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Seeking a sweeter spot to stash your pins and needles? Time to toss the tomato and opt for a personal, pretty pincushion. Surprise a seamstress or treat yourself to one of our darling patterns.

Inspired by dainty desserts, Petitfore Pincushions (IJ863) are topped with wool appliqued flowers and embroidered details. You'll drool over these delectable designs, set in tartlet tin molds.

Perfect for the portable crafter, Thread Ready Pincusions (IJ856) stow your thread, pins and needles together. Our pattern includes various sizes to accommodate several spool types.

Do you adore old-school charm? Create our Vintage Pincushions (IJ794) with downloadable vintage artwork (FREE download code to get images featured in the pattern comes with the pattern) and printable fabric (sold separately). You can find more classic images at the The Vintage Workshop and printer-friendly fabric sheets here.

Satisfy your quilty pleasures with the Pieced Pincushions (IJ748), making beautiful use of your scraps of fabric and stockpile of old buttons. Add a touch of whimsy to your sewing space with our playful Yo-Yo Pincushions (IJ845), sewn with coordinating fat quarters and your favorite buttons or beads.

Make the most of your pincushion patterns! Stuff with catnip for an irresistible kitten toy, or a pack with potpourri to create a sweet-smelling sachet.

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Priscilla Frappier on

These are great, but my original tomato has a special place in my heart. One of my nieces “organized” my tomato placing pins in their proper places. She was 5.
She’s now in her 30’s and I think about her each time I use a pin in the tomato. I have since made/bought several new ones, but hers is still intact.

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