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At Indygo Junction, we’re batty for batting and crazy about quilting. This technique adds texture and padding to handbags, garments and household accessories.

Snuggle up this season in our Cozy Quilted Coat (IJ871), an eye-catching wrap jacket with reversible lining. Quilting packs extra warmth into this cute coat.

Protect your PC in our Laptop Keeper (IJ133), a stylish and secure sleeve created with traditional quilting techniques.

Quilting provides sturdiness and sophistication to purses, such as our Quilted Pocket Purse (IJ912), featuring several pockets, an adjustable handle and a zipper closure. Our Accessory Case (IJ134) showcases quilting, applique and embroidery for a one-of-a-kind clutch.

Please browse our website for more traditional quilt patterns and for quilting designs minus the quilt!

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Sheryl on

I love making bags, but that coat pattern caught my eye. I just might need to check that out after the holidays.

Barbara on

I love the quilted makeup purse. It is so feminine. It would resolve the mess in my purse, that is makeup all over the place. I would imagine it would be easy to wash.!

Gayle Dickinson on

I love the accessory case. I have several grand daughters that I know will put them to good use. What great gifts they would make!

jansi on

I love all these quilting projects but the one that I would definitely try is the laptop sleeve. I think it would hide your laptop and protect it. Maybe make it out of part denim for a male laptop owner!!

Cheryl Bracken on

I love purses and wearables. Anything vintage. Reminds me of my childhood. I make lots of bags and purses. Love the rounded shape of this one.

Cheri Edwards on

I love the quilted purse. Can’t wait to try it. Bags seem to be my weakness.

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