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Oh, Rayon . . . how we love thee!

Our recent sewing with Crystal Manning’s Botanica Rayon reminded us of all the wonders of this amazing fabric. Man-made from natural cellulose fiber, often harvested from wood pulp, Rayon incorporates the best of all worlds. Easy and beautiful to wear, but breathable for all seasons. It’s stunning on Crystal in our Easy Top & Tunic!

We’re so in love with Crystal’s Moda Botanica Rayon that we’re having a second Botanica Giveaway just for our Facebook Group members. 

UPDATE: Our giveaway ended on 11/17/19 and we are no longer accepting entries. Our winner is Donna Fairchild! Thanks so much to Donna and all of our Group members who entered!! If you're not a member, join our Facebook Group today for inspiration and more exclusive benefits!

The Reasons for Our Love . . . of Rayon

Comfort, ease of wearing and clear colors top our list of loves about rayon. It’s lustrous, soft and has the most marvelous drape. Perfect for our Gathered Back Top & Tunic! As always with a garment fabric, you’ll pre-wash before sewing. Rayon can be hand washed, but machine wash and dry on a gentle setting will work well, too.  

Cut Your Rayon With Care

The soft hand of Rayon makes it a bit slippery for layout and cutting. A few tips and tools will solve this, though! Iron your fabric first, then try using an Omnigrid Rotary Cutter and Dritz Pattern Weights. Pattern weights make layout easy, a rotary cutter won’t “push” the fabric as you’re cutting and you’ll love the results! We’ve found the felt tip of the Dritz Marking Pen to be the best for marking Rayon fabrics. The dual-tip offers the choice of air or water erasing!

Watch Amy’s video with Missouri Star Quilt Co. for more great tips on finding straight of grain and cutting and sewing your precious fabric!


Rayon Sewing Savvy

Once you’re ready to sew, set up your machine with a size 70 Universal needle and a slightly shorter stitch length. Plan to use lots of Ultra-Fine Glass Head pins (we love Dritz!) and test your tension before starting on your garment. For seam finishes, you can serge, zigzag or use French or Flat Fell seams to inhibit raveling. You may like sewing Rayon with your walking foot best, but it’s not required.

Pressed Sew Pretty

Make hemming and pocket curves easy by using the Dritz EZY Hem Gauge – an Indygo Junction favorite! This magic little tool is perfect for pressing your hems, whether straight or curved and you can use your steam iron right on it. It’s one of those tools you’ll wonder how you ever got along without for all your sewing! And, since shine and scorch are not our friends, a proper pressing cloth is invaluable. We love the ample size of the Dritz Pressing Cloth. It’s just right for garment seams and facings!

For more tips and info on cutting, sewing and caring for Rayon, download Amy’s PDF and watch the Rayon Sewing video she made with Missouri Star Quilt Co!


Designing Your Handmade Rayon Wardrobe

When choosing a pattern for Rayon fabrics, look for easy fitting, loosely structured designs that take advantage of it’s delicious drape. You’ll find more ideas on the back of Amy’s PDF, but our faves for Fall Rayon sewing begin with our Shift Dress, the Gathered Back Top & Tunic, Easy Top & Tunic and Katelyn’s Dress. All easy to sew, great for cool weather layering and just stunning in Rayon! 

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