. 

 Watch the stars in action

Stars shine brightest hanging on a wall with multiple sizes together. Try it out!

Options to Design Your Star

Create our Wall Art Stars Pattern with the single fabric arm (left) or split arm construction (right). With single fabric arms each arm is one solid color. In split arm construction each half of the arm is a different fabric which makes it appear more dimensional. Make Star in one fabric, two fabrics, five fabrics, or 10 fabrics! 

Custom cut your stars arms for a unique visual effect. Here we have two stars with fabric that radiates from the center because of custom or "fussy-cutting". Stripes and Santas!

If you are looking for smaller stars, or a three dimensional style with two sided sides to hang or top your tree, try our Tree Topper and Ornament pattern.

Keep in mind pre-cuts  are perfect for Fabriflair®! Tray a layer cake from your favorite designer for your next star!

We love seeing your projects, tag your posts with #Fabriflair to share them with us!

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