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In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to share this fun video Recycle Denim Jeans! And we are offering 20% off any of our recycling patterns - just use the code EARTHDAY16 at checkout As you know, we love incorporating recycled denim into our patterns. It's fascinating to see all the styles, colors and washes. Anyone remember the old acid-wash jeans? Or who still has their 90's Boyfriend jeans from the Gap? Sometimes it's time to retire these old friends and give them new life – here is a video filled with projects to inspire you!



This video shows the process of creating our Two Pocket Tote from start to finish (in fast forward!). This project comes from our Denim Redesign book, but it is also available on its own as a digital pattern.



It also features many other of our recycled denim projects, including patterns for garments, accessories, home decor and more!


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