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The first episode of Vintage Made Modern is here! We hope you enjoy this video series of curated content from Amy's extensive archive. In this episode Amy shares a sample of her collection of vintage button cards, and the hand embroidery tequnique known as blue work. 

Vintage Made Modern

Vintage Made Modern Aprons

This vintage apron pattern was published in 1925 in the Inspiration Newsletter, it is the first Magic pattern in Vintage Notions, and one of our most popular ones at that. 

We have two aprons inspired by this pattern that you can make today. The first is The Kitchen Shirt Tales Recycled Apron Pattern and the second is The Upcycled Shirt Apron & Smock Pattern.

These projects are a fun and simple way to recycle dress shirts.

Quick Craft 

Amy shared this beautiful button card with us. You can make your own by downloading the image here. Simply glue it to a piece of cardstock and attach your favorite trim to make a gift tag, or sew some buttons on for a sewing room decoration.

Buy the book to follow the fun.

If you missed the series introduction video you can see our post about it on amybarickman.com
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