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The contest has ended, congratulations to Judith M. who is our winner! We are so excited to release our newest video, Recycle Denim Jeans! As you know, we love incorporating recycled denim into our patterns. It's fascinating to see all the styles, colors and washes. Anyone remember the old acid-wash jeans? Or who still has their 90's Boyfriend jeans from the Gap? Sometimes it's time to retire these old friends and give them new life – here is a video filled with projects to inspire you!




This is the newest installment in our new series of Indygo Junction videos (the Banded Basket Pattern Review was the first release) and we have more great videos for you. Don't miss a single tutorial or pattern review - be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel today!




This video shows the process of creating our Two Pocket Tote from start to finish (in fast forward!). This project comes from our Denim Redesign book, but it is also available on its own as a digital pattern.




It also features many other of our recycled denim projects, including patterns for garments, accessories, home decor and more!




We also are really excited to introduce our new Crossroads 12-weight thread collections with Sulky, which are perfect to use with denim. We have 16 color packs that coordinate with our line of Crossroads Denim fabric. You can use the thread for machine stitching with a 16/100, or denim, needle. You can also use it  for hand embroidery!




This Contest has ended.

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Laurie E on

I love the recycledtwo pocket bag…. so cute and durable… it..

brenda on

love upcycling!

Joan on

I have used denim many times would like to learn more. I would like to win

Virginia on

Love the denim bag with the decorative stitches

Carmen on

I loved all the projects, but I really adored the pet bed that looked like a sofa! My cats would fight over it and I’d have to make 2, but they’d still fight over it, like they do boxes, even when we have more than 2 hanging around! Silly cats! LOL I love recycling denim. Just wish I had more time to devote to sewing these days.

Virginia on

Love the wenim bag with the decorative stitches

Mel J. on

I really liked the twirling skirt with the pink seams! What a great way to reuse old denim jeans :)

MaryAnn B on

love it!!!!!

mandy on

I loved the denim jacket with lapels. love to recycle items.

Rebecca on

I loved the purses, hard to pick just just one, love them all……thank you, cool video also.

Donna M on

Love the jackets and vest.

Marcia Van Oort on

Love to reuse denim -the purse with pockets looks great!

Barbara Rogers on

Hard times choose just one. Since I must to qualify, the recycled hassock is great. Also like the two pocket tote.

Deb Davidson on

I liked the denim dog bed the best

Caryl Hancock on

I liked the jackets!

Elizabeth Kuntz on

Wow. This is hard to pick one favorite. I love, love, love handbags but the skirt with the serged seam was pretty awesome. I also loved the vest. super ideas for denim. I just wish I hadn’t gotten rid of so many pair over the years.

Tracine on

wow those projects look great. love the purse
tracinecharest at Gmail dot com

Donna Simpson on

My favorite(s) out of the video were the very first bag. It was really cute! I also especially liked the hat with the flat flower on the left brim. These were the two things that I thought I’d immediately enjoy making!

Samantha on

I like the pillow. It looks like a fun way to showcase a pop of denim in your home.

Anna Lutz-Brown on

They was all cool….I liked the doggy bed that looked like a sofa….I really liked the two toned levie skirt….But the purse /tote was the best….ty for sharing video…

Jane Bonfoey on

Love all things recycled…really like two pocket bag and…jackets…Fun-fun-fun.
Thanks for chance to win.

Kathie L on

I liked the bag near the end with the embroidery stitches across the top. it reminds me of the embroidery I used to do on my jeans.

Ann Sewell on

Love this fun video! It makes me want to make all of the cute projects! My favorite one though would be the denim pouf/ottoman, followed by the darling dog bed :).


love the whole recycle concept

Renee Page on

video was great – love the purse from the video. I plan to make a bag from denim.

carolyn montgomery on

my fave project from the video is the cutting edge jacket. thanks for the giveaway.

Tina Rainer on

Love this video! I have made this purse. My favorite.

Denise Swanson on

My favorite item in the video is the dog bed.

MayAnn on

The purse was really cute. I’ve made three denim quilts using old jeans

Janie on

I absolutely love the Denim Petite Purse! Thank you for the giveaway.

Sarah J on

I loved the green tote with the denim pocket on it!

Meg McKinney on

There are many very cute and fun denim projects, but my most-favorite item is the vest with wide® collar, that ties on the left side, and is probably hip length.

Betsy on

Hard to pick a favorite from this video, but I got it narrowed down to the bag or the pet bed, only I would have to enlarge it for our Great Dane, Pointer and Blood hound.

Linda F. on

My favorite is the 2 pocket tote.

Lynn on

Love the denim purse with the different embroidery stitching on it!

Jan on

I always like totes and purses

Margie Tomasll on

It’ kind of hard to choose just one project because there were a lot of really good upcycled projects! I really liked the featured tote bag, but I also liked the first jacket featured & the fold-over clutch! Too many to choose just one! Thanks:)

Barbara Beauregard on

Love all the projects – inventive, useful, and cute!

Donna Klug on

I have quite a few Indygo Junction patterns. I just made the reversible cross strap apron and used Country Roads Denim.
I have been saving jeans for a recycled jean project. My favorite is the bag with the decorative stitches.

stefanie on

I love the featured purse most and want the book to make that and a lot of the others. I am in process of making a king size quilt for my husband with denim collected for 20 years and it looks similar to the one featured too with patches and pockets.
Love the recycling themes and your patterns.

Rosie C on

I like the recycled skirt.

Kathy on

Too many to choose from. All are great ideas. I liked the purses and tops best.

Erick Loeding on

I have been making denim bags for a while and always like those, but i really like the dog bed which is something i could do with the yardage I have made by sewing together my scraps!

Janet Deitrick on

I really liked the two pocket tote. I’ve been looking for a new tote about that size and I have several pairs of old worn out or nonfitting jeans that I can use. I’m sure I have something in my stash to use for lining! Would love to have the book. It appears to have lots of great ideas.

Judith Martinez on

I really like the denim footrest!

Terry on

I love the dog bed! and the bag with the different stitches!

Katy M on

I love recycling, recycling…cycling! Thanks for all the ideas. Want to try the skirt.

Mary Haak on

Thanks for the inspiring jeans-recycling video! I especially like the purse with the fancy machine stitching for trim. Simple idea, great fashion!

BL on

Loved the jackets!

Kate on

I really enjoyed the video. I have 2 favourites: the first purse and the next one with the machine embroidery!

Joanne Moore on

I really like how the machine embroidery stands out on the denim. nIce to learn about using a heavier weight thread not just for sewing denim but to create decorative stitching that is in scale with the heavy fabric. I would like to try the heavier weight thread on regular cotton weight fabrics so all that machine embroidery would actually show up. Love the stool the little dog is sitting on in the video. So many great patterns.

Shirl Klabunde on

Denim is always fun to work with, I like to be creative…

Margaret Higgins on

I have a huge pile of denim jeans and have been trying to decide what to do with them. Looks like a good time to look over your patterns and get busy making some Christmas gifts.

DebbieW on

Love the collarless jacket with light-colored edging around the cuffs, collar and front opening.

Ruth Ann Ball on

I like the pet bed since I have 2 cats.

Nikki Wilson on

I have many favorite items from the video. I love all of the skirts.

Stephanie on

The video was well-done. I really liked the apron and the bags.

Rachel B on

my fave was the purse with the decorative stitches in stripes but they were all great.

Pauline on

I would love to make the bags…I have been
saving jeans to do just that.

Tanya Wersinger on

I think I love the flaired jean skirt. it looks easy to put together, and it is a flattering style for most figures. cute.

Bonnie on

Nice ideas!!!

Grace aka katmom on

Wowzers! I really like the re-purposed denim Jacket,,, and the use of the different shades of denim…
The deco pillow is cute too! I could see embroidering each ‘petal’ with a cute image or hearts or names or what ever.. way to many fun ideas!

Peg G on

My favorite project has to be the over the arm organizer. So useful and attractive. Perfect!

Terry on

Great projects!! I love the purse with all the decorative stitches :o) Thanks for the sweet giveaway!!!

Alaina on

I like wearable items but the first things I started to sew were bags. I never use the bags but I love to make them.

Jan Sutter on

I love all the bags. I saved old jeans for years and made both of my son’s quilts and I still have a large tote full.

Susan K on

I love the decorative stitch bag. What a fun way to use denim. I’ve made many denim quilts in the past but love the idea of using it for smaller projects too.

Carol on

I love the coat!!

Pattie on

They all are really cute ideas, loved the dog bed and the embellishing on the bags!

Margaret on

I like denim bags, they last forever.

andrea on

I like the purse/totes! They’d be so useful and very sturdy!

amy on

I like the tote with pockets! I have a plastic tub filled with jeans just waiting for your projects! Never sewed with denim before though so need some helpful hints.

Vicky H on

There were so many that I liked but the first bag was awesome.

DJ on

I just love all the cute handbags.

Debbie Miller on

My favorite project is the little round footstool with the dog!

Betty on

I don’t think I can pick only one, they are all terrific. Almost 70 yrs. and still wear my jeans and jacket.

Delaine on

I liked them all but I love the dog bed. Thanks!


That is why I cannot throw any old jeans, etc. away. Great projects, but I think the two-pocket tote would be the first thing I make for my granddaughter for Christmas. I don’t have pets, so that is the only one I don’t think I will make.

susan on

Love to reuse denim

Gilda on

Love the 2 pocket tote and the petite purse.

Mara on

I like the way you have used decorative stitches on the purses, so beautiful!

Karen Seitz on

I like the first bag project in the video, but the pattern to make that’s on my bucket list (ha!) is the Chic Bucket Bag.

Susan Samuel on

Bags, bags and more bags. I can’t get enough of them.

Marya on

Just loved the pet bed! What a great use for recycled denim.

Charlotte Mccaig on

I’m always looking for fresh ideas on recycling denim. I started doing it in the 80’s so always hoping for new and different!

Gen on

I love the doggie bed.

joanne roberts on

we used to make all those items from denim 40 yrs ago. just goes to show that some thing never lose their appeal. i would probably make a back pack

Melissa G. on

I love the darling skirts! They would look so cute on my nieces. And I am an absolute sucker for handbags. I especially like the little zippered clutch. The dog bed is also adorable, however we have a Collie and I think he would be too big for it (not that that would stop him!).

teri on

Love the collarless jacket.

Kit Flores on

I like the tote bags and skirts, especially the wrap skirt.

Chris V on

I love the look of the jacket pattern!!

Judith Clauss on

All were great projects, but my favorite was the Petite Stitched Purse with the decorative stitching.

Helen on

I liked the vest

Linda Weinberger on

I have so many of my husband’s old jeans that need recycling. I loved the small bag with the gold thread running through it.

Doris McCarty on

I’m working on a demon tote bag right now. Love it! I like the demon bag with the machine embroidery.

Carol L on

I love the jackets! Wonderful ideas and beautiful stitching, wearable art!

Dawn Jones on

I like the two pocket tote. Have a great day!

mindi on

That 2 pocket bag is so clever and cute. My 2 fave projects were the hat and the little round ottoman with the puppy on it. :) That would look great with some decorative stitching on it too. I’ve save tons of denim for upcycle, and I’m ready to dive into some projects. Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win!

Frances on

I like the cushion!

Frans on

I love the smaller of the two handbags pictured above.

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