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Seeking a room revamp on the cheap? Swap your pillows! This simple switch can overhaul the look of a space instantly. Pillows make a statement in nearly any room -- by sprucing up a staid sofa, adding a pop of color to a neutral bed set, or enlivening patio furniture with bold hues and graphics. Because these practical accents aren't as big of a commitment as, say, furniture or rugs, you can change them often without busting your budget. You can use pillows to accomplish your design goal, from a seasonal switch-up to a high-style makeover. Experiment with colors, patterns, textures, shapes and sizes to achieve your desired impact. For a festive fix, try Changing Seasons (IJ844), which features cushion designs for spring, summer, fall and winter. Pillow Party (IJ843) includes patterns for eight styles of pillowcases with customizable sizes and interchangeable embellishments. Several books, including Pillow Parade by Cathy Pendleton and Sarah's Big Book of Flowers by Sarah Sporrer, also include delightful details for nearly any décor scheme. When choosing your pillow palette, be sure to consider the colors and the style of the room. Do you want to create harmony or dramatic contrast? Use pillows to establish balance and symmetry with other decorative elements in a room. Pick pillows that are in proportion to the size of your furniture. Select a durable, washable fabric where children or pets are prone to play. Most importantly, use pillows to express your personality!

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