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This contest has ended. Congratulations to Vanessa F. who is the lucky winner! When we were designing our new product line we realized that we almost always come up with large tote-style bags. Which are great, I carry one all the time. Except when I do, I throw everything in there. Too much stuff - and I don't think I'm the only one who has that problem. That is why we wanted to create something smaller, user-friendly and lightweight. Hence, the Petite Stitched Purse.



The Petite Stitched Purse gives us exactly what we were hoping for. It's small, but not too small - it hangs nicely on the shoulder. You can easily fit your necessities and there is an inside pocket. And yes, if you had to take a book with you, a small paperback can fit in there. We wanted to use this purse as a canvas for featuring the fun machine stitches that live on your sewing machine. You know the ones you are so excited about when you first buy the machine, but then never use them? Those stitches. Now you can! Our first idea was to cover the whole purse in the stitches, almost making a new fabric print. We have used both our Crossroads Denim as well as recycled denim for these samples, but you could achieve the same effect with a solid cotton. 1124_fullstitch_wm

Then we thought, what about adding more traditional quilting? So we created a quilted border around the decorative stitching. Doesn't it look clean and sophisticated? 1124_quilt_wm

Of course, not everyone will want a solid purse, so we tried one in cotton. Here we used a Cotton & Steel print. This geometric print made it easy to quilt around, which added dimension to the already fun print. 1124_cotton_wm

Not that you have to quilt the purse. Once we got our new Vintage Made Modern fabric samples in, we made some without any quilting at all. By the way, that cute denim skirt is our new Sidekick Wrap Skirt.


And of course, it is a great canvas for embroidery. How beautiful is this hand embroidered version using designs from our Stitched Style book?


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Toni Leli on

You are right about carrying a tote bag . . . my shoulder gets a workout from the heavy weight! Would love to win this adorable purse pattern. Thanks!

Laurie Harlow on

The geometric print is fantastic, but the Crossroad denim is to die for! Love it!

Sandi Babcock on

I love the size of this bag. So many patterns are just too large. I have made one other Indigo Junction purse pattern and love the ease of construction and the purse.

Nora Goldstein on

These little bags are a great size. I think my granddaughter would love one.

Marilyn S on

These are all so cute!! I would start with recycled denim and play with some of my machine stitches. Thanks for the chance to win!

Sarah Lee Norman on

Love all the versions shown!! Now to let my creative side get to work.

Terry on

What a great purse!!! I’d start by making one using all the fun decorative stitches on my machine. Thanks for the sweet giveaway :o)

Patricia Hersl on

Why one? I would do several and great for gifts!

Elaine Marcus on

I love this pattern! A chance to use all the decorative stitches on my new sewing machine!

Ruth Vogt on

Loved loved the purses. Great color and great choice of designs


How could I ever choose just one? However, that turquoise embroidered one is stunning. That one for me, denim for the granddaughters.

Carolyn on

What a cute little purse.

Janet Deitrick on

Love the size! I would like to do it in felted wool with hand appliqued flowers and leaves.

Sarah Lee Norman on

Love all the versions shown!! Now to let my creative side get to work. -

Susan Spiers on

Love this great idea. The embroidery is sensational!

Ginger on

A good skirt is a wardrobe staple for me.

Marie Davis on

Single fabric really nice look

Janie on

I love all of the bags. Thank you for the inspiration and the giveaway.

Michelle on

Ooh! This would be a perfect, adorable fit for my wallet, phone, insulin and juice when making short trips! I do hope you pick me!

Becky Smith on

I like it! Love all the inspiring samples.

Lisa Johnson on

My favorite wardrobe staple is actually a purse. There are so many ways to dress an outfit up or down with them. Leather or cloth, whatever, you can have such fun. And this purse pattern gives me so many ideas!

Janice on

Love the design; would use some cute prints from the stash I inherited from my Mom.

Kim Lambertz on

Would love to win the petite purse pattern! My favorite accessory is a scarf!

ann s. on

so cute- I love making small bags.

Laura Genovario on

Ooh! It is so cute! Bet you can’t just make one!!!!

Jacque H on

I love the way it closes…so simple but so brilliant. I want to make it with my new granddaughter’s name repeated over and over. One for me and one for the new Mom!

Sallie S. on

Love the closure detail – this purse can be dressed up or dressed down – and they would be great to make for gifts, so I could try out all the different styles!

Marty on

Perfect to make for my grand-daughter and her friends!

JMC on

I have the perfect fabric for this. A beautiful blue and brown I have been saving for just the right pattern.

Becky Smith on

My favorite wardrobe staple is black t-shirts.

Colleen on

Oh, I just love this great purse. Just my size. Thank you for the give-away. You are so generous.

No doubt about it – the little black dress truly is a wardrobe staple!!!

Kathy on

Love this purse it is a great size for outings where you would not want to carry a big heavy purse and it has lots of style too.

Rene Bolton on

What a cute purse!

Annette Deardurff on

Such a cute purse – so many ways to personalize it!! Thanks for giveaway!

Deborah on

Love your patterns have used several and always get nice compliments

Donna Klug on

My favorite wardrobe staple is my backpack convertible bag. But,ma girl needs a smaller dressier bag on occasion. This is such a cute bag and a great size for those occasions. And the ideas you gave for the outside are wonderful! I have made other Indygo patterns, including bags. They turned out great!

Sally on

Hope I win.

Judi Maxson on

looks like another winner to me! Great idea to encourage us to use those pretty decorative stitches.


these are adorable, would make great Christmas presents for the grand daughters.


this will make great gifts for the granddaughters for xmas.

Kathy on

I love them all. A quilted one would work for every day, a printed one would be fun and a beaded one for special events. Looks like it would be a great project for young girls to put together.

MaryJo on

What a cute pattern. It will make perfect gifts for the girls in our singing group. Thanks for the chance to win…

Caryll Redden on

A blank canvas that turns out useful!

Judy Morgan on

Just the size a have been looking for,, love
the handle!

Kathe on

Love small Bags!

Lori J Smith on

I would make one in recycled denim with lots of fun stitching!

Mary Ann on

Love all of these purses! I wear a lot of denim and black so I think I would make this in dark denim and then embroider on the denim.

Susan Mei on

They are all so pretty and just the right size. You are so right; if I use a large purse, I just fill it up!
The hand embroidered one is really striking! I think my favorite feature is the strap closure; simple, efficient, and ingenious! :-)

Missy on

My wardrobe staple is always my jeans. You can dress them up or down for each occasion.

Missy on

If I had to choose my favorite, it would be crazy hard. I love the one with the wrap skirt, which by the way is adorable. It totally looks quilted and great colors. Thank you for the giveaway!

Kirsten on

I don’t have a fancy sewing machine. I could hand embroidery this, though. Thanks for the opportunity.

Wendy on

Love the purses, especially the one with the embroidery! Great size too! I don’t really have a favorite wardrobe staple, sorry…

cd on

I am also of making bigger and bigger purses and filling them up with “stuff”, most of which I do not need to carry on a daily basis. A cute, smaller purse like this pattern would be wonderful!

Judith Clauss on

Love this new bag. The samples were all delightful. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of the pattern.

Lindsay on

I love the one with all the stitches. I never get to use all the fun stitches on my machine and this is a fabulous way to use them!

jane d on

Love the denim one!

Betty on

Could use this pattern in many different ways. It is so easy and functional

Pam K on

Super looking purse pattern – so many great looks. I would start with the many fancy stitches on machine and the grid quilting.

Barb Skinner on

Such a cute style in a petite bag, I love the look of the embroidered one, a great way to so off your handwork.

caroline Rohrer on

cute bag.

Sam on

Love this little bag. so many possibilities to try and the size makes your blank canvas easy to work with.

Margaret Graczyk on

This is such an ideal sized purse for those quick and short trips that are part of our lives. Then, on those days of packing EVERYTHING! it is small enough to fit inside the larger bag…ready for it’s debut :)

stefanie on

I would make the patchwork one and embroidered one…maybe a few others.

stefanie on

so many nice versions. I love handmaking purses

linda lentz on

Great little bag. Very changeable. love the examples.

Suzanne J. on

I would make an embroidered bag.

Suzanne Tharp on

Vintage, Vintage, Vintage! I just see all the possibilities with 1930’s fabric and a cute felted flower…..hmmmm…..maybe some rik rak embelishment and some buttons.
Sweet :)

Jeanne on

Great bag, my machine would work great for doing that.

Terri Thatcher on

What a cute little bag. Can have 1 to go with each outfit.

Terri Thatcher on

Very cute bag and perfect size.

Martha Rickard on

Love the versatility of this pattern.

pat crump on

I would like to make the denim bag with recycled jeans.

Marjory W on

I love these little purses with decorative stitching that don’t require an embroidery machine.

Marjory W on

I love these little purses with decorative stitching that doesn’t require an embroidery machine.

Irene Quednow on

I would make the jeans purse with all the stitches! Beautiful.

susan on

I would love to use my machine stitches. I try to use the decorative stitches when I can, but I always have to restrain and not go overboard. Not with this purse!

Annie Dee on

I’d use a pre printed cotton but embellish it with beads or buttons. Cute purse!

Rose on

I love this bag!! Thank you for showing different options for the pattern, the possibilities are endless!
I’m inspired by the machine embroidery stitching, but would love to hand embroider it as well. Wonderful to make for gifts. I’ve been looking for a small bag to put inside my bigger bag to carry the essentials for a quick trip to the store.

Bonnie K on

There are so many ways to change this purse. Very versatile.

Ellen on

I’d use solids & experiment with the stitches on my machine

Pat Bindi on

I love making any kind of bags. I have made quilted bags and crocheted bags.

Florence on

I love your patterns—especially your bags. They are all so good looking. I look forward to making several of them.

Sandi Babcock on

I posted this Aug 31 and the site says I have no entries?

Vanessa on

Great shape and size!! I would make a Quilty purse!!!
Thank you for a chance!!

Janice Lawrence on

I love this purse!

Jean Speake on

The handles on this purse look very intriguing—and we could all stand to lighten our load!

Lori B. on

I can’t wait to make this out of Crossroads Denim. Love this pattern!

Stacy on

I love small purses, clutches and wristlets. I love the quilted version above so I would quilt the first one (wink wink…the first one…lol!)

Nancy Helpinstill on

I’m all about smaller purses. If you need to carry more things, put the small purse INSIDE the tote! That way you don’t have to take the tote everywhere you go. This bag is so perfect for showing off novelty prints – although the idea of embroidery is also intriguing. Thanks for the giveaway! Love your show, always have!

Pat Bindi on

I love making bags either quilted or crocheted.

Antoinette on

What a cute purse. The quilted red one and the blue with flowers look they would be a lot of fun to make.

Indygo Junction Staff on

I’ll check it out Sandi and enter you, if for some reason your previous entry didn’t go through. Thanks!

Jane on

Such a simple idea for embellishment. And all you need is thread. Would love to own this pattern.

Karen Poole on

I LOVE this pattern! I love making purses, you can make them the exact size you need with the exact designs or decorations you want. For this I would start with the red but probably make one of each!

Lee on

I would love first to an embroidered one! great design! thank you!

Fran on

The hand embroidered one is nice :)

Judith Martinez on

I would love to make one with a ton of hand embroidery on it.

Jeannette sroka on

I am a bag lover, usually do larger bags, but this would be cute to make

Carmen N on

I like version C with the decorative stitching and quilting.

DJ on

I love clutch purses.

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