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Pamper your four-legged pals with a handmade present. Many of our doll patterns like Puppy Love (IJ788) double as doggie toys. Swap the cotton stuffing for cat nip in one of our plush toys such as Yo-Yo Cat & Mouse (IJ817) or Miniature Menagerie (IJ902) to create a purr-fect plaything for your kitty. Stitch a sweet quilt to lay over a dog bed or a placemat to set beneath the water bowl. Adorn with appliqué, like the precious patchworks of a dog and a cat featured in our book Scrapworks by Paula Joerling. Your furball will flip over the wacky and whimsical Zipper Critters (IJ850) and PJ Pet Pillows (IJ861). These cute keepsakes, created with mismatched fabric and notions, have loads of character. And (surprise!) each creature includes a secret pocket in the back to stash your pajamas. Talk about creature comforts. Take a peek through our toys & crafts to find your pal the perfect gift.

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